Verizon LTE expands through Georgia and New York

Verizon has just announced a bunch of new LTE markets around Columbus and Rome in Georgia, and Syracuse in New York. Here's the list of new markets.

  • Syracuse, NY
  • Cicero, NY
  • Clay, NY
  • Cortland, NY 
  • Sullivan, NY
  • Rome, GA
  • Columbus, GA
  • Armuchee, GA
  • Cave Springs, GA
  • Cedartown, GA
  • Rockmart, GA

More LTE is always awesome. Anyone in these areas particularly pumped to be getting access to LTE?

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Verizon LTE expands through Georgia and New York


Yeah, finally more than one LTE tower in Cortland. Now just cover I-81 from Syracuse to Scranton and I'll be happy.

Oh wait Verizon has Inconsistent reception on all it's devices as well as poor battery life. Keep your useless LTE network is over saturated and slow now anyway.

If you really expect the cell reception of a Samsung phone to perform the exact same as a Motorola or HTC phone, you have no clue how technology works. Not only that, but you fail to realize that even within the same manufacturer, there are many different radios used, furthering the difference in cell reception. Then there's the fact that *some* phones, even if they're the exact same, perform slightly differently. How little you know.