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Exclusive leaked photo shows Verizon's Moto X, and a small unexpected UI change

Hot out of the inbox is this picture of the Verizon Moto X in all it's LTE glory. While we don't get a look at the back or any of the expected customization areas of interest, this picture does give us a nice idea of the overall size of the phone, as well as a hint that it might be running a newer version of Android. We also note that the person handling the phone hasn't picked up on the Graves Method, or the Schmidt variant.

We see some, ahem, ample bezels at the top and bottom of the face of the phone, but overall the size looks fairly small by today's standards. The shape and outline remind us a lot of the Nexus 4, and we're guessing the two phones are similar in size. If you've not had a chance to check out a Nexus 4, think of a slightly shorter Galaxy S3.

More interesting may be the clue that we're seeing something different than Android 4.2.2 here. The background behind the soft-keys is semi-transparent. This could be a Motorola software customization, but with Android 4.3 supposedly right around the corner this could be a new look for the stock launcher.

A leaked roadmap points to an August release for the Moto X on Verizon, though we have no details or pricing. We are sure that it's coming, and everyone loves an early look.

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This is Verizon's Moto X


Hmmm still getting the Droid Maxx.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

If the only thing people can ask about is, "Is that Navigation bar transparent", then we're screwed.

If you're a person that roots your phones and you have a GSIII or better, the Moto X is already in your hand. Just throw a AOSP or AOKP ROM on it and customize to your heats content.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

Flashing ROM's and dealing with troubleshooting problems that come with that isn't a preferable option for most. Having AOSP out of the box with prompt updates from Google beats troubling yourself with flashing an AOSP based ROM on any device. I'm running CM10.1 on a GS2.

Agreed. I'm much, much more tech-savvy than the average use and I've used CM on most of my devices since the N1, so I'm pretty damn familiar with rooting/flashing/troubleshooting, and this stuff STILL gives me problems occasionally. For the average user (i.e., not an Android Central follower), it's a scary, dangerous, troublesome process.

And how's the ol' GS2 holding up these days? Does it still handle the newest CM builds pretty well?

Custom ROM it. GSIII running LiquidSmooth's 4.2.2 with customizable Navigation bar, Pie control, Notification bar.
Guess I'm keeping my GSIII awhile longer. Haven't seen anything yet that's worth upgrading for. Then again, maybe I just need to invest in a Nexus 10.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

In actually already running carbon rom on my note 2. So I have a transparent notifications bar. Carbon rom is also bug free.

Posted from the AC app

Custom roms are just updated roms. They all come from the same source code. Blindly assuming that custom roms are less stable then stock is absurd. Some are built for stability, some for speed, others for cutting edge features. You don't have to run a beta rom nor should you choose a nightly rom if you are concerned about being bug free. Stick with larger developer groups such as AOKP and CM where I can honestly say can be just as or more stable then a stock rom while providing a good number of additional features and appeal.

I only wish Google would introduce an "Auto Hide" software keys (Similar to the autohide on Windows XP of the task bar) so that the full screen can be utilised until you touch the screen where the buttons will re-appear.
I hope and wish that Motorola have a few surprises for us when this is released

Ummmm, a larger screen consumes more energy, and on-screen navigation buttons require a larger screen for the same function that a few tiny on-only-when-needed LED's behind the older navigation buttons used to serve.

Yea but they look better and they you can theme them or modify them to include a ton of stuff. At one point I had my typical 3 buttons, but opted for a dedicated phone and messaging, one on each outer side. This made multitasking very easy as I could access those 2 from within any app.

Think of it as a dedicated area for link and actions. You can even put widgets in there.

These days with the AOKP Ribbon sidebar features, I just have a basic navbar although I shorten the height down to 26px and make it completely transparent so they are basically just overlays. This gives you the best of both. Larger usable space with a super clean and classy look.

Looks like my current phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the exception of the Motorola branding and transparent menu keys. Hmmm... Moto X or HTC One on Verizon?

Well, the one had done soft features, but this is logically the next step up from a galaxy nexus. I say pick this. Verizon loves Motorola, so you may get more software updates, and faster.

Posted via Android Central App

The Bionic was a "Fail" before it hit the door.. Delayed for months.. because of heat issues and major battery draining on Verizon's LTE Network.. It should have launched in May.. It was re-done and launched in Sept.. by then Newer and better phones were either out, or about to come out.. Like the Razr.. So Verizon left the Bionic in the dust to Rot.

Your phone has a weird curved glass at the bottom. That in the picture is flat, like a Nexus 4 which I'm happening to hold in my hand at the moment.

The screen of the G2 looks significantly larger... And the bezels on the Moto X look way too clunky. I'm not sure how I feel about buttons on the back of the phone, and the material doesn't look like anything special, but so far the G2 looks much sleeker.

Maybe it's just me, but I see the line across where the top of the shaded area for the soft keys are. I think the wicked reflection is playing tricks.

Posted via Android Central App

Kind of a inside joke, gotta follow most of the writers and editors of AC on G+ to see what actually going on lol, it's kinda of a mocking.

Posted via Android Central App

I really hope it's cheap off contract. I have to pay full price for my next phone and dropping over $400 is for a mild upgrade is a bit much

So why dont you just wait for a justifiable upgrade? People want to get the latest phone even though they just bough one a few months ago

The semi-transparent soft keys have been a part of moto's software customization since the RAZR m and RAZR hd. Or am I mistaken?

Posted via Android Central App

The Atrix HD didn't have them. Solid black when present. Unless there was a way to do it I wasn't aware of.

It's at least 4.5 you're obviously not taking in consideration the home buttons bar. My guess it's that it's 4.7.

I just find myself very indifferent to the looks of this phone, it's just so boring it's neither sexy or ugly.

Posted via Android Central App

Not a moto fan anymore since atrix 4g but I hope they come back strong we need more choices and moto hardware has always been so sturdy like a tank better than plastic on my s4

Posted via Android Central App

Tomorrow the story will read "Internet Duped by Galaxy Nexus with an M On It."

Kidding of course but it does look like it sticks with the established Nexus aesthetic. Interesting to hear some features and specs.

Posted via Android Central App

>The background behind the soft-keys is semi-transparent.

i wonder if our boy over at TeslaCoil can add this option to Nova Launcher Prime?

I'm due for an upgrade on my verizon contract next week, but I'm going to wait for this bad boy. I've had the Galaxy Nexus for ~1.5 years and it's everything I hoped and dreamed it could be. This seems like my best bet to continue the vanilla feel that I so love.

Way to go Moto!

This is also why I'm happy for it. Shouldn't be terribly different than VZW treated the GNex and Moto has been good about updates lately.

I'm actually pretty stoked for this phone. 5 inches is too much, I don't want to lay down too much for a new phone, and I'd love Moto's radios again. As long as it lasts longer than my Galaxy Nexus. Battery in that is crap.

Why so much bezel?. That really eats into the display. This doesn't looks very similar to the Nexus 4.

New moto blur looks good n light. Miss the 3 ring widget though

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sure 3rd parties will sell "Not for sale" stickers upon the phone's release ;)

Posted via Android Central App

This make me Happy.... BEZELS. Plus it looks nice and clean... but it also looks like 400 bucks. Now lets hope for some solid horsepower

This will problably be a mid-range phone. I can imagine a dual core, just a slight better camera, old processor... Who cares it it can be a good phone with affordable price. I don't know about you guys, but i would pay higher prices to have a phone that is not just good, but the best, a stellar phone. This one will problably be already outdated in the launch. Stock android? The camera stock software is pretty poor. I believe google doesn't want to compete directly with samsung. So i can choose the color of my phone and grave my name!oh, this will really change my life... Google is playing with us. This will be just one more ok phone in the crowd.

Now Im a Android newcomer, but the front looks like the Nexus my cousin sent me before I got my HTC One a couple of months ago and if that pic of Schmidt holding that white phone is the back of the Moto, it looks like the Once except in plastic.

Goodness! This thing is all bezel - I hope for Google's sake that the final product doesn't look as hideous as that's depicted in this photo.

Not that I'm planning to buy it but I want Motorola and Google to be successful.

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but that front facing camera allows more light and area. I wonder if we find a better camera in it. Front facing at least.

The bezel stops right below the camera. It isn't that huge people.

Posted via Android Central App

For what some have said about the "X" being the "Galaxy killer"......this definitely ain't it.... I do have high hopes of Moto making a comeback, especially with new phones being made in the U.S. but the phone pictured has massive flop written all over it. Let's only hope this is a decoy. Come on Motorola, I really am pulling for you!

Okay, upper right corner - no one has mentioned it, but it looks like some kind of notification/control area which could justify the bezel, and could be the "next new thing"...

Ample bezel maybe on the top but the bottom has the shortest I've seen on a phone with virtual buttons. There is also a video showing the size that's not much bigger than the iPhone 5. My guess with the virtual buttons it is a 4.5-4.6" screen

Posted via Android Central App

I bet it's not running Android 4.3. If Android 4.3 debuts on a non-Nexus Motorola phone, Google's Android hardware partners will be furious. It's what they have feared and Google kept saying that Motorola will be kept separate. It's too much of a risk in my opinion.

Motorola has had phones in the past launch with new versions Android OS before and Nexus owners would get the upgrade on the launch day or a little before. No risk at all.

Why do so many people say this is a mid range phone? Do they not think Moto will release a high end phone?

Posted via Android Central App

Obviously, those same people think they can look at all the individual ingredients for bread laid out on a table and know exactly how the bread is going to taste.

Leaks have been saying that it's packing the (now) ancient Snapdragon S4 Pro so it's not exactly bleeding edge in Android tech.

True; however, you can't be 100% sure with even reliable leakers so it's not good to assume based on those leaks.

True as well but it is the only thing on the menu, the masses are gonna eat it up. This is one of those times I hope they are wrong and it is on the high end side of things

Posted via

As a V customer, this is all I wanted. A new phone with stock Android from Google. My GNex is gett'n old. Shut up and take my money!

The Motorola logo being off in the left corner looks stupid. They should put in in the center up top and integrate the ear speaker into it.

I don't think it'll be there when its released just like the words on the bottom of the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Although the specs of this phone is unimpressive, I suppose that Google will sell this as a mid tier phone. Considering that last year their nexus 4 phone was sold for $299 for the base model, I would not be surprised that Google will try to market this phone for $199.

I'm OK with mid end specs as long as:
1) it isn't gimped on storage - needs at least 32GB, preferably 64
2) full retail cost is in the $300 range
3) either the screen is a bit larger than it appears in these leaks, or it ships with a version of google apps that are actually functional on a small screen. Music in particular absolutely sucks to use on a small screen since there's no option to show a simple list view instead of wasting tons of space on album art

A Motorola phone on Verizon, hmmmmmm. A midrange phone that will be locked down tighter than Fort Knox. I'll pass.

It better look and be more impressive than this picture suggests. Just going on appearances alone I prefer my MaxxHD much more so far.

Posted using the amazing Razr MaxxHD by Motorola.

that thing is oogly and I hate on screen buttons, they just shrink the actual screen size

If this is a Galaxy Nexus with a SnapDragon, better battery, and better antennae, it will be amazing. I've always wanted a Moto made Nexus on VZW. Hopefully it had the curved glass.

Posted via Android Central App

It looks like a nice device. That being said, it is not the beast everyone was saying it would be.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not sure the transparent navigation bar is an indication that the Moto X is running a newer version of Android. The RAZR M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD all had transparent navigation bars on Android 4.2. This phone is not running stock Android, which is apparent when looking at the 4G symbol. That's the MotoBlur 4G symbol, and the transparent nav bar was a MotoBlur feature on the last round of RAZR phones.

I'm not saying this phone isn't running 4.3, I'm just saying the clear nav bar isn't conclusive evidence that it is running 4.3.

I agree. I have mine in my hand, and it IS what is in the picture. Someone just photoshopped some Motorola logos.

I don't think the navigation bar is transparent.

It is the reflection on the display of the phone that makes this illusion.

Its definitely transparent. At least semi transparent. You can't have a reflection on the glass BEHIND the soft keys. Look closer. The soft keys are visible on top of the image and the image does not extend below the screen, despite the whole front being made of one solid piece of glass.

Again, that doesn't mean its a newer version of Android. Transparent nag bar is a MotoBlur feature.

Yes now imaging all of verizons bloat installed on it. If it was stock android is be all over that. Stock android on Verizon would be great. Roms are always buggy having the real thing is great.

Wow. So many haters assuming everything about the phone based on a single leak. Smh

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This could very possibly be my NEXT, but if it is, I definitely will NOT be getting the standard black, plastic version....too close to my Galaxy Nexus; I need something new.