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Could a bootloader-unlocked Verizon Note 3 be on the cards?

Back in June Verizon and Samsung teamed up to offer a special "Developer Edition" Galaxy S4, with an unlocked bootloader, for those who like to tinker with their devices. Today it seems a second such handset might be on the cards, as a listing on Samsung's U.S. site makes reference to a "Developer Edition Galaxy Note 3."

Enter the start of the Note's model number on the Samsung support site and one of the predicted options is:

"Coming Soon! Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 (Verizon) Developer Edition | SM-N900VMKEVZW"

No such device has been officially announced just yet, so we'd take this leak -- potentially revealing as it may be -- with a pinch of salt until we get word from Verizon or Samsung.

Are you in the market for a hackable, unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 3, or are you happy with the regular retail version? Make yourself known in the comments!

Source: Samsung US Support; Thanks, Johnny!


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Verizon might offer Developer Edition Galaxy Note 3, official site suggests


I am definitely beyond happy with my Tmobile Galaxy Note 3.

But to each's own they should bring this to all carriers not just Verizon. They ain't special.

From my Tmobile Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

But, Verizon is the only carrier that encrypts the bootloader on all of their phones.

This really has no place on other carriers.

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I would definitely be interested in it. That's one less step I need to take anyways. I don't use the S-Pen on my Note II as it is, and if I ever get the itch to do so, there's plenty of apps to take advantage of the S-Pen functionality. Bring it on, or just give us the N5 like Green_Laser mentioned above.

Agreed the only feature I miss on the note 2 when I'm using an aosp ROM is multiwindow

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Developer Edition phones + AT&T and Verizon frequent upgrade plans from the perspective of the carrier's

Let's see how many moron's we can get to pay for their own phone completely, which they now rent when it comes to frequent upgrade plans, while we still charge them a subsidy.

Plus we will sell the returned phones as refurbished back to other customer's and make money on that transaction as well.

Both my wife and I have unlimited data, does that make us morons, too?

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No. That makes you smart because you're still on the plans that Verizon had bride they became greedy and money-hungry.

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I'm in! I knew waiting would be worth it. I adopted the S4 early and Verizon got me by releasing the 32 gb version and then the dev edition.

I'll probably be picking up 2. My wife loves these as much as I do. Removable battery and removable/expandable storage. Reminds me of the good ole days of Android!

I hope this trend of dev edition and greater internal storage continues...

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Wow, I would be interested in seeing how the S-pen works and how everything that I figured would require touchwiz will look in this. That is one hefty price tag that is going to come along with it though. Or, am I wrong about the developer editions having stock android on them?

It is the same phone that Verizon sells, but with an unlocked bootloader. Touchwiz & S-pen will function the same.

Not being rude but yeah you wrong. You are thinking GPe edition

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Very interested in this. I just bought a regular Note 3 at full prive to keep my unlimited data. Looks like it is going back until this surfaces. My Note 2 running Beans Rom still has lots of life.

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With Verizon, wait and see seems to be the best policy. I'll bet that Samsung can't announce developer edition devices until after Verizon gets their money from most of the average consumers.

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Why pay full price? I just added a basic line to my plan for $10/month, then swapping the upgrade dates so I can get subsidised price. ;-)

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That's close to paying full price, 2 year contract and 10 service is $539, I did do it last year to save some money and have a basic phone for a daughter.

Soooo who gunno trade sell theirs for a Note 3 DE? That one probably wont have the flash trigger on it.Seems like its better waiting awhile they are really starting to use this DE ploy(scam)

I may sell my stock N3 for a DE (when/if released). But I may keep it once root is obtained, which I think won't be long. It would be nice to have JellyBeans' ROM on my N3, but I think I'll be happy with just having root.

Yikes, those hands in the picture look someone who has done a lot more physical labor than Alex. ;-)

That's what happens, when you handle a lot of phones, lol. It's a tough job, I bet.

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And not to mention that Koush from XDA says that the N3 has something on that so far can't be reset with Triangle-Away. It is the Knox security system and it tells on you when you are rooted.....until/unless they find a way or a leaked version is I just cancelled my order.....I still can't seem to find out if the Nexus5 will be carried on either Sprint or Verizon bands. ATT & T-MO either non existent or still on 2G where I

It probably won't be possible like it was on our note 2s. Look what's going on with the Verizon S4. If I was going to upgrade I would wait and see if it gets unlocked before getting it.

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If this DE version works like the T-Mobile Note 3 that I am testing then the DE version is the one to buy! I can't believe all the crap Verizon dropped onto this phone compared to T-Mobile's and all the stupid lock downs like no infinite flipping between the 5 screen pages. Verizon seems to have copied the Note 2 experience for the Note 3 for familiarity experiences. Even the settings menus are very different.

Heck ya, this phone is a beast 3 gigs RAM I've been waiting for this and an AMOLED screen which contrary to popular belief is superior to liquid crystal that's awesome. (superior comment is not an opinion, I have a thread on XDA with proof) google crwolv amoled vs lcd xda)

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I would be happy with root. This phone is great as is, but I would love to have titanium backup back.

I gave up on my Note 3 after one day of Touchwiz. If it could be unlocked and/or rooted I would have kept it. But since I got $660 for a phone I paid $300 for I will just sit on that cash until I decide which DE to get. There are so many now I am actually having trouble choosing.

Are you in the market for a hackable, unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 3? Why yes i am please feel free to contact me.
I absolutley love this phone.