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If you're seeing some data weirdness on your HTC Thunderbolt or Samsung Droid Charge, you're not alone.  We're getting reports of LTE outages, scattered from Washington, DC to Phoenix.  As well as reports that all is well from many others.  In any case, if you're not seeing the lightning like you're used to, you can stop fiddling with your phone -- it's not just you.

We're certain Verizon is aware, and will get things sorted soon enough.  New technology requires baby steps sometimes.

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Verizon LTE on the fritz again -- stop rebooting your phone


I'm just saying, for all the yang Verizon peeps talk about their superior network my Wimax has never crashed. Slower? Yes. But I'll take my 6.5 MBPS all day, everyday over whatever the heck is going on over on Big Red.

When Sprint 4G was new, there were not these repeated outages and issues (I looked for them then).

It is a bit "ha ha" when you hear Verizon-heads constantly diss'n WiMax when:

1) WiMax isn't slow- most people report 6-12 Mb/s in real-world use.
2) WiMax speed can be increased A LOT over what is currently being implemented by Sprint at the moment
3) 4G theoretical max speed is meaningless, all that matters is real-world implementation
4) Sprint customers have had access to 4G speeds for a year ahead of Verizon (those in a 4G area, anyway. Ironically, I am not in one of those areas for Sprint NOR Verizon)
5) Sprint plans that include 4G are still significantly less expensive than Verzion ones, and less restrictive too.
6) Not many reported implementation issues with Sprint's 4G like there have been for Verizon.

I still think when the bugs are worked out, Verizon's LTE will be faster, have better coverage and power levels than Sprint's WiMax. But Sprint's 4G is NOT crap.

Um, yes it is. You have to be outside to get any significant strength. 2100mhz is absolutely absurd.

I'm getting unlimited LTE for $9.99 a month and even if I didn't have the promo price it would still only be $29.99 a month and Verizon isn't currently charging an extra $10 because they went to LTE.

You must rooted the Epic or you done stupid thing to it? I have two
Epic since day one I have no problem with any of the two phone. you the first one I heard said the Epic crashed! they complaining about the update that`s all, NOT crashed phone.

Speed amounts to NOTHING especially if your battery life is 4hrs and you never know when your network will be live or not...Everyone on verizon is paying for a USELESS NETWORK with OUTDATED DEVICES and being OVERCHARGED and actually walking around thinking they have something special with a SILLY IPHONE4G,THUNDERDUD,DROIDCHARGE. Now ask yourself what can be possible special about any of these devices????

It's easy to keep WiMax up and running when you only have to focus on 10 towers.

Okay, I know that's a bit sarcastic and tongue in cheek, but I think it conveys the differences quite well.

Hate to burst your BUBBLE but you must mean (10) AIRPORTS your verizon is the BIGGEST JOKE IN THE 4G GAME...WHO CARE HOW FAST IT IS...Every device you have on that network is OVERPRICED and UNDERSPECED BASICALLY 2010 SMARTPHONES....STOP FOOLING YOURSELF....

Doesn't really matter if you have (or falsely claim) that you have the biggest baddest network if it's always down.


Can you hear me now? Didn't think so...

Yes, I can hear you because my data has only gotten slightly slower than it was a little while ago. Voice is still crystal and drop free, thanks.

I noticed today I could download something on 3G while I was on the phone... How cool is that? On Verizon! I'm not regretting the move at all.

My point is exactly what just took place in this thread. My network has NEVER, repeat, NEVER crashed. I don't care how much "better" it is if for roughly 15% of the time it's been "up" it's been down.

What a COP OUT for that SORRY NETWORK...Guess the dooms day prediction didn't happen since I am writing this Sunday at 10:04 am NYC time..Pretty sure as you wake up on this day your beloved LTE network is dark as it has been lately. The only thing that died was LTE but verizon forgot to tell you folks about it....

What a bunch of weenies! Seriously? My network is better than your network? But mine is faster! WHO. F***ING. CARES. But I just wanted to let you all know that I am on T-Mobile and I had 17 gazillion bars on their 50 ba-ga-tri-gillion G network on Alpha Centauri.....yeah, it's pretty much the best network in whatever universe you may be in. ;)

No problems in Edison, NJ...

Although I hope that Big Red credits people for.all of the problems.the TBolt's been having, because this is ridiculous.

I've not had any issues with my Thunderbolt and neither have the other 5 people that I know have one. Just because some people on the forums that are dedicated to helping people with issues have issues, that doesn't mean everyone does.

Oh, if only I and the majority of the people who took that poll in the Tbolt forum could be so lucky as the six of you.

How's your sorry 4hr battery life on your thunderbolt???and don't tell nobody that you get great battery life because everyone already knows the truth..LTE DRAINS YOUR BATTERY SENSELESS...All carriers have 4g that drains battery life but verizon and LTE is the WORST.....

Imagine BIG RED giving someone some kind of credit...That SOUNDS JUST AS FUNNY AS THE 6PM WORLD COMING TO AN END JOKE ON SATURDAY...Verizon ONLY TAKES and RIPS OFF PEOPLE case and point the price for the thunderbolt 250.00 and droid charge 300.00. Question is...WHO ARE THEY FOOLING WITH THOSE DEVICES that should have been out last year because they have LAST YEARS SPECS..Just because you throw LTE into a device does not mean it will be top of the line. Least APPLE is smart not to allow verizon or at&t to place LTE/4G in their iphone cause even they know LTE/HSPA PLUS IS SUSPECT AT BEST.....Verizon people need to stop FOOLING THEMSELVES...

It's just something that LTE users will have to put up with from time to time.Doesn't seem as bad as the last LTE crash a month or so ago.

Bottomline the Evo 3d makes any device verizon has LOOK STUPID...Verizon is great for OVERCHARGING ON OLD 2010 SMARTPHONES and promoting USELESS LTE SERVICE that is not STABLE nor is their overall device selection. Verizon is a JOKE

so GLAD am still on the 3G and I am in the Phoenix area. Until it is perfected am not getting on the 4G ride

Sounds like most of the problems are occurring midwest/west. East coast, philadelphia area seems to be just fine.

wimax on clear/sprint is at about 2600 MHz. Most of the world presently deploys LTE at around 2500 MHz too, Verizon is a bit unusual so far in this regard. Despite the better frequency, I seem to have very bad luck with Verizon, the last time I was in a 4G area (in Memphis near the airport) LTE wasn't working for more than a day. And now again - I really am at about a 50% uptime for LTE so far. Wimax has been 100% solid, even if only half as fast (or less).

Straight like that....Everyone HOPS on this verizon bandwagon and they act like they invented 4g WHICH CLEARLY THEY DIDN'T. FAST DOES NOT MEAN THE BEST THAT'S PRETTY CLEAR LTE DOES NOTHING BUT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY SILLY....ASK THUNDERBOLT OWNERS WHO BARELY GET 4HRS ON THEIR BATTERIES...Sprint placed 4g on the map and brought the first 4g android device to market and done it properly understanding the technology where the device would need to switch between 3g/4g which the evo 4g did so splendidly well. The user is suppose to have the right to decide rather they want there device on 3g or 4g at any given time which we had with the Evo 4g on sprint. Never one time did the DEV community have to step in and create any application to switch between 3g/4g for our device nor did the DEV community have to step in to create some kind of toggle switch the Evo 4g came with one. Sprint selected WIMAX to be their 4g solution which allowed them to bring it to market first as of today it is one of the MOST DEPENDABLE SOLUTIONS IN THE MARKET. Every morning I wake up my 4g work and I am recieving a solid 5 to 10 up amd 3 to 6 down very consistent and honestly WIMAX MAKES LTE LOOK LIKE GARBAGE just like SPRINT AND ALL THEIR ANDROID DEVICES make VERIZON LOOK LIKE TOYS....All verizon is good for is OVER CHARGING FOR OLD OUT DATED SMARTPHONES and OVER CHARGING FOR LTE....One day people will wake up and stop allowing that CRAPPY RED KOOL AIDE from invading there lives and become more sensible. Sprint make verizon look SIMPLY STUPID.....Evo 3d wikll PIMP SLAP ANY VERIZON DEVICE...

Wow, the kiddies came out in force for this one. This childish tit for tat reminds me of AOL chartroom days back in the nineties. I'm currently using both the Evo and the Thunderbolt. While Verizon may have gotten a rehashed Evo almost a year late, Verizon's 4G blows Sprints Wimax away in my opinion. I could rarely keep a Wimax signal indoors, but the speed was decent when I could connect. This was out in San Antonio, and the holes in the network were pretty large. It was hit or miss as far as having 4G. Verizon just turned on LTE here in Montgomery so I decided to pick up a Thunderbolt to test it out. Damn. Getting constants 4G indoors and out, even in the smaller communities well outside of Montgomery. The speed and low latency of LTE just feels much better than my Evo on Wimax. Its damn near indistinguishable from my wifi. Of course I get no Wimax here in Alabama and don't expect that to change anytime soon. When I'm driving out in the boonies here in Alabama, my Evo would always roam on Verizon's 3G network. On the flipside, Verizon is expensive as hell compared to Sprint. I added a line on my parents Verizon plan to try out the iPhone( took it back quickly) and now the Thunderbolt. So yeah, I had to buy the same phone I already own, but I'm thinking it's worth it. Of course I'm running a 2.3.4 gingerbread Sense rom.

Did everyone get recess at once? Holy crap there are a bunch of babies on these boards. Big Red is not perfect, neither is Sprint or AT&T, or whomever you use. Deal with it.

I have a Thunderbolt. That will learn me for trying something new. People are right, the battery life sucks a$$. I turn off the LTE for the most part. Hopefully they have sh!t figured out by the first of the year when I can upgrade....