The folks at Verizon have put up a couple of interesting apps lists. Of course there's the requisite "Must have apps", but they are taking things a step further in app recommendations.

They are providing a list of the top 25 apps from Google Play, and rating them based on battery usage, data usage, and security. The list has a few surprises, like Draw Something getting bad marks for battery drain, while HD Widgets (which most users report as using plenty of battery) gets a perfect score. They qualify their ratings like so:

A low rating means the app might negatively affect your overall experience with your device. If you see a low rating on an app you currently use or intend to download, you should review the potential areas of concern to decide if it’s an app you want to have on your device.

In addition, they have created a naughty list of 13 apps that they are calling high risk because they "might have serious negative effects on your device." The nominees include favorites like Wreck it Ralph and GTA III, as well as Fruit Ninja free (but not the full version).

They mean well, and we're not going to fault them for trying, but one can't help but think some of their choices are a bit odd. We think your best bet when looking for information about a particular app is right here at AC, where the forums are filled with folks using all the awesome apps on Google Play. 

Source: Verizon (1), (2); Via GigaOM


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Verizon lists which apps will kill your battery and use up your data plan


I disabled the "My Verizon" app one day recently on my GNex for random battery spikes. Oh, the irony.

"They are providing a list of the top 25 apps from Google Play, and rating them based on battery usage, data usage, and security."

So.... where's the list? There's a link in the story to the 20 "must have" apps, but where's the list the article is about?

Edit: Holy crap. It's those itty bitty source links.

Once you root, VZW doesn't care how it affects your phone, because they won't have to service it or give you tech support. (Nor would any other carrier for that matter.)

Yes they do still have to service the phone. They can only refuse warranty service if they can prove that rooting directly caused the issue. You should read some more.

Shouldn't they just buy out those developers and make those apps pre-installed so you're forced to buy extra data from big V?

I do not see VZ navigator, Vcast tones, My Verizon Mobile, VZ apps, Color, or My backup assistant on the "High Risk Android apps list"?

Even though I force Stop verizon bloatware apps, not freeze them, they will turn themselves back on automatically unless you fully disable them. Interesting all their bloatware apps didn't make the grade.

What about Verizon themselves Keeping back up copy's of our personal information of data like text messages, voice-mails, and other pieces of data they record and save up to 3 months, like they did with the original patriot act and still do it today even though they aren't required too. They keep your personal information longer than any other carrier and will give it up in cooperation without a warrant to "authorities." But are more likely selling our information.

Wow really Verizon? Almost all the apps on the "high risk" list are there because "when the app is running (ie you r playing it) it keeps the device from going to sleep and can drain your battery faster. If I was a dev of one of these apps I would be pissed. That's just ridiculous.

well aside from pissing off the makers of these apps......these apps are far better than the bloatware i see on some of my family's verizon and att phones not me or my brother though were on custom roms so we enjoy better battery and the peace of mind of things such as key loggers

Yeah, it's official. The general public is stupid! Verizon will face no backlash for this at all accept on sites like these. After making a point to build out a network that encourages every subscriber to use more data at faster speeds, it then corks that data, reduces the data that can be used on these plans while raising the pricing plan touting that people can share this reduced data between devices that eat up the data quicker, create paid for service software (that competes with free software after the free software has been made and released) then commences to ban competing free software from its network, Verizon will now be believed for its efforts to help customers find apps that help them discover apps that kill your battery and use up your data plan? Ridiculous!

The sheer audacity of this Corporation has to make you believe that the general population is a bunch of idiots.

For your info, I have filed several complaints with the FCC on the matter of tethering, unfair business practices concerning competing software, and unethical misuse of C-Block spectrum. I have also signed a number of petitions to congressmen aimed at various bad business practices conducted by Verizon Wireless and have been engaged in groups looking into the apparently ongoing price fixing between Verizon and AT&T.

Point is, don't assume that everyone brings up the issue is doing nothing. You're bringing nothing to the discussion accept accusatory proclamations when you have no clue about the person you're accusing. Try adding to the conversation. You figured wrong!

I can see why Draw Something and Fruit Ninja Free are on the list. Draw Something Something's constantly checking for turns and might use data to do so, and fruit ninja free is probably doing the same when checking the demo status. That being said, I'm very surprised Netflix has such a high rating, alarmed actually. As well as a few others I'd think would have a lower rating like Tango.

Draw Something will get it because it disables sleep while running. It disables sleep so your screen doesn't randomly shut off on you when you're trying to figure out if you're buddy is REALLY into abstract art or if you're staring at a turtle giving birth to a VW beetle with 3 arms.

Seriously, I notice NO extra battery drain using HD Widgets than I do using any widget. Set it up not to update when the screen is off, and there is no drama.