A new rumor claims Verizon Wireless is about to close a loophole that some of its grandfathered unlimited customers have used to continue to get that plan, even though Verizon stopped offering such a service for its new subscribers a few years ago.

Droid-Life, citing unnamed sources — and, which published Verizon's internal documents — claim that on August 24, Verizon will require that its current subscribers who upgrade or activate a new smartphone on a two year contract to keep their selected data package for the length of their contract. This is apparently an effort to end a loophole that had previously allowed customers who had a grandfathered unlimited plan to upgrade a line for a feature phone to a new and discounted smartphone. The report claims customers could then move that smartphone over to their grandfathered unlimited line, while still keeping the $9.99 per month feature phone line price tag.

Keep in mind that this loophole shutdown has not yet been confirmed by Verizon. The company's customers who still have that old unlimited line can keep it if they get a non-contract phone or if they pay full price for a new smartphone. What do you think of Verizon possibly shutting down this backdoor for its remaining unlimited data users?

Thanks to Dan Pham for the tip!

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Verizon may be about to close a loophole for its remaining unlimited data users


When your carrier tells you that you're SOL, aren't you supposed to leave that carrier?

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Picked up 2 during the January special for just that reason. Plus, we really like the phone.

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I thought part of the agreement with the FCC for the 700MHz spectrum was that they weren't allowed to throttle data speeds on it.

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Verizon's answer to the FCC on that was '"Everyone else is doing it" defense, even though though they never said they could to those who are using unlimited, and the others clearly state it in their offers.

This is why Telecomm's need to be heavily regulated, because they just make sh@t up as they go along to suit any purpose they want, just to make a buck and nothing else.

Why don't vzw just end unlimited. If your sims tied to a phone thats it when that phone dies your sol.

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Sure they can. Eventually they will. Just read the long legalese contract. They have outs for themselves to cancel the contract without penalty at any time. At a bare minimum, they would just waive any ETF remaining and so "We no longer wish to have you as a customer". And frankly, I'm sure that they are weighing that any compensation they may need to provide in the short term MIGHT cost them less than carrying Unlimited customers using 100GB, even up to a terabyte, over a long term. Companies cancel contracts on customers all the time.

This. Any lines with unlimited data are no longer on contract. All Verizon has to do is send out a letter to all their unlimited customers stating they will no longer support unlimited data plans after so and so date and that those specific customers will either be switched to a "similarly" priced plan automatically (or if they legally can't do that then just drop those customers) or force them to upgrade that line to a different plan. With how many customers are flocking to Verizon they can afford to lose a million of these data hungry customers.

False. Verizon has had at least two website failures in the last twelve months that allowed off-contract legacy unlimited users to upgrade the device and renew their contract.

Mine, for example, doesn't conclude until October of 2015, after I upgraded to a Droid Maxx during one of those outages. Verizon publicly stated that they will honor the renewals inked during those service events.

Now, that doesn't mean they won't "release" me from my ETF and end the contract... which could happen. :)

(Personally, I'm fine if it starts to look like it's headed there--VZW is still offering me an upgrade option and a 30/mo 6GB plan as incentives... If the boat hasn't been tipped by the time the Moto Nexus comes out [if rumors are true], I'll relent and take the offer.)

True. I was referring to when Verizon "officially" got rid of unlimited data plans. My friend switched to the 6 GB plan for the G3. For him it was great since he really never uses more than 2 GB per month

Except Verizon can't afford to lose 22 million customers who are using unlimited, be kind of a stock drop to lose that many customers in less than a quarter.

Even if that figure was accurate, the targeted subset has to be less than a tenth of that.

Let's assume there are really 2.2 million data power users (or leeches as we were once called)... I'm wagering they wouldn't lose more than 30% of those.

VZW could easily sustain a 660k user hit without the analysts worrying about missed earnings targets. Let's be honest about usage, we are not the money, and we are not critical--blogging or commenting the dispute until Oblivion comes won't make a damn bit of difference.

Will they have to relent in the future and either greatly relax or eliminate most cap concepts that exist today? Sure. The incremental increase in infrastructure and technology speeds will continue to encourage the data overhead of apps and media, and plans will have to change along with it.

The contract is with the one line, just because the phone transfers does not have to mean that the contract does.

The ones that are on unlimited, by now, are on month to month contracts. All Verizon has to do is send out the termination notice and new terms. They could make it take it or leave it...

Well, thanks to that hiccup on VZW site last October, my LG G2 and wife's N3 are under contract until August of 2015 with Unlimited. So not everyone is month to month with Unlimited on Verizon.

yeah forgot about that, but at best that glitch makes up maybe 10% of unlimited data users wouldnt you say? Getting rid of 90% (even 50%) would be great from their standpoint.

Except they are.

VZW customer here with an unlimited data plan that is currently under contract.

When you use a plan subsidy, it re-ups the plan for that line. Even if you use the subsidy on another line.


Not necessarily. Every time you purchase a new phone under contract, you sign a new one. Meaning they can add a term stating that you must keep data for the duration of the contract and it won't be a violation of the contract.

+1 more unlimited LTE customer on on contract here. Costco upgraded me and let me keep my unlimited data. in fact the clerk flat out told me that the entire "must switch to another plan" is totally bogus.

I am sure there are more details to be had, but if I have to keep the same data bucket with the same phone, I can never buy more?

Before everyone starts complaining about the loophole closing, you knew it was gonna happen.

Its likely a minimum contract clause. So you buy the phone at a certain data level, and you have to always have a plan that matches that level. (Not necessarily in the specific quantity of data, just that it has a data plan) Obviously if you tried to put a feature phone back in, it wouldn't be compatible, and they wouldn't allow it to happen.

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I'm still trying to figure out how this article would get an OK from an editor. Horrible grammar.

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That and I don't really get the point of this article? Which loophole are they closing? Upgrading an existing alternative line to keep unl data has been common practice since vzw removed that plan years ago.

Best Buy loophole, order phone, select keep existing plan, even though site says you will be moved to a 2 gig tiered plan, after delivery remove SIM from new phone,inset old SIM from UDP phone, turn on ( don't call Verizon & don't pick up in store..... That's what I heard

From what I remember with the Best Buy loophole is that you activate the phone yourself by switching sims so the phone is never added to a new line(?), if I am correct and you can still buy a subsidised phone from best buy this way, wouldn't it still get through the loophole? ...Somebody plz correct me if I'm wrong about not ending up with 2 lines

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Yeah that works, also the loophole that I've used is alternate upgrades at Best Buy store, as long as you have a dumb phone line use the available upgrades on that line and voila! Unlimited stays intact! no questions asked! Not even a warning about losing UDP, you even have to call Verizon to put the old dumb phone back on the line and keep the brand spanking new phone of your choice! Also you can even use the $50 gift card if you register your lines when upgrading the rest of the year, I love Best Buy!

That's exactly what they're ending. You won't be able to put the old dumb phone back. You will be required to have a $30/month data feature on the dumb phone line for the duration of the contract.

I've done all my phone upgrades at the VZW store. Upgraded to a Droid Maxx in the spring 2014 while keeping unlimited plan (the dumb phone line had an upgrade available so they put it on that and then switched to the correct user).

Either way, I agree this is the loophole they are closing.

Actually if you upgrade the dump phone to a smartphone and move it to an unlimited line and then try to put the dumb phone back on the recently upgraded line that just had a $30 data plan added to it, then dropped from it. Then you will now you have to keep that $30 x 24 months = $720 so basically you could have paid for the smartphone outright and saved the hassle.

I had to give up unlimited years ago, I lived in the country used Verizon MiFi's as my home internet since the only options were dial-up or Satellite (which sucked with data caps) and it was expensive enough with 5GB data plans on individual MiFi's so I had to go to the family plan. It sucked but it is what it is. I lived with it and today I use at most 4GB of data on multiple devices sometimes a bit more but I have the room on my data plan to cover me.

I just use tethering through my phone. 202G so far this month, 4 days left to go. The downside is there is no internet at home unless I'm there. Doesn't bother me, but my son complains when his xbox isn't connected.

You're not alone. This article failed to explain the loophole and why it would be a big deal if Verizon closes it.

If you don't know what the loophole is, this article wasn't geared towards you. For everyone else, its just giving an example of Verizon being Verizon.

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When you ordered a smartphone on a dumb phone line if you put the dumb phone back on the line the data plan would drop off and the line would go back to the $9.99/mo dumb phone rate. You weren't tied to data for 2 years.

Exactly what I wanted to say. Very confusing due to the way the article is written.

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Yeah. I got the overall gist of the article, but there was one incomplete sentence at the beginning that left me hanging.

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You have an incomplete sentence at the beginning of your comment lol. Should we disregard the remainder of the response? Interwebs grammar police.. The new virtual hall monitors. Grats!

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This sentence could be written better. Still trying to figure out what this is trying to say: "Verizon's internal documents — claim that on August 24, Verizon will require that its current subscribers who upgrade or activate a new smartphone on a two year contract to keep their selected data package for the length of their contract."

How is that hard to understand?

Verizon will require any upgrades after that date to retain their data plan for the entire length of their contract.

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Weather or not they leave the smartphone on that line or switch it back to a dumbphone. I agree. Not that hard to understand. And I'll add that I've seen this on other carriers in the past so it's not exactly new.

Can we still upgrade a tiered data line and then switch that phone to the unlimited line? Looking to upgrade to the note 4 through my wife's 2 GB plan then switch threw phone to my line.

I can't say for absolutely sure, but from the wording of this article and others I've read... yes, it does sound like that will continue to work.

By the way I read this article that sounds like it would still work. I've been looking for an excuse to find something less expensive than Verizon anyway. This may just be the push I needed. No other provider has ever tried so hard to push people off the plan that they had, ever. If you're of the mindset that this is about bandwidth you're completely wrong. It's about money. Always has been, always will be. I pay a lot for my unlimited. I guess it's time to stop paying a premium that isn't appreciated.

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You pay a lot?.. Really?.. My bill was like 107 bucks a month. My friend is on a tiered data plan of 2 gigs and pays the same. But someone once told me it cost a lot of money to get that grass to look so greener on the other side.

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Don't be salty because you're not on unlimited data. You had three choice to keep your unlimited package I'm sure but probably decided you wanted a new phone that was cheap upfront.

2 lines unlimited and a feature phone is $220/mo. I think $2600/yr is a lot for phones, yes. I don't use this for my home internet, but I do use more than 4.7gb data and I pay for my service. I don't think they should have the freedom to gouge us deeper without public repercussions. If you'll recall, the FCC has some pretty tight standards on what Verizon can and can't do with their spectrum. I think their push to remove unlimited data users is a result if those limitations and they're using loopholes to remove unlimited and get more money from our usage. The amount of data that the average consumer uses will never decrease from here out and they are def aware of it. They're banking on it.

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5 lines 2 smart phones and i pay 280 a month. 3369 a year is what i consider a lot of money. 280 is over 50% my monthly rent for my 1800sq ft house.

I was paying VZW nearly $160 a month after taxes and insurance for 1 line of service. It had unlimited minutes and messaging, and only 10gb of data. $107 is about what I pay after taxes with T-Mobile now that I have switched and I have unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE. Plus they paid my ETF! What? Yeah, saving money EVERY month.

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If only T-Mobile had coverage, that wouldn't be a bad deal. But I spend too much time in the middle of nowhere.

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Thats unfortunately the issue.. It's a great option, when it's an option. AT&T and VZW are the only two real options where I live.. and AT&T is the lesser of two evils.

I'm in the same boat. I know I'll loose unlimited data sooner or later. However, T-Mobile has no data coverage where I live (1 stop light town). Sprint just turned on LTE in my area though, so I'll most likely switch to them eventually.

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Yes if I'm understanding it right yes. The point here is to keep people from using the alt upgrade from a non smartphone to later drop the data from the line used to take the upgrade from. The wording is likely to prevent the argument of people thinking the $10 basic phones upgrade is an equivekant.

I believe this is how it will work after 8/24? When you upgrade/activate your new subsidized smartphone on any other line of service either tiered data or dumb phone with a 2 year contract. What will happen is that when you try to switch that phone
To the unlimited data line of service, the data plan with the 2 year contract
Will sick and override/terminate the unlimited data plan. Also, if you use the dumb phone line to upgrade a smart phone? You will have to add a data plan with a 2 year contract to this dumb phone line. And then the above will happen when you try to switch the new phone to the unlimited plan.

Pretty much the only way after 8/24 to keep unlimited data it to pay full price for a new phone or buy and unlocked or used phone of your liking. But then again how good will Verizon data speeds be if your a power user and go over the 4.7 GB a month?

Looks like Verizon is putting on the speeeze

It seemed to me that they were only trying to keep the data added to the new smartphone on that number so that you couldn't switch by adding a dumb phone back. Even with the dumb phone, you would now pay the $30/mo for 2GB. If you upgrade on a line that already has data, then it seems that it wouldn't change anything. You're just switching the phones around.

It is something any company would do. If they have ended unlimited data a long time ago, but there is a loophole that lets people stay on it, then you know it will close eventually. $9 for unlimited data is unheard of. The only reason it is there is because people are taking advantage of it.

That statement is incorrect in the article anyways. It is a base plan price for the minutes and text I.e. $69.99 then $9.99 per line and an additional $30 per 2GB data package or $29.99 per unlimited data package if a smartphone. The $9.99 only pays for the "extra line on the plan, nothing more" this article is full of mistakes sadly.

So you party an extra 20 per month? Not worth giving up my contract. They were offering that same deal to unlimited customers for the same price we pay now. My wife didn't take it...neither did I but she never uses more than 3.5 gigs. I however can't say the same.

Can you please check your grammar and update this post? I want to make sure I understand exactly what you're trying to say. I think there's just one extra word in there, but I want to make sure I get what you mean.

Sprint throttles now and their network isnt near as fast as tmobiles, look it up if you dont belive me. Tmobile is going to pass sprint this year as 3rd biggest carrier.

Yeah I know that can happen, I have the same problem with the shit ass T-Mobile network in my area. As usual, what works best for you, may not work best for me, and vice versa

Wish I could show a screenshot on the app (-hint hint dev) but ive used 40gb this cycle on tmobile. I watch a lot of movies and collect alot of music.

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you know if you take the side of your hand and swipe left to right the phone takes a screenshot. Unless you are on a custom ROM and the dev took it out

I was on TMo and I wasn't getting data service anywhere I was traveling, such as in the thumb region of Michigan, western Illinois, and northern Minnesota. I ditched my TMo contract and went to Verizon and now I have 4G LTE wherever I go.

So ok i upgrade the dumb line and do the $30 data no problem i can see still have my unlimited

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I don't even care anymore the data speeds are horrible on lte once you go over 4 or 5 gb I. Got the hot spot feature and figured it's unlimited and it used to work good no reason to pay the cable company 60 a month for Internet when I can use my phone and it only costs 30 I use anywhere from 130gb to 260gb is the most but the whole house runs off the phone but it's unusable anymore. They have all these commercials about there network and streaming video lol 10gb don't last very long between 2 people

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Verizon will pry the unlimited data plan I possess from my cold, dead hands. When they do, I hope T-Mobile will have better coverage. I would rather be with them but where I live, there is no other option but AT&T...which isn't much different. How is it that Asian countries can get super cheap data and they are charging us out the wazoo for the data we are pushed towards via Cloud services? Greed, pure ability to charge me as much as possible...

You show me the data you're physically holding onto then I'll show you a new network that cost 2 bucks a year for unlimited data and comes with a mansion in Idaho that had sits right on the by the Atlantic Ocean.

(wait for it...)

But seriously, because we're willing to pay for it. That's the bottom line. When is enough going to be enough? Answer that question, my friend and then go apply for a job at the FCC and make all of our lives easier.

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I held on to my unlimited data for a looong time after they stopped offering it. I finally and very reluctantly gave it up when I went from the Rezound to the HTC 1 (M7) this past spring and I gotta say, I don't miss it at all. It was a non-event.

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Sounds like it's time for Verizon customers to stop bending over, pull up their pants, and join T-Mobile...

Posted via My Galaxy S5 and soon to be Galaxy Note 4...

You guys act like there is better coverage from T Mobile or Sprint. Throttled data after 2gb at 2g speeds is not worth the unlimited data that they claim to have.

I was a TMO customer for 12 years. What's the point in having a phone with unlimited data when coverage blows in our area? I suggest do some coverage research on coverage before you even switch to a different carrier. Plus some may not even use more than 6gb a month.

But there are tons of us for whom that isn't the case. Take a look at The maps. Then remember that those are overly optimistic and look at third party sources. T-Mobile is only a viable solution for those who stay in big cities and rarely go many other places and Sprint isn't a lot better. I've tested both networks about once a year for the last 2 years and there has been no noticeable improvement even in places that are supposedly strong on those networks.

I would imagine at some point you will not be able to activate a new phone on the old plan. We will get people bragging they still have their unlimited plans on 5 year old phones...

Glad to see Verizon closing the loopholes users have been taking advantage of. I don't love Verizon at all, in fact I have left them only to return due to coverage needs yet their LTE speeds SUCK compared to AT&T's LTE heck even AT&T's HSDPA+ (4G) is faster than Verizon's LTE in my market.

That said, if you are violating the terms of service and/or the contract you signed up for then either leave Verizon and stop whining about it or suck it up like the rest of us. It comes down to coverage and when my current agreement ends I will likely leave for AT&T again and live with their faster speeds. They fixed their Next program so its now on par with Edge so for me its easy enough.

We'll I work for verizon fios can tell you verizon is great but on mobile service and fiber but they like money and charge customer a lot with time you will see company like att and tmobile getting better service we are splicing fiber to the cell tower for they new xlte cuz lte cell running on cooper are getting slow and big city and complain are coming vzw c.e.o make 24 mill at year do you think is greet yes so I can tell you that when I see other company maken lte better and less money like att tmobile cricket and other you will see customer living vzw and jumping ship cuz time are bad now to spend all 300 month for 5 cell when you can spend 160 or less for another service and be happy with the edge program is a joke too you paying for the cell as a lease like a car and when you trade it back you don't get money for it plus have to be on good chappe before vzw take Babi and give you a new cell good luck

To each's own as well Though. Since some people end up realizing they don't need unlimited data.

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It's about having the freedom to not have to worry about going over your data cap. Sure, even with all the music streaming I do, I rarely go over 5 GB a month. However, there have been months when I'm snowed in at my grandparents, with no WiFi, and with nothing else to but to stream Netflix. There are always going to be those once or twice a year experiences where it's really nice to still have unlimited

I'm still on unlimited, have a Droid Maxx that I'm happy with....for now. When it's time to buy a new phone, that's when I'll figure out my options. Been with vzw for ten years. Coverage is great, speeds aren't perfect that's for sure, but it's a non issue. I suppose when it happens I'll just have to be more careful with my downloads.

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It's much better to read the source article from Droid Life. It easily explains in layman's terms what this is all about. This article is not up to typical Android Central standards. Not well explained at all!!!

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I have been doing this for years even before the end of unlimited data. I have 5 lines on an old family share plan, 3 of which have feature phones at 9.99 per month just to use their upgrades when they come around. If they do close this loophole where I upgrade one of those lines for new contract price, swap the SIM with my unlimited phone, and reinstate the feature phone, I may be heading to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile unlimited awesomeness plus GSM freedom to get carrier free unlocked phones without carrier bloat and ugly branded carrier phones.
Move away from CDMA useless Verizon if you get T-Mobile or AT&T network.

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Mostly lateral. I consider the ability to bring unlocked phones a slight advantage for AT&T.

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Yeah but the price and data caps are a bigger minus. Your right though between the two, ATT has the slight advantage

I think it's more than a slight advantage. Lots of people on this site would love to be able to bring unlocked devices and can't.

Hopefully Lenovo will keep Moto going in the same direction they're going, that way when I need my next phone I'll be able to get a high quality phone for a decent off contract price. It sucks that they're closing this, but we knew it was coming eventually.

I'm not on Verizon and never will be because of CDMA, not going to a carrier where I can use any phone I want by just swapping sims like gsm.
But at least you can still keep by paying full price. The only problem I see is you still pay the same monthly fee if you are on contract or off contract. More reason to jump to T-Mobile :)

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I work for verizon and actually have the correct info and when its going to happen. Wish I could tell you guys. I can say it's not as bad as you think. It only affects a few customers not everybody

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And for those that say go to sprint and t-mobile. Your idiots. You will be throttled and capped early to 3g speeds and some cases 1x. Do your research

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Well TurnStyle87 I'm with T-Mobile and I get unlimited data. I pay 58 bucks a month for a business plan and the only limit I have is 1000 anytime minutes with free nights and weekends and free T-Mobile to T-Mobile. I'm not a heavy talker so this plan is perfect for me. My messaging and data are not caped. It's all about being an educated consumer and picking the right plan. Just because T-Mobile is advertising a family plan or individual plan with X amount of data does not mean another plan isn't available with unlimited. Do your research, educate your self about the carriers offerings and pick the right plan that fits your needs.
I left sprint a year and half ago and the grass is greener on the other side. Coverage is good for me.
Your results may vary coverage wise but that's the great thing about a free market. We have choices. My choice got me a $20 a mont savings and a network that is four times faster than what I had before.

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I had T-Mobile's unlimited until recently. I wasn't throttled. I used it as I pleased. How am I an idiot?

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*you're idiots, not "your"

And in all seriousness, I've never been throttled with Sprint, even when I use 30th+ a month. Same with everyone I know on both T-Mo and Sprint. AT&T and Verizon on the other hand...

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I think the point is that you can't use a line to upgrade and get a new smartphone, then take that smartphone to your unlimited plan and then downgrade that original upgraded line back to a feature phone plan with no data. I'm sure it would not mean you can't change the amount of data, just that you can't go back to a basic feature-phone plan on that line if you used it to get a subsidized smartphone.

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Back in the Froyo days, I was using a Verizon phone literally crippled with bloatware. When they told me I'd lose my Unlimited plan if I got a new phone, they forced my hand.
In retrospect, paying the ETF and jumping to a MVNO was one of the best investments I've ever made.

I didn't even know this loophole existed. What about buying an off contact or used phone to keep from signing a new contract, thus allowing you to keep unlimited data. That loophole still exists right?

I Think they should go back to unlimited DATA.... I Think It's ridiculous how much the plan is already and when you tack on the DATA plan It's even more.

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They have no reason to offer it again. People are paying for the current plans and they're making money.

I personally can live without unlimited data if 5 or 6 gigs are offered for a decent price.

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I agree 100%. I have unlimited data on a single line and rarely use more than 4GB.

I won't pay more for 5GBs than I currently pay for unlimited.

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I think it is time for Verizon to give, say 90 days notice, and end unlimited data all together. It has its time and place but it does not serve the interests of the vast majority of Verizon users today. Yes, a few of the very high volume data users will leave and to to T-Mobile or Sprint which would be better for Verizon anyway.

Yes. While they are at it they should also cut everybody's current data allotment in half. Charging the same amount of money for half the service provided would be better for Verizon...

There are Verizon UDP lines still on contract; I know I have one. This loophole allowed you to renew the contract on your UDP line. When you transferred your UDP line's upgrade to a basic line on your account and upgraded on the basic line, it renewed the contract on your UDP line. Yep, that's right, your UDP line's contract was extended by 2 years.

Agreed. I just upgraded to a GS5 on my unlimited line. Contract renews when you do, even if you temporarily use another line to keep from losing unlimited.

so you keep a basic line which you font use just for the upgrade, i really want to do this, but i dont see how it would make sense financially.

It's not cost effective if you have an individual plan. You can try the best buy method if you have an individual plan.

Droid life said
Verizon believes that when it “gives customers a discount on the retail price of a smartphone, we expect them to pay for data services and keep the smartphone activated for 2 years.
So if you have a capped data plan on a phone on your account you can use that one as the upgrade since you're just detoxing phones not changing the contract.

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I gave up my unlimited data years ago. There is this crazy invention known as wifi, ;-). Seriously though I would imagine that most people who cling to unlimited data really don't need it. At first I was hesitant to give mine up, but honestly once done I never missed it, and the monthly cost savings really confirms it was a good decision.

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I don't like to have to worry about if I can get a WiFi signal, or wonder how close I am to my monthly allowance of date on my phone. Verizon advertises that they cover more of the US than the other carriers, but they don't say, be careful of how you use it.

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DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! It's really too bad that the Nexus 5 and all those other off-contract phones that work on T-Mobile and At&t don't work on Verizon.

It will be hard to close this loop hole. once you start a contract with a new phone. you can remove the phone if you want. how can they say who you can give it to.

I used this trick before to upgrade to the razr maxx OG

Been with Verizon 15 years and still have my unlimited data plan (thankfully) as I use roughly 30 — 35 Gb a month alone. My wife uses about 3 Gb, give or take. We have 2 lines with unlimited data, 1000 mins of talk, and 900 text messages $144 total a month for both phones. I just buy my phones from EBAY and leave my plan alone.

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We have 5 lines. 2 unlimited smartphones, 3 feature phones. Only 2 feature phones in contract. We pay $240 a month.

Go figure this happens right before the droid refresh and note 4. Oh well. We will just add a data plan to one of the lines and split the difference. We will end up paying the exact same amount on a share plan, 40 40 30 30 30 +100 and still keep our unlimited.

Sad day.

So from what I understand, we can maintain unlimited data if we pay full price for the phone? Or is this currently speculation? That might be worth it for me in the long run.

That's what I did with my s5. Still on unlimited. I am one not those who use the unlimited. I use gps all the time, and stream music, and when traveling for work I watch movies on it.

That is correct. This is what I've been doing for years. I travel for my job 6 months a year and use my unlimited data plan for my primary internet. I stream, on average, 200 gig/month while on the road. It is worth it to me to buy a new phone every 3 or so years and pay full price. (No more than $600 per phone) I pay $130+ a month for my plan. I don't think it's unfair, especially since I pay full price for my phone from my local Verizon store.

Bottom line is people on unlimited and using tons of data keep the prices high for the rest of us. Just give them up already. The silver we are all off contact and the subsidy model the sooner prices will go down

Posted via Android Central App doesn't.cost shit for Verizon...if j gave you my unlimited for 30$ a month you would ALL come running. Do I need it? Not always? But it is PIECE OF MIND!!

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Don't believe the hype. Their is no reason bandwidth can't be unlimited. Just a ploy to rob consumers.

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What if you order the phone on a feature phone line but then when the phone comes you don't activate it on the feature phone (thus activating the plan) and just take the SIM from your UDP line and put it in the new phone? Then the pending plan on the feature phone never gets implemented and falls away. Unless they close that loophole too.

I already switched carriers and yes this is exactly how I kept a new phone in my unlimited plan but with them throttling effective October 1st and now this I switched to T-Mobile 10 days ago. I have unlimited everything (no throttling) and my bill is $100 cheaper. I'm already 30 gigs in and service is fine! Ask your self who cares how fast the data rate is if you can't use it!!! Thanks for showing me the way Verizon!!!

I thought only small wireless sales stores where you sign two contracts one for the phone carrier and one for them did this kind of thing. When you upgrade a phone you are only supposed to promise to stay two years, so this would mean their business practice is entirely changing just to get at us unlimited users, with this and the business with the fcc Verizon is really getting desperate.

So I have my unlimited plan intact with Verizon. The wife had it too but she was using a good 2 GB a month so she upgraded. We have 700 minutes / unlimited text and her data is 6 GB...mine is unlimited. I just listed my note 3 on eBay and will upgrade at best buy. Hell they will give me a 100 gift card. I will upgrade to her line...upgrade and then take it home and switch out Sims. This loophole close would suck. I have been waiting patiently to do this for the upcoming Note 4...If I wind up getting screwed before then I'm just going to pay my ETF of 60$ and move right along. Crossing my fingers here.
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I used this loophole to get my LG G3 with unlimited data! Basically you can do it if you have another line that is a feature phone or already on limited data. My contract was up but my wifes was not. I transferred my upgrade to her line, ordered my G3 on her line, activated it on her line. After everything was activated I went online a did a phone switch. BAM! It is supposed to keep the contract on my line as being updated even though you only agree to terms for the limited line.

Funny thing is I had to contact VZW for activation problems and phone switching problems but they took care of it no questions asked. Now when I go look at my line it still says Im eligible for an upgrade and that I'm "Month to Month" hah! My wives upgrade date didn't change either and she's eligible in Nov. still. Don't know what happened but hey it worked!

I hope they close all loopholes because this may be one reason they don't want to allow budget unlocked phones, like the Nexus 5, to be usable on their network. Of course, if that has nothing to do with it, I say let those who have managed to keep unlimited data have it.

It's just further proof Verizon sucks and stick it to their customer's at every level possible, bent over, no lube!

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I think some of the people here doesn't like unlimited data plans. to pay less and use the phone as it was intended instead of worrying about going over. And paying top dollar on non sense. I'll pay full price eveytime to keep my plan. It's worth it less Hassel no worries. If your worried about the price of the phone is too high well start saving now I buy a new phone every 2 years you put away 40 a week you got yourself a new phone.

Verizon is no different than Apple, all marketing, marketing, marketing. And customers flock to where the advertisements on the TV tell them to go. I was with Verizon for 3yrs, their overrated!

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This is only one lop hole of three that I know of. And the one I wouldn't use anyway.

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All of the juggling one must go through in order to keep unlimited data on Verizon seems like a giant pain in the butt.

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The price would go down without subsidies. Look at the rest of the world. In other countries people pay full price fire phone and are getting 5gb of data a month for 30 dollars with unlimited talk and text

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I can only feel sorry for people who NEED Verizon's rural coverage and have to put up with this.
I still think they are a minority. Many VZ customers could very well switch without any impact on service, but are not. These are the ones responsible for VZ's actions. TMO for the win!! Loving my truly unlimited data!

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I wouldn't call myself Rural, but my friends ditched VZW for T-mobile and we are constantly places they can't get service. I turn on my tethering wifi on my unlimited to allow them to make wifi calls. So yeah...I'm not leaving. This month with travel and tethering I'm up to over 10gb. I just transferred my upgrade to a dumbphone line to get the G3. When it arrives this week, and I activate it then switch...I'll be locked in for another 2 years with Unlimited.

It'll be interesting to see how this is implemented. I recently used all of my upgrades available on all lines and now have all my Unlimited Data lines under contract till 2016. The most recent upgrade used extended my Unlimited Data line till 8/6/2016.

A couple things I am concerned about:

In the internal documents, they show a special section for the DATA PLAN contract. Of course, if you upgraded your phone and had no suspensions etc, it would mirror the actual two-year contract.

However, feature phones currently allow a 75 mb data plan for $10. Will that also count as a data plan if someone wants to put a feature phone on a line that used to have a smartphone (theft of smartphone, personal choice, punishing a child)?

Or, will Verizon prevent feature phones from being activated on former smartphone lines, or maintain that the data plan must stay at a minimum of $30, regardless of phone.

Also, in the past Verizon has allowed anyone to take any existing phone line and use it for a Home Phone Connect or a tablet/netbook. Will Verizon stop allowing this as well.

Finally, I'd be curious to know how this may affect someone who assumes responsibility of a line from another user. The new owner is currently responsible for any remaining time on the contract and ETF. Will Verizon also require them to keep a data plan when no actual transfer of equipment is involved?

You guys are all mad because Verizon is getting rid of unlimited data for those cheaters. Should switch to tmobile then... I'm blazing 4G lte all day all night only paying 70 bucks ;)

Cheaters? Oh that's right, your one of the dumbed-down clowns who think that only corporations should be getting all the breaks. So much for the consumer!

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I am glad I have tmobile and do not have to go thru any loopholes to keep my unlimited data for now. I just wish tmobile gave discounted handsets with a two year agreement like the others still do. I can justify a payment plan on tablet like I do on my nexus 7 but not on a phone.

When you look at the total cost over 2 years with T-Mobile it works out as if you got a subsidy like the others offer. T-Mobile charges less for the actual service. In effect they have separated the service and equipment costs. The benefit of this is that once the equipment is paid off your bill drops. Verizon on the other hand will continue to charge the higher rate forever regardless of how old your handset is.

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No different than any corporation like Apple out to steal as much money from anyone they possibly can charging for stuff that doesn't cost anyone anything. The government the corrupt pieces of crap they are needs to put a stop to this theft. But as long as these corps keep lining their pockets with cash they allow it to happen.

People were only grandfathered as a courtesy. Once your contract ends, you are month to month and free to leave. The company is free to decide they no longer want you as a customer under those terms.

Not saying, I like that, but it is simply the way it is!

Quick comment:

So "nobody" saw this coming? I'm surprised they allowed folks to continue to take advantage of the loophole for so long. Especially late last year when folks were allowed to upgrade and keep unlimited without using a seldom used spare account.

Honestly, I am waiting for them to notice all those $9.99 add a lines have zero minutes, text and data and notice they are getting "upgraded" feature/smartphones and limit what kinds of phones those lines are eligible for.

I saw it coming.
No more alternate line upgrades. They are making "data" part of your contract and not just a "feature".
No surprise here.

It has no effect on me at all.
I pay retail, either in store or Swappa to keep my unlimited.
What this will do is hose the secondary market.

Since fewer and fewer have unlimited, I would bet the secondary market may not be affected as much as you think. Time will tell.

Actually what I meant was the availability of NIB devices from upgrades.
They close the loophole and part of the available devices go away.

I got my G3 from a guy on Swappa a week after they came out.

OK. makes sense....since I just did it with 2 LG G3s this week. I was using the upgrades entireley to get my UDP lines under contract to avoid potential throttling.

If I didn't feel like I had to use them, I probably would've kept them

Seems like a lot of effort and strategizing goes into working this loophole Verizon's attempting to close. If you want to change Big Red's ways, the best course is to outright abandon them.

About 7 months ago I switched from my unlimited VZW to unlimited Tmo for 3 lines for half the price and couldn't be happier. The Wi-Fi calling \texting feature is icing on the cake.

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Interesting.......reading all these posts I decided to call Verizon and ask them about the future of those like me that still have unlimited data. Their response was: in a few weeks or by end of year all these customers will receive a letter saying that if you decide to continue to keep your unlimited data plan your internet speed will decrease to 3G or even lower. Technology is changing rapidly and 4G will soon be replaced by faster data service.

I was just wondering if this is for sure. I would like to upgrade soon, but I don't want to lose the peace of mind of my unlimited data. Any suggestions?

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Screw Verizon.they were the ones that made me sign up for unlimited data when i just wanted the phone line and i would use my own wifi.and i bought my own did at the time..