Earnings numbers increase across the board; 36-percent of customers now using 'Share Everything'

It's that time of the quarter where the big companies are posting their earnings, and this morning Verizon released its Q2 results. While Verizon operates both a wireless and wireline division, we're going to focus on just the wireless portion as it pertains to Android more directly. Here are the high points:

  • Revenues of $20 billion for the quarter, up 7.5-percent year-over-year
  • Service revenues accounted for $17.1 billion of that, up 8.3-percent y-o-y
  • ARPA (Avg Revenue Per Account) was $152.50 per month, up 6.4-percent
  • Operating income margin of 32.4-percent, up 1.6-perecentage points
  • 941,000 net postpaid customer additions
  • In total, 100.1 million retail connections, up 6.3-percent

Verizon also broke down a few more of its customer demographics and how they use its network. More than 36-percent of postpaid accounts are now on "Share Everything" plans, with an average of 2.7 connections per account on the network. Smart phones now account for over 64-percent of the postpaid customer base, up from 61-percent last quarter. Postpaid churn (how many customers are leaving the carrier) was 0.93-percent, and up slightly year-over-year.

As part of its earnings, the carrier also took a few lines to remind us that its LTE network now covers 301 million people across 500 markets, meaning that it now covers 99-percent of its 3G footprint as well. Overall it was a strong quarter for Verizon posting increases in all the right places from earnings to customer demographics.

Source: Verizon


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Verizon Q2 2013 earnings: $20 billion revenue, 941,000 net customer additions


What Verizon isn't telling you is how many of those customers on Share Everything plan were forced over after their unlimited contract ended. It's the biggest reason I left Verizon for T-Mobile.

Technically your only forced if you want a subsidized phone, granted that's a pretty strong arm incentive, but still it's possible to stay on unlimited.

But I too left for T-mobile when I was up for renewal, their service costs way too much to be limited to 2GB

None were "forced", they were given an incentive of being able to get a subsidized phone if they switched plans.

I didn't take the incentive. Still have all the unlimited on all my families phones.

So you're paying full price for your devices and paying for it again in your monthly bill. Genius. Unlimited data is so overrated. 95% would never even hit a 2GB cap let alone 5GB that is readily available for half of what VZW charges each month. They held me on with my ol grandfathered unlimited corporate plan for way too long. Leaving was the best mobile tech decision I've ever made.

I hit 3gb on a monthly basis. My wife stays under 2gb. So for those that go over 2gb it's not overrated. What's overrated is paying close to $100 for low minutes and 2gb of data.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I said 95%...that makes you in the 5%. Plus, you'd fit fine into the 5GB (well at HSPA+/'s technically unlimited) that are all over the place. I pay $30 for 5GB (but only have 100mins...use GV/Groove IP) on Tmobile and $50 for unlimited everything and 5GB of HSPA+/LTE on Solavei (Tmobile towers) for my lady. What sort of fools do you know of that are paying $100 for limited mins and 2GB of data...

That's a good point. I forgot about the 5gb plan. But I thought they didn't have that plan anymore.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

my wife and I hit 5-6 gig every month. Sometimes we hit more than that. Most of my wife's data using Rhapsody to listen to music while in the car or when working out.

I'd say it's pretty obvious that if you are paying full price to keep unlimited you know that you need it.
I'm averaging 5 GB per month.

I've been averaging 8-10 gigs a month for about 3 years now. And that's with being on wifi all the time when home. Unlimited data is not overrated for me. Paying full price is much better than what I would end up paying in data if I bought a subsidized phone and lost unlimited.

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What's overrated is constantly complaining about a carrier even though they continue to show stellar sign up rates.

Newsflash, not everyone has the same needs, nor is every customer treated equally by a carrier.

The options you see available to you can be significantly less attractive than the options available to the next guy.

Personally, I get unlimited data on my phone, subsidized handsets every two years, great coverage and pay less than I would if I were on a different carrier.

So while vzw may not look attractive to you, realize that the situation is likely different for others.


Another thing Verizon isn't telling everybody is how many customers they have lost to Tmobile. I gladly DUMPED VERIZON last June it's overrated and extremely over priced to say the least.

We won't even discuss the childish company branding and stripping out of features that consistently exist especially on all Samsung products.

Poor updates and poor network after LTE drops to 3g and 1x. Tmobile pimp slaps Verizon easily.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 using the android central application

1. They have 941,000 NET customer additions. A net of something takes into account both loss and gain. So overall, the number of customers going to any other carrier (including T-Mobile) was not more than the amount of people going to Verizon. Try using some of that newfangled reading comprehension. It helps.
2. Are you still hung up on the S3 debacle? You do realize the Verizon S4 has none of that home button carrier branding, right? And by the way, Touchwiz/Nature UI could use a little bit of trimming.
3. "Poor updates and poor network after LTE drops to 3g and 1x." Are you forgetting that HSPA+ is nothing more than 3G on steroids, and that when you go roughly 20 miles outside of most metropolitan cities you drop to EDGE (2G)? Also, Verizon has about double the coverage than T-Mobile, which means double the equipment to update/maintain. Not seeing how that equates to a "poor" network...

It's very true that Verizon network is not poor at all. The point is that some people have great coverage with tmobile. For me it takes a lot to get to just 2g. I have 3gb almost everywhere I go. Plus some lte towers are popping up in my area. So in the end if your coverage with tmobile is great then the choice over Verizon is a no brainer. But if you travel outside of good coverage on a regular basis then Verizon is your choice. I would say Sprint too but their data is horrible right now

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It was actually 29.8 billion revenue. It's kind of sad when there are so many billions rounding down goes that far.

As noted above, these are specifically the wireless numbers. Total revenues for wireless + wireline were $29.8 billion. Wireless alone was $20.0 for the quarter.

20 billion per quarter, divided by 100.1 million lines = $199.80 PROFIT on every single wireless line PER QUARTER!

..suddenly my arse feels a little more raw than it already was.

Some people can afford to pay for a quality network and do not mind doing so.. Sitting on the beach in Kiawah Island, SC. My Verizon LTE has 4 bars and my wife's t mobile is on EDGE.

Who cares if a network costs less when it cannot hang? Enough said.

It goes both ways. I get zero service in my building at work on Verizon (entire block actually in Houston) and my co-workers on T-Mobile pull in 10mbits+ all day long.

For some people T-Mobile works great cell service always various by location. Some do need the more extensive coverage provided by Verizon or AT&T

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People care. Of course you pay to have better service. But when you have access to the same quality service with a cheaper monthly plan your going to do it if you can. Who cares if you can afford it. If you can, good for you.

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If we're trying our best to come off as tactless snobs, most wealthy people live in areas Tmobile has just as good of coverage and quality as Verizon. Furthermore, most truly wealthy people will always spend as little as possible to get what they want. Ok, most everyone does that. I actually get better HSPA+ speeds than I got on Verizon's LTE (well, after the "glory" days of the Tbolt...on the LTE gnex,SGS3, or GN2) and I can actually use it in my house. Been using Tmobile LTE daily on my N4 for good bit now and the speeds are generally a good way. Now I have an extra ~$80 a month to spend on h00kers, blow, and airplanes.

Thank you. You said it perfectly. I have Sprint, yes, their data speeds suck but recently we got lte. Now I get same or better speed as Verizon but pay 30 to 40 less. I'm probably switching to tmobile at end of year so ive been testing their network and on regular basis with their hsdpa+ I'm getting 6-8mbps which is the average speed of Verizon lte here in my area. Why would I go and pay double the cost just so I can feel good about myself because I have Verizon. It's insane that's what it is.

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I second everything said in the two posts above me.

I went from VZW to Sprint after LTE started in my area and save a ton of money for the same speed.

I am pretty sure that tmobile will never be good in my area so it is out of the question. They have had pretty much the same coverage for 5-6 years now. Every once and awhile I check in with them and do some research, but it is never better.

I am pretty sure that call quality is kinda the same on all carriers, dropping of calls and data speeds are the difference. I can honestly say that I have not seen a difference between any of my carriers as far as quality goes.

I figured that would get some people going! Actually the only thing growing on t mobile is prepaid... Seriously if the cost of your wireless service matters in your budget, you need a better paying job. If that comes off as snob, so be it. Not everyone penny pitches...

It is penny pinches, not pitches.

Another popular saying is "A fool and his money as soon parted"

If all things are equal but price, why pay the higher one?

I do not do it so how would I know! Lol! We actually have AT&T , Verizon and T mobile in our house so I know the coverages especially when traveling.

I am really just screwing with those of you who care enough to respond. I could care less what carrier you spend your money on...but the cheapos who own the Nexus 4 are the worst...

Some people are just ignorant. It's amazing, it feels like I'm having a conversation with my 3 year old.
Who cares if you or anyone else makes more money and can afford more expensive plans. Why does someone need to make more money if they have issues paying the high prices of Verizon? They can just switch to page plus, pay less and still have the great Verizon coverage that so called "wealthy people" get by paying high Verizon prices. It's funny how people respond and then you say you just want to see how people react and are trying to be funny. Just admit it, your a rich snob who looks down on everyone that makes less money yet most of those people probably lead a happier life without having to put anyone down. I hope I'm wrong and if I am then I hope this is not how you talk to people you deal with on regular basis.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Exactly. They can just switch instead of complaining about the prices. Or better yet go without a cell phone. Apparently you care, since you responded by name calling. That was my point. Apparently Verizon does not have a problem with their prices since they are the largest carrier. Striving to earn more is a good thing! If you or anyone has given up on that, that is your problem not mine. You can call me what you want but, I am not the one who said Verizon is robbing etc but in today's culture that is more popular but we get enough of that from politicians. Why should I say I agree if I do not? Just because it has somehow become unpopular to be in the top 1%? I do not look down on anyone who is striving to do better and criticizing AT&T and Verizon or any for profit company is getting old. If 50- 150 bucks a month in cell phone bills really matters, people probably should look to improve their fortunes and that is just the plain truth.

To each their own.. People who make less money pay less and get often less..
It's life.. the govt tries to say we're all created equal, but that's a joke.

Page plus service is fine for calls and texting, but anything more then that it stinks. Verizon 3g is painfully slow if you own a Galaxy, iPhone, HTC or any smartphone that really requires 4G Speeds you better not expect much.

Once you get used to youtube in HD, streaming video and lightning fast webpage loads.. going back to 3g is like going from a 2013 Mustang to a 1976 Ford Pinto. The Pinto will get you from point A to point B, otherwise you're getting by.

I almost certainly make more money than you AND have a huge c0ck!! Yay for me!!! Oh, and I love my Nexi : p Man I feel good about myself right now.

You Texans still trying to secede from the union or what?

Sorry, rough day drinking on my island. No offense.

Yeah but so does my wife make more and she is way hotter than your wife.
Of course most Texans want to be our own country again but that is another topic!
No really, I am the one on an island drinking! No offense taken or intended just stirring it up a bit regarding big red who people love to hate.

its all good, everyone trolls once and awhile...

I am just not in the habit of throwing money away. I have pissed it away and drank it away, but not throw it away.

I have it even better on my island: I can buy whatever device I want and use it. I don't need any inferior carrier branded handset - I just buy what fits me. Now rocking the Xperia Z C6602 and are waiting for the Sony Honami.

Good luck seeing them on Verizon.

There's just nothing better than buying phones outright, without any interference by any carrier. If there's a great phone in another country, I can get it and just pop my SIM card in and use.

I feel sorry for all of you that are stuck on contracts and keep using carriers that "kindly" decides what phones you should get - they think that their customers can't make that selection by themselves so they MUST do it. "Free choice"? Only as long as you select what we at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon has selected!

You miss a lot of great devices because of this but I guess that it doesn't matter - if you grew up in jail - you just don't know what freedom is.:)

LMAO... suckers! Have fun paying 2-3x more a month on phone/data service! #1 reason why I left VZW last Fall.. Paying $150/month on 2 phones and now paying $60/month with TMO prepaid $30. FTW!!!! Take that Big Red.. Shove it!

Yes, I agree, VZW has the best cell coverage, but if I'm home/work 95% of the year/345 days of the year, what's the point? I don't give a flying F#K if my phone works in BF Idaho. Business people/daily travelers, yes, VZW is for you. But anyone else, your blind and getting robbed!

I have to say I agree, if it works great where you are 95% of the time and saves you money, it's a good deal. I don't need to pay 50% more just to avoid edge speeds on rare occasions. I can live with edge on random occasions in order to save hundreds of dollars a year while not having to worry about data caps

It all depends on your priorities and how much cash you have to through around.

Also for T-mobile I'll also say this, even when I have less bars the voice quality is almost always better than AT&T and often better than Verizon, at minimum it's on par with verizon.

Have you considered decaf?
Why do you think your situation is the same as everyone else's?
T-Mo coverage won't work for me and lots of other people.

LMAO! I never said "my" situation works for everyone first off dbag. Secondly, I'm simply stating that VZW is the most expensive cell carrier in the US, indiv/family/anyone and that's a fact, period. For the casual phone/data user, you are blind and paying too much for the same somewhere else.

Go back to enjoying your summer off from school, kid.

I agree with you. But, you never answered his question...

Have you considered decaf?

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20 billion per quarter, divided by 100.1 million lines = $199.80 PROFIT on every single wireless line PER QUARTER!

..suddenly my arse feels a little more raw...

I'm glad Verizon isn't getting my money anymore, now its AT&T, not much different but a little better. I went from Verizon to tmobile, after 2 weeks of tmobile with a horrible signal, I went to AT&T. after 3 years of Verizon I found out AT&T has the best signal in my area and they are a little cheaper and offer more data than Verizon, plus I get a %15 discount with AT&T.

Proof positive that there's a lot of stupid people in the world.

Best thing I ever did was leave Verizon. No, maybe the best thing I did was leave AT&T. Except I left them for Verizon. Which was definitely the worst thing I ever did.

Most people did not know they could have kept their unlimited data if they got the phone at retail. Most reps do not tell customers that b/c then they would not get commission on that sell. And you have to met quote or you will lose your job if its 4 months in a row.