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Customers will now be waiting an extra 4 months for new phones

A few changes to how Verizon is doing upgrades were announced today, none of which are particularly beneficial to subscribers. The current 20-month waiting period for device upgrades has been extended to 24-months; Verizon says this "aligns the upgrade date with the contract end date and is consistent with how the majority of customers purchase new phones today." Current contracts that are up in January of 2014 or later will be affected by this change.

Verizon has also given a 3 day notice that all New Every Two program credits will expire. Anyone wishing to make use of their credits before they're gone forever must do so before April 15. Upgrade sharing is here to stay, but upgrades can no longer be mixed and matched between device types. That is, an upgrade for a phone can only be used for a phone, not for a tablet or hotspot.

This is an interesting move by Verizon, coming only a few weeks after T-Mobile's no-contract plans. It looks like Big Red isn't worried about longer and more restricted upgrades pushing folks over to other carriers, especially now that no contract plans with separate phone payments are being offered. Will these changes affect your carrier of choice? Sing out in the comments.

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Verizon moves to longer and stricter upgrade times


They are consistently rated the top carrier in the nation by consumers, I highly doubt this will change that. Right or wrong they aren't stupid.

Actually they might be trying to push some clients away in an effort to clear out the lower end people who would be tempted by the T-Mobile offer and who in most cases require more support since they are not technical in nature. This could also be an effort to squeeze an extra 4 months of payments from customers prior to them getting a new subsidized phone to offset the customers that will be moving.

The reality is that Verizon shouldn't be affected by T-Mobile like AT&T will be especially since you can't bring your Verizon phone over to T-Mobile like you can with AT&T. You will need to purchase a new phone when you move which could be a deterrent for some. However I won't be so naive to think that some are still going to move based on price, but not enough to break the bank.

"Actually they might be trying to push some clients away in an effort to clear out the lower end people who would be tempted by the T-Mobile offer and who in most cases require more support since they are not technical in nature." What the hell are you talking about? Verizon doing this has nothing to do with non technical customers. After adding tons of subscribers, they could be simply looking to scale back.

this has to be the stupidest thing ive ever heard. no company ever want to push any customers away on purpose, no matter how much support they need. if a companys goal is ever to want to make less money, they wont be in business for long.

this move only has to do with them short changing themselves. if your still under contract for 4 months and you sign up for another 24 mo.

(A)they just gave you hundreds of dollars off of a phone earlier than they should have. hundreds of dollars X millions of customers = loss of potential money and lots of it.

(B) they have now basically giving away 4 mo of time you should still be under contract by dropping the last 4 mo of this contract to start a new contract(which if your going to stay with them, waiting another 4 mo wouldnt make you change that.

not really sure why so many people are having a hard time understanding this, while i may not like the policy, it pretty easy to see the financial impact this wound make for them. basically your(as verizon) now getting 4 extra payments per contract time period before you have to give your customers more money off a new phone. with most bills being near or over $100 a month, anybody want to guess at how much money that payment($100ish) X that time period(4mo) X the amount of people effected (most of their millions of customers)is?

yeah i'm sure it has to do with pushing customers away...

Of course the move is more profitable for the company, but it is absolutely a "F you" to their current base and any other person they hope to woo over. Just another jerk move from an industry giant.

I waited 3 months before getting my GNex because of all the phones coming out when my D1 contract ended 24 months, I did not know I could upgrade early coming from T-Mo. I was still charged the same amount as a subsidized contract for three months off contract. T-mo drops your bill when the contract ends, vzw doesn't. Verizon is just a bunch of money grubbin price gouging assholes. This is just Verizon's greed at work. If I lose my unlimited data I'm gone, and I'm sure they'll still charge me the same amount as a subsidized contract even though i'll have to buy full price phones to keep unlimited data, that's fucking greedy, or if the new Dish / Google carrier comes out at the end of 2013 like they are shooting for, I'm gone.

That's why I'll never be on a CDMA carrier again. For years I couldn't upgrade to an android phone on Sprint because I would have lost my SERO plan ($30/month with data). Now that I'm on T-Mobile, they have no control over it. If I want a new phone, I just switch out the Sim card. Couldn't be simpler. It's the way it should be. When T-Mobile's Business plan spreads and we get voice over LTE, everyone will have sim cards. I'll just buy a phone and then pick my carrier. The carriers will be forced to let any hardware on their networks.

not quite bud, different carriers still use different freqs for their LTE bands, so for a phone to work on all carriers, it has to work on all freqs. doubt you ever see that.

Now that they're changing the way their plans work, can I try and stop my contract and leave without getting a fee?

Nope, you are stuck, they aren't changing your contract, when you upgrade, the changes will be part of the new contract.

Leaving Verizon would be a great benefit to many people. I haven't missed that Verizon bullshit that's for sure. Tmobile is a refreshing place.

1. Just because it was a "great benefit" for you to leave them, does not mean it is so for "many people". Take your self centered views somewhere else.
2. T-Mobile isn't a "place", it's a wireless network. Aren't you same guy who stated he was "in the know in the tech game"? You can't even get basic terminology right...

With the network coverage, signal strength and data speeds Verizon has, they can do whatever they want. When you're top dog you make your own rules.

Sure it sucks, but for instance: I'm damn sure not jumping ship to Sprint for an HTC One. That's like buying a Porsche and dropping a 4 cylinder engine in it.

Guess that all depends on where you are. Verizon and AT&T are good in my area with T-Mo sucking hind tit. Sprint had been slightly above average for a while but the LTE is lighting off all over SoCal, from San Diego to well north of LA. Personally, I had Verizon years ago and they screwed me over so bad with their customer service, and when you add on this bullshit about data caps (that is the biggest scam out there right now) and now 24-month upgrades? Verizon can suck it. If I leave Sprint it would be for T-Mobile if they ever got their network up full speed in my area.

That's just it though. "Depending on where you are" for Verizon customers pretty much means 90% of the country.

For the other 3 carriers? Not so much. Half of the state of Florida can't get decent Sprint coverage. Verizon has the game on lock.

That is a complete load of bullshit. Either you work for the PR department there, drank the Kool-Aid or have great service in your area and assume it's the same for everyone else. I travel. A lot. All of this country. In the last 18 months the only state I have not been to is Alaska. Big cities and small towns. There are lots of places I go where people don't like Verizon, just like places that hate Sprint or T-Mo, etc. I'm not saying their network isn't big and that it isn't good. But there is more than 10% of the country that won't use Verizon because the service isn't that great in their area.

Cool anecdote bro, got anymore sweet stories about your totally interesting travels. Not that the other guys statement was any better. Whether you have a good signal or not depends on a lot more than a coverage map.

Aren't some porches 4 cylinder? That's a bad example

Anyway its better than getting a Porsche and only having ONE tank of gas a month eh?

Haha maybe bad example!

But to your example of no unlimited data, I'm a power user and I rarely creep towards 2GBs. Why? because its 2013 and my phone is connected to WiFi 85% of the day every day every where I go.

im on sprint and in 10 days ive used over 2.5gb of LTE, with my note 2.(and this is normal for me even after having this phone for 6 months) there is no way verizon would cut it for me. and even if sprint only had 3g, i would still go with them over verizon because i am 100% against data caps. and i refuse to support a company who is hindering progress.


Except for home and work, there is open WiFi in only about 10% or less in the places I go. And 0% when not in some building.

some employers do not extend the wi-fi privledge to their employee's personal devices or IF they do so you are still behind the corporate firewall which may block a multitude of things.

I have U-Verse for home internet. I get access to all of ATT WiFi hot spots, that I've used a total of zero times in the two years that I've had it... so, yeah, I agree with you.

no. and it is a good example a 911 is a great car like a htc one can do anything corner brake etc htc one call bilt well. but on a crap network like a 4 banger a porse is overbuilt for it and just a waste. that is the comparo however t mobile and sprit will get faster. I am getting sick of big red they just keep getting wores 24 month instead of 24 for a upgrade. now a 35 dollar upgrade fee so the phone is 235 vs when you had a ne2 credit for up to a hundred dollars hell for 300 more I can get a s4 at retail and save 480 over 2 years on tmobile that is just one phone. big red will when the other s get better start loosing customer it's just a fact.

Verizon knows that in some areas they are the only viable option for cell service. Their position is change carriers and pay less for no service.

No, they just like to ram it up our arse as much as possible since they have the best network and the most subscribers, as well as the fact that AT&T is the only big player. So, they just dream up new ways to make more money off our backs by giving us less service, less options, less of everything. Notice Verizon has the worst mix of Android phones of any carrier?

< THIS. At first this upset me a little, but then I remembered that I want to bail on Verizon when my contract is up anyway. So, really it just hurts them since they can't entice me to upgrade devices and extend my contract until my contract has actually expired and I can look elsewhere.

Michael, that makes about as much sense as getting a Maserati so you can drive in slow bogged down, bumper to bumper traffic. Get an Italian sports car so you can drive on the german autobahn!!! LTE Baby!

If he lives in a large city with good T-Mobile service why wouldn't he? He can't get the phone on Verizon. At least not yet. Personally, T-Mobile is terrible where I live or I would look at them too.

Tell that to the 110-or-so million people who use their wireless network every single day, compared to T-Mobile's 34 million. What a moron.

I tried T-Mobile for a couple months (prepaid) and the speed was great (HPSA+). I'd routinely get 15-20Mbit/sec where I work, and in other areas, I saw it getting 23-25. (using speedtest app).

Could I get more with Verizon's LTE? Probably. But how much speed do we need for our phones? They're just phones, after all. Don't need 40Mbit/sec to watch Netflix or youtube. If anything, more speed just gets you to your monthly data cap faster.

In the end, I dumped T-Mobile because, while speed was great, coverage sucked on the weekends when I left confines of the city / suburbs. Went with AT&T which solved that problem. Only get around 6Mb with them, but that's plenty.

Seriously, so you can upload photos to Instagram or FB in 3 seconds on Verizon and 4 seconds on everyone else? Really? LOL.

+1 but for a different phone, Huawei Ascend Mate. I saw it at CES, and fell for it. Won't work on, time to jump! The lower monthly fees will be nice, too!

+1 Exactly,
Thank you Verizon, but we need to break up
Im sorry, it's not you it's me, well actually are your prices and No more unlimited data, lol!!

Fios yes.. Wireless no! The first company to do unlimited $50 per month contract will be king! Even if it's a 3 yr contact.

That does make perfect sense. The question is: how will it affect those users still grandfathered on unlimited data plans? I'm almost certain that there will be a provision excluding those not on "tiered or share-data" plans.

If Verizon implements what T-Mobile did, and lowers their prices (not likely), then they may have a hit on their hands.

However, I seriously think that Verizon is going to end the subsidies, with no tangible benefit to the end-user.

I'm certain, we'll find out more in the coming weeks.

Too bad they've basically just raised prices $80 over 2 years per line. Most people won't notice, but man, it's a cool $4 billion extra per year essentially ($40 * 100 million customers).

EXACTLY! You are the first poster I've seen that gets it. In essence, Verizon has increased the prices of all of their phones by getting more subsidized payments for them. If someone refuses to upgrade, or pays full price for their phone that's even more money for Verizon. Unless they are making plans to follow T-Mobile's lead on offering unsubsidized plans this will affect them though. Even a small increase in churn will hit that stock price.

Sounds like there is no plan to pair it with cheaper monthly service. So that would mean I'm paying more for a phone without paying less for my monthly service plan. Poor show :P

I was planning on jumping to T-mo and a nexus anyways, this just reaffirms my choice. As soon as my contract is up they can kiss my arse goodbye.

Makes it a lot easier to look around for a new carrier when done this way. People get excited for a new phone and the thought of waiting an additional 4 month to go to a new carrier vs getting a new phone on your current carrier under contract probably kept a lot of people on Verizon. Now, if your contract is up at the same time you may as well shop around. You certainly aren't getting the best deal financially sticking with Verizon.

wait im if my business account has like 8 upgrades available, I'll loose all them on monday? im waiting for the S4

Ugh... so much for recently upgrading my phone. I might just encourage my family to move to AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint now. It will mainly depend on who's got the (next) best coverage for where I am and where I go.

But are they? I signed on for 2years and they are saying we used to let you upgrade early at 20 months now we are saying wait till you contract expires.

Right, they're reneging on their claim that we can upgrade after 20 months. NOW they're saying 24. That's changing the terms of what I was promised when I renewed my contract.

Do you still have the copy of your contract that you signed? There are parts that are not part of the contract, and other parts that are subject to change with a certain amount of notice to the customer. Depending on where you live and what it actually said on your contract (there are different contracts for different states and programs, IIRC). I think some places give you the right to leave your contract if there is a change, so long as you do it within a certain period of time from being notified. If you are serious, check with an appropriate legal counsel.

Just switch. Call and complain and send them the device. Nobody is ever locked into a contract. This whole "I'm not eligible" nonsense is silly.

Well legally, you are under contract with VZW. If you choose to break the contract, then you must pay the contract cancellation fee that it dictates. There are also upgrade clauses in these contracts, with back doors for the carrier to modify them when they give you proper notice of any changes ... again proper notice is defined within the contract.

I have been a long time customer of Verizon but the past months I have been extremely annoyed with decisions of late. Biggest one to me is not getting the HTC One. I will agree that there would have been some serious backlash if they got rid of the Droid DNA for the One considering that the DNA is not old but at the same time the One is going to be a top quality phone that should be on all carriers for everyone to enjoy.

Combine that with this news, come May 11th when my contract is up I will think long and hard about how much my unlimited data means to me and whether or not I can switch to another carrier.

Just take a look at T-Mo. I was going to go with Verizon switching from Sprint after 17+ years and checked out T-Mo. They are much cheaper than Verizon - even with my company employee discount with Verizon - and I get an average of 12+ mbps down and 1.5+ mbps up here in Orange County, CA. Best decision I have made. Have had no issues with coverage and I have an unlimited/unthrottled plan. I have been averaging 15GB/month since I switched back in Feb.

Check T-Mo out for yourself to compare. Obviously, coverage is going to differ depending where you live. :)

Just ordered a Nexus4 and an AT&T Net10 SIM card for my wife. Her contract is ending shortly. Hope the coverage is good enough. If so I will follow in September after my contract ends.

It was nice knowing you Verizon, you have the best coverage, but your policies are too restrictive and I will take my service elsewhere.

I guess I don't see the issue. I signed a two year contract and now they are telling me I can't upgrade again for two years(the life of my contract). Am I looking at this wrong?

The issue is that Verizon used to let you upgrade (and sign a new 2-year contract) 20 months into your 2-year deal, and give you $100 off the phone. It was their New Every Two program. Then they changed it from $100 off, to just $50 off. Then from $50 off, to no discount. Now they're changing it from 20 months to the full 2-years.

To a long time customer like me, I'm just getting screwed over more and more each year while my phone bill has only gone up and up.

Until this change you could get a new device (and re-start your contract) every 20 months. Now, you must wait 24 months.

For high end users this would mean Verizon was kicking ~~$25/month in phone sub and how they will be kicking in only $20/month. Math: $500 sub / 20 months or 24 months. Over 6 years that is another $360 our of your pocket.

However, one issue for VZW. Many high revenue high end customers would upgrade at the 20 month mark (well before their contract was up) and be locked into another 2 years with Verizon. Now, they MUST wait until they are out of contract which will make it much easier for many people to consider another carrier.

Verizon might just find that this costs them more SUBs then it gets them in extra dollars.

That was exactly what my wife said to me. "You mean to say we dont upgrade until the contract is up?" yes hunny. "then lets shop around instead of signing a new contract with them. ok. hunny. :)

The issue is that people feel entitled and instead if leaving they just want to gripe, or in many cases they just like talking crap. It's all pretty fun to watch actually.

It's not an artificial or inflated entitlement complex at all. It's folks feeling like their carrier is screwing them again, a little bit more and more at a time. And if people weren't allowed to gripe here then what would we do with ourselves? And that includes you, who comes here to gripe and talk crap about the people who make comments here and the people who write the articles here.

I try not to talk crap about the authors of the articles but there are just too many idiots that comment here not to have a little fun. I also never said you couldn't gripe, on the contrary, watching people flip out over nothing is funny. As my dad used to say, shit or get off the pot. If you feel that screwed over leave, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. My speeds will be better for it.

Wow. Verizon may have th e best coverage but it doesn't seem like that matters as much anymore. Glad I am not with them any more. Switched to tmo a while ago and saved 100 a month. Coverage isn't as good. But it's reasonable and to save 1200 a year it's more than worth it.

Verizon texted me yesterday to remind me I have an upgrade. I did sign up for my line 2 years ago. So if I don't use my upgrade in 3 days, I lose it? Is that what's happening?

No, you won't lose your upgrade. But if you do have a $30 or $50 New Every 2 Credit, you will lose it after Monday.

Oh c'mon Jerry. Why would you ignore such a credible leak? It came from the same person that leaked Verizon's new upgrade policy, which you apparently didn't get either. If in fact you are ignoring them, you are doing the readers a disservice. Thank goodness for Droid Life!

My Verizon contract expires on May 22nd - otherwise known as the day I return to TMO! Bring on no contracts or overages and a shiny new GS4!

"Verizon has also given a 3 day notice that all New Every Two program credits will expire. Anyone wishing to make use of their credits before they're gone forever must do so before April 15."

I'm confused. This sounds like someone can have more than one "credit"? Can any explain what this means? My contract has been expired for some time now only because I still like my Thunderbolt. What will I not be able to do after April 15th?

Verizon used to give an additional credit you could use on a phone. For example, if the phone was $200 and you had a $50 New Every 2 Credit, the phone would cost you $150. So if you have that New Every 2 Credit (often $30 or $50), you need to use it by Monday or you will not get that additional savings.

To each their own. But it makes no difference to me as I stopped playing the upgrade game a few years ago and just pay full retail for a new phone as needed.

I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years and have been extremely happy. A little over one year ago I was very eager to check out the LTE Network of Verizon, I started with the Thunderbolt and then the HTC Rezound. I was getting very good data speeds for about 7 months averaging 16 - 20 down and 2 -3 up. Very descent considering I also had the unlimited data plan. I went to bed one night with those speeds and woke up with such pathetic speeds I was constantly getting buffering on You Tube video playback, that's how slow. I went from on average 16 down to the very next morning to 4 down and sometimes even slower. Obviously I complained and complained, filed ticket after ticket, I called in and started the process of dropping them, at that time after all the bull shit trying to find out what the issue was they informed me they had shifted the tower to a more populated area and that is why I was getting slower speeds. Instead of dropping them I put my account on a 3 month suspension without receiving a bill hoping they update the towers and return to faster data speeds. If after the three months is up and still no results I will drop them right away. All this talk about how great Verizon is I have to disagree, they ran my ass ragged with more bull shit excuses telling me it was the trees in my area and more shit after more. Those same trees have not slowed my T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds down at all. I get on T-Mobile's HSPA+ Network during the height of the day over 20 down and 4 -5 up. At night they get even faster. Now with the real unlimited data I could care less with my Verizon account. When my three month suspension is up I will drop them faster than a rabbit gets screwed. T-Mobile is the Carrier of the future. I get great service and it constantly just keeps getting faster and better. Thank You T-Mobile.

It would be nice if there were enough competition in all parts of the country for people to have a choice. Many people in my small town make do with Terrible coverage on TMo or Sprint because they can't afford anything else. For those of you with great coverage on TMo (if you DON'T Travel much either) what are you waiting for. One thing to remember is if you look at the payment plans for NEW Phones TMo rates aren't that much lower (if at all in some cases) than ATTs or Verizon's subsidized rates. If you upgrade right at contract end date then you may not be saving much money. Also, once again if you have good coverage, TMo DC-HSPA (42 Mbps) is better on battery and as fast or faster than VZW or ATT LTE. Once again, it would be great if TMo had more widespread coverage.

If you are a smartphone user, even with the payments on your bill you come out cheaper on T-Mobile for all plans except the ones with miniscule amounts of data. When you compare the completely unlimited option it's absolutely no contest, especially with family plans. Take a look at 4 new lines with the HTC One:


1st Line: $50, 2nd Line: $30, 3rd & 4th lines: $10 each for a total of $100.
This provides unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging, and 500MB of 4G(HSPA+/LTE) data per line, dropping to EDGE afterwards for an unlimited amount.
2GB data: $10/line for a total of $40.
Unlimited data: $20/line for a total of $80.
HTC One: $99/phone and $25/mth for each phone - total of $100

Total: $200/mth for 500MB/mth, $240/mth for 2GB/mth, $280/mth for unlimited data.

AT&T (both Mobile Share and regular):
Mobile Share 1GB: $40/mth + $45/mth for each phone for a total of $220.
This also provides unlimited voice minutes and unlimited messaging.
Mobile Share 10GB: $120/mth + $30/mth per phone for a total of $240.
Mobile Share 20GB: $200/mth + $30/mth per phone totaling $320.
Standard Family Unlimited: $119.99.mth for 2 lines, $49.99 for each additional line totaling $219.97
Unlimited Messaging: $30/mth covers all phones.
Data Plans: $20/mth ea for 300MB, $30/mth for 3GB, $50/mth for 5GB
This is a lot more expensive than Mobile Share, as you would pay $329.97 for just 300MB on each line.

Notice that AT&T doesn't even offer an unlimited data option, and that you are also paying an extra $100/phone up front for each HTC One (total $400!), and you will see that T-Mobile is a better deal...especially if you use any real amounts of data on your phone. Every T-Mobile line essentially has "unlimited" data now, even the 500MB plans. They just will throttle the speed after the cut off level (the truly unlimited option has no cut off!). Verizon's prices are similar to AT&T, while the only one to truly compete is Sprint. PS: each month those lines keep those phones after 24 months will save an additional $100 in this scenario!

Verizon's new marketing strategy is to cut all unnecessary expenses.
Lets face it customers are over rated!

Customers are always crying for service and every month Verizon has to chase them down for money.

Rid the customer base and rid the overhead!

You do realize that you're talking about the biggest carrier in the nation with easily the biggest LTE footprint right? Ok, just making sure.

Been a VZW customer for 12 years, paying them $200 per month for 1 smartphone (unlimited date) and 3 dumb phones 1400 mins. Already replaced my VZW smartphone with a Nexus 4 on T-mo my son has a GS2 on AT&T Net10. These 2 VZW contracts are out May 19th and will not be renewed. The other two dumb phones at the end of the year. So long VZW you might offer the best coverage but you can suck it...

EDIT: My VZW account was auto debit. They didn't have to worry about getting my money every month. So no they are not just going to lose their deadbeat customers.

I'm so tired of Verizon's arrogance. Unfortunately every other network near where I live completely blows chunks so VZW is my only decent option. This upgrade crap doesn't affect me anyways since I won't be buying any pohones on contract since I need to keep my unlimited data, but the whole thought of it makes me wanna send them a nasty email. GRRRRRR!!

I dropped Verizon a little over 2 years ago after being a customer since they purchased AirTouch. My first phone with them was a Moto flip phone with TWO whole memory dials!

That was me being a customer for 12 years. Then they started doing crap like cutting unlimited data, doing away with in-store exchanges for defective phones (dunno if that stuck), and all that, so I bailed.

Speak with your wallets, people! Jump ship, make them reform!.

been with vzw for 10 years, my parents have been with them 3 times as long, but 2014 ill be switching to Tmo. this just made my decision. my parents are just about with me too.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if they had a bigger choice of phones, phones that lasted an entire 2 years contract(I have had some duds that didn't last a year), speedier updates less bloatware and cheaper prices. OH YEA THEY ARE A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY THAT HAS EXECUTIVES THAT GET REALLY BIG BONUSES. So they Look for ways to screw the customers pocket while padding theirs. Might be time to bail and save some $$$$ I have a $250.00 month plan for 3 smart phones. As other carriers get better service.

Verizon should be required to support and provide OS updates for the phones for the length of the contract. So many times after 6 months they stop updating the phone and we're stuck with a device that isn't as functional as it can be for the next 18 months. Total BS.

Like many are saying... This is the last straw. Come July 17th my line's contract expires. & @ that point, I'm willing to pay the ETF for my wife's line. It's really too bad, I've been a customer since 1997. I even used to drink the "better service costs more $" kool aid. But I just can't take this anymore. So I'm hoping the fabled moto x phone will be out by then, & we'll be moving over to Straight Talk or T-Mobile.

T-Mobile: Hey guys, let's get rid of contracts and give the customer more freedom!

AT&T: *grumbles in the background*

Sprint: Hey, we now have FOUR cities with LTE! (Oh yeah, and you can still used iDEN! Whoop whoop!)

Verizon: Freedom AND early upgrades? Ain't nobody got time for that! 24 months for everybody!

Wow, I really can't wait until my contract is up. Straight Talk looks better and better every day.

I have been a customer of Verizon wireless for over 20 years, but I am counting down my days to end our relationship. I already have a TMO phone and account and am absolutely pleased with all aspects of service and quality. I live in a populated area, but the nearest Verizon antenna is 3 miles away. In one other area I frequent, there is NO Verizon reception at all. Yet my TMO phone has a maximum signal strength.

My contract was supposed to end in April, 2014 , but Verizon will hold me hostage for several more months. In the meantime, I am migrating my wife and family over to T-mobile. Goodbye, Verizon.

If you now have an option to buy the phone out right, does this give the phone manufactures the opportunity to sell phones out right at a lower cost?

If they try to get me to give up my current plan next year when I go to upgrade I'm switching to AT&T. That's all I have to say.

Let me start by saying Verizon is an outstanding company. They have great customer service and great coverage in my area. These are all my experiences. But I was ready to switch even before I heard this news. They have gotten too big and to cocky. They know they have the best coverage and instead of working with people who have no other choice of better coverage and adding perks such as early upgrades and no contract plans they are doing the opposite. They have become a corporate monster and are trying to get as much money as they possibly can.

Other companies are on the rise now like T-Mobile, who I will be switching to when I get my last bill in May. I am paying the early termination fee of $200 dollars to get out of my contract with Verizon because I can easily make that back by being on T-Mobile who is only charging me 60 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data of which 2gb of it is fast 4g data. I know it won't be anywhere as fast as VZW but I don't care. T-Mobile will be rolling out their own 4g LTE service soon in my area and I am sure it will be even better then their current speeds. It seems to be blazing fast in San Jose, and MD. I need to save money and be able to get what ever phone I want when I want. I don't see why we should be locked into a contract and forced to subsidize a phone. I paid cash for the Nexus 4 and I have no problem with that. I will probably sell it if I so choose and get the Nexus 5 if and when it comes out. No contract plans is the way to go and if Google gets their own network and has no contract plans I am going to go with them if their coverage is good in my area.

So Verizon just keeps shooting themselves in the foot and this may be the straw the broke the camels back. I was looking for a reason for VZW to make me switch because I always knew how expensive they were. So bye bye Verizon and hello T-mobile. I can only hope that other people who have T-mobile as an option in their are see the light and start saving some money by not having verizon and joining T-mobile.

This all stems from the cost associated with carrying the Iphone....All the customers who didnt even want it now are suffering due to this. Just my 2 cents

Well, I would think if the average customer switched after 24 months then they really don't gain or lose money. It really falls only from whatever percentage of customers that do switch at 20 to 23 months. If they subsidized a low in phone they probably don't lose anything. Maybe they do if a customer is always upgrading with high end phones. But from what I have heard in the past they have made their main money back after a year.
It just doesn't seem very customer friendly. Like someone said before, customers might be able to be convinced to switch if they go to a multi carrier store like RadioShack or Best Buy.

Well, I would think if the average customer switched after 24 months then they really don't gain or lose money. It really falls only from whatever percentage of customers that do switch at 20 to 23 months. If they subsidized a low in phone they probably don't lose anything. Maybe they do if a customer is always upgrading with high end phones. But from what I have heard in the past they have made their main money back after a year.
It just doesn't seem very customer friendly. Like someone said before, customers might be able to be convinced to switch if they go to a multi carrier store like RadioShack or Best Buy.

To everyone whining about Verizon you obviously aren't as smart as you think if you've been "screwed" by Verizon and you obviously don't know how to play the game as well as you think. I've been with Verizon for 10 years and have been happy with them. Even the times they've "screwed" me I've called and they've always fixed things. I'm never leaving as I have unlimited data on all of my lines for $10 a line.

Also if you've seen Droid Life there are signs that Verizon may be following T-Mobile in the no contract path anyway. This is just a first step.

My Verizon contract is up in June, I will not be renewing my contract.
I will be going with either Consumer Cellular or Straight Talk with a BYOP (bring your own phone), so I can upgrade anytime I want.
I'll be going with a plan that suits me better than what I have w/Verizon for about half the cost.