Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab

When it comes to Android tablets, Verizon's name has been thrown around for quite some time, be it an official "Google" tablet, or future LTE tablets, but it looks like it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab that will be coming to Big Red. This internal screen from Verizon (they really should just post those publicly at this point) clearly shows the Galaxy Tab as Item SCHI800BKV, along with some demo units. As to when we'll see it? We'll be in Berlin this week for the official Samsung announcement, and we'll just have to see as to when we'll all be able to get our hands on the Verizon version. [via BGR] Thanks, I_Am_Incredible!


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Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab is a go


Call me the TIP master.

If verizon is backing this, then it must be good, no? From what I've seen so far, it really does seem to be packing some serious features.

Dude I want to go to Berlin. But those pesky Asians need to learn one word before throwing down an event in Germany. "Oktoberfest". I hope ur going Phil. Take pictures of many a St. Pauli girls, if there around. Phil+Germany+Samsung+ September=Android Septemberfest!

Cuz u know any electronics show in Asia has the Asian baby Dolls all dressed up for the nerds. St Pauli girls in Germany nerd heaven would kick ass. DAS BOOT!!

With lte so close for data if this doesn't supportit irhave the nvideo chip then I'm i want a ten tab with realfirefox not a mobile version.

Same here, and I'd probably want a larger one too... Otherwise I might as well use my netbook. Nonetheless, the Tab could prove to be a huge competitor for the iPad, 'specially w/a marketing push from Verizon behind it.

I don't want this through Verizon. I don't care about the GSM/CDMA. I just want the form factor, and wifi. Am I like missing the point?

Let's hope Samsung will come out with a wifi only one also. If so I will get one. I already have a Droid and a mifi. Verizon gets enough of my money monthly.

Really weird, you would think Verizon would get a Droid tablet by HTC or Motorola, but Samsung? Pretty random company.

I think the Droid tablet from Moto is still coming. Remember, it has to use the brand name DROID. Chances are Motorola's gonna be doing that one.


I would still rather have an Android tablet that is NOT linked to a provider. That way it is MINE to do with as I wish and not to be dictated to by the provider.