Motorola Droid RAZR

Folks have started getting text messages today from Verizon saying that their Droid RAZRs and RAZR MAXXs "soon will be upgrade to Android 4.0," which is good to hear because the update's still due in the second quarter, according to Motorola's update chart, and that ends in a little more than two weeks. Here's the full message:

Free Verizon Message: Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone. Thank you for using Mobile IM!

The only slightly bigger news is that Verizon will have to kill off its own IM app because it's not compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich. There's a better than even chance that if you're reading this, you weren't actually using Verizon's IM app in the first place, but we still appreciate the heads up.

More: Droid RAZR forums; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Verizon reminds Droid RAZR/MAXX owners that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming


I just got one saying ICS was coming for my DINC2........on the 12th of Never! Why in God's name are they pushing updates for these phones, when the DINC2 and Thunderbolt have been around far longer?

Because its wast launched with the promise of getting ICS why ..ICS wasn't a selling point of the phones you mentioned it was for the RAZR and Rezound ....i hope you get it soon also as a OG Dinc owner

Try being a charge owner and be told numerous times that we were not going to be getting ICS. This just adds to the frustration.

Stop effing crying. Root your phone and install ics. For thunderbolt the Ril don't work so you need ics to come out. Just be patience, cuz they phone wasn't even suppose to get and now you are, so chillax !

"We also would like to remind you that we are expensive and are taking away your unlimited data. Thank you for being a Verizon Wireless customer "

Was that message before or after the one that reminded customers that bootloaders would be unlocked?

You guys probably also didn't get the "Verizon wireless is a business and not a charity, please stop using our devices as personal ISP s and pay for what you use"message either...

Right now my MAXX is just fine. I don't want them to push ICS too early with lots of bugs that will need fixin with more updates.

Squirrels are very unreliable. Never know when they'll try to steal your nuts. Verizon at least tells you a couple Weeks ahead when they're gonna steal more from you

Didn't the Rezound come before the Razr??? When I bought the Rezound I was promised and I quote "I have the Rezound and this phone will have ICS before the end of May". The salesman slung this line of crap at me as if I even believed a word he was yapping. Dumb ass didn't know what the bootloader was so you could imagine just how much I paid attention to his jibberish. Dumb ass with his bow tie, ten pens in his shirt pocket in a plastic holder of some kind and pans pulled up to his freaken neck. Sorry for the venting, been drinking since I got off work a little early.

Released first yea...made and originally announced... at the same time should know anything wit a Droid tag comes 1st in Vzw world and your question is more so at HTC

me: Hi, my names is Bob, and I'm a Rezound owner.

Everyone: Hi Bob.

me: When am I getting ICS?

Everyone: tomorrow at 8

me: Do I smell alcohol?

Verizon: we never had any Motorola phones before the Razr or Droid IV, so we don't know what you're talking about them getting ICS.

In other words, it's going to be past the second quarter, and this is them trying to get in front of the complaints about the missed target.