LTE Verizon LTE will be coming soon to a couple new locations -- Roanoke, Virginia and Indiana Pennsylvania.  On November 17 they flip the switch in Roanoke, which will bring wireless broadband to downtown, Smith Mountain Lake, Christiansburg, Radford City, Buena Vista City, Lexington City and Rockbridge.  While it's a fairly large population center by southern Virginia standards (about 300,000 people), it's a pretty isolated metro area, and blanketing the whole community (as well as nearby Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg last September) is quite a trick.  Well done Verizon.

Not far behind their counterparts to the south, Indiana Pennsylvania (another fairly small college town -- do we see a trend?) will get the LTE treatment on December 15, covering Indiana, White Township, the Indiana University of PA campus, Homer City and Blairsville.  Again we see high speed mobile broadband being brought to places we would have never imagined having it two or three years ago.  Remember the next time you're paying that expensive Verizon bill -- they are actively investing that money back into their network, so your shiny Galaxy Nexus stays fast as hell in more places.  Can't fault anyone for that type of business strategy.

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Realist says:

rochester, mn already! *shakes head*

Mrwirez says:

IUP... party school and LTE!

callofduty4 says:

I thought they'd get to Suffolk County Long Island already, guess not

Masheen says:

Yes. Please tell me what the deal is with that.

aydin96 says:

IUP...!! I went to school there. Great school - (IUP) I Usually Party.

moosc says:

Hmm what roanoke has had 4g for about a month. I was truelly shocked

teevirus says:

Virginia is for lovers of 4G. That is what I like to see!

Also duluth mn and superior wi, on Dec 15

bugless says:

Indiana, PA -- in honor of Jimmy Stewart, naturally.

gobluejd says:

Started seeing 4G/LTE in Valparaiso, IN the last few days.

hoosiercub says:

Damnit, I seen this and thought... Indiana EFF YES!

Then only to realize it wasn't relevant to us ACTUAL Hoosiers at all.

wes008 says:

It's actually already in Roanoke VA... and a lot of the area above it. We got it about 3 weeks ago.

thaJack says:


I'm in Northwest County. I've had it for about three months, though I keep it turned off.

Meanwhile back at Sprint..*crickets*

crxssi says:

Yeah, really. 4G made it to Richmond and STOPPED. No love for Hampton Roads- an area with FAR more population.

Now we have to wait for LTE and hope that perhaps Sprint will START with the areas that didn't already have WiMax....

People can't complain too much about their bill when you see Verizon reinvesting their profits back into "The Network".

Shryne says:

I was surprised to see Starkville, MS on Verizon's list of cities to get 4G this year. I was starting to think we wouldn't get it.

Now that they are starting to do small college towns, maybe we will be seeing it around Christmas time. Would be a nice present for my Thunderbolt.

Ringmaster says:

So -- Roanoke, Virginia and Indiana, Pennsylvania are getting it, but Roanoke, Indiana is still waiting (Roanoke, IN, is next to Fort Wayne which does have 4G/LTE and it's great on my Charge. Though 4G/LTE w/GB would be better!).

XDCX says:

What about Lake Havasu City, AZ?

Havasu has 50,000+ residents and thousands of winter and summer time visitors who come to spend time at the lake.

Verizon's data coverage is so poor in Lake Havasu that they often don't even have 1X data available since they use another carrier's network.

Verizon's got a great nation-wide network but what good is it to me if I can't get data while I'm on vacation in Havasu?

ak110707 says:

Funny, if they are going for colleges why not Athens, Ohio? We can party, drink and only have 3g.

ChuckG73 says:

I get 4G in Richmond 75% of the time. Can'ty wait for them to officially turn it on.

ChuckG73 says:

I get 4G in Richmond 75% of the time. Can't wait for them to officially turn it on.

thaJack says:

I'm in Roanoke. We've had that batter-sucking technology here for about three months now.