Verizon Droid DNA

As was promised at the launch event a week ago today, Verizon has released the latest handset in its Droid series, the Droid DNA by HTC. The phone is available to order right now on, where it'll run you $199 on a two-year contact, or $599 if you want to buy the device outright.

We'll have a full review coming up soon, but we don't think we're spoiling much when we say the DNA is one of the most impressive phones in Big Red's line-up. Packing a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP ImageSense camera and Retina-beating 1080p SuperLCD3 display, it certainly trounces just about everything else in terms of hardware specs. And on the software side, you're running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so you're not missing out on newer Android features like Google Now and "Project Butter" performance enhancements.

Anyone planning on picking up a launch day Droid DNA? Shout out in the comments!

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Verizon launches the Droid DNA by HTC


Mine will arrive today! HTC makes beautiful phones, but has been just a tick behind Samsung on flagship phones. This may have been a cause of some of their financial woes. Shame. But, it looks like they've pulled out all the stops on this one. So, I'm going for it. Will be looking for accessories today, too.

I'd like to see the HTC DNA compared with the Note 2, both look impressive, but sense sucks and so does touch piss, but Samsung is minimalising it and seems to have a lot more features on their phone then the same old sense crap still on HTC phones.

If you are going to be wrong at least be wrong correctly. You can blame unlocking on Verizon and not HTC. HTC makes phones for other carriers (Ie sprint....) which have ALL be able to be unlocked and very easily. So the locked bootloader thing is strictly a VERIZON decision, not HTC. Happy Holidays!!!!!

Then what about the one x on AT&T? It's not just Verizon htc doesn't have the balls to step their foot down hence why they can't get a true flagship on every carrier they have to make 6 different models

I would like to launch the DNA off a cliff, thanks to the damn locked bootloader (really HTC? have you learned nothing?) and bloated 2GB of Sense (only 11GB usable storage compared to almost 13GB usable on Nexus 4).

Blame Verizon for the encrypted bootloader, not HTC. And if you wait a little longer, a developer edition is probably coming.

I'll blame HTC. They locked down the Sensation 4G and HTC One S on T-Mobile as well as the One X on AT&T. It's HTC's issue all the way. I do understand that Verizon will always lock the bootloaders on all their phones because that's what they do. But HTC could unlock phones on other carriers. Samsung Galaxy S3 is unlocked for everyone except Verizon. That's what I was saying about HTC. They lock them all, then say go to their site to get a key to unlock (but not get S-off), and this of course allows them to automatically void your warranty since you had to provide information to get their unlock key. As for a developer edition, that's just a Verizon thing to try and please devs and is just ridiculous (as it's full price and they won't subsidize it). It's one of many reasons I will never, ever, be a Verizon Wireless customer (though I love their FIOS TV and internet). :-)

I know. That's one of the many reasons I love Android. Choices. I'll probably snag the Nexus 4 or maybe a Galaxy Note 2, if Google can't get their stock ramped up within the next couple of weeks. My rooted Sensation 4G needs to retire, as it's worn out from all the ROM flashing. :-)

the galaxy s3 has a locked bootloader on verizon, but it still works great w/o rooting. also, there are ways to root it w/o unlocking the bootloader...and didn't they find a way to unlock it recently? no? i dont' remember. but i think the dna is a great phone regardless, and they'll figure something out, the devs always do!

Yeah, it's easy to unlock without going through HTC. I just wish they would just ship their phones unlocked on other carriers instead of always blaming the carriers. It is a nice phone though, and I have had many HTC handsets and have loved their build quality. If you're on Verizon I thing it's one of the two best phones in their lineup, with the Galaxy Note 2 being the other one.

I don't know if I've ever been more torn over a device. I may be getting a new phone this Friday, and I'm weighing between the DNA, the GSIII, and the GNex (I'm on verizon and unfortunately that's not going to change). I love the screen and the cutting edge internals and design of the DNA, but the lack of internal storage (plus the locked down factor) has me cautious.

As for the GSIII, I've never been a fan of Samsung's build quality, but the top-tier internals and removable storage are definitely bonuses.

I throw the GNex in there because I will most likely put CyanogenMod on my device (regardless of which it is) within the first 15 minutes of owning it.

I just wish the Nexus 4 were available on Verizon. That would be perfect

Especially the Maxx HD - it should be the perfect phone battery, specs and all are there. Why no excitement for it... Slow updates. Hard to unlock? I just pass right by is it the sense of adventure we seek?

i love the htc build quality, and i have a galaxy s3. if i had to choose a phone now... i'd be VERY torn between the two. the galaxy s3 is no slouch, however, and you can put cyanogenmod on that, definitely. the DNA will be able to receive roms, soon, just let the devs keep working at it. you just have to decide if you can handle the lack of expandable storage or not. you can get an external battery charger for the battery. or just charge when you can. i do that anyways for my gs3.

I'm going for it despite the 11GB of usable storage. I plan to integrate efficient use of cloud space into my work flow. It's encouraging that VZW plans to have a full build-out of 4G LTE by mid-year 2013. So, access to the cloud should be good. The GSIII doesn't have JB yet, so I'd wait for that one. Gotta have the voice search and Google Now. GNex is a screaming bargain right now. But, I've had one since December 15, and it'd be nice to have a screen that has a white background that isn't green, a camera that works better in low light, and a volume that doesn't constantly have me cupping my hand around the speaker to hear it. Also, I think 5-inches is the perfect screen size as long as the bezel is thin (which it is on the DNA). I want this phone so bad, I'm buying it way before my upgrade date, and at full retail ($599).

Agree about being torn. I have the gnex and the dna sounds perfect except that the radio isnt getting rave reviews. nexus4 would be good too, but I'm all att'd out. There has to be something worth spending $599 for and the dna would be it, but the radio.......ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. btw, gnex running 4.2 is amazing which makes the decision to buy dna etc that much harder

The early radio problems with the GNex are now seemingly cleared up (Mute Mic etc.)... I can't believe the HTC is getting bad radio that would be a show stopper for me. Any more on the radio issues?

After I was backordered for the Nexus 4, I decided to stick with Verizon and get myself a DNA instead. It should be arriving today.

While I'll surely miss stock Android, at least I'll have my nexus 7 for the latest updates. The DNA seems like a great phone so I'm really looking forward to it. I always wanted a One X type phone on Verizon and this is my chance!

Trading the Galaxy Nexus for the DNA. Quick review:
+ screen
+ quad core CPU
+ inductive charging
+ HTC build
+ $199 price
- 11GB usable non-expandable storage (ok cloud I get it)
- usb door flap thing
- 2020 battery
- Locked down
With 32GB and a slightly larger battery it would have been phone of the year. But it doesn't have those things but I need a new toy on Verizon. And this is the one for now. Root and CWM available no?

I really thought I needed 32GB on the GNex. But, I've only used about 4.3GB in 11 months. Considering 11GB is more than double what I use, and cloud service is there for the asking, I'm going for the DNA. Good thing the storage isn't more, since I'm paying $599 full retail for this one. A 32GB one would probably be $699. VZW has 2-yr contracts. But, my mobile fanaticism is on a 1-yr contract. ;)

You guys are lucky in the USA, I'm desperately awaiting a release in the UK and have a feeling we'll get a stripped down 3G version. Anyway is the USB flap really that much of an issue it deserved a mention? Couldn't you just cut/rip it off? Seems innocuous and a good idea to me, but then I did wreck the USB on my Desire HD.


The Next Evo wont be around for another 5-6 months and im almost certain the specs will be beyond what this DNA offers..Technology moves at such a fast rate.

While we are at it some kind of + - thing would be cool here too. That way people can "plus" a comment instead of repeat the same thing again and vice versa.

I gave up on htc and this phone brought my faith back in them but then they only released it for Verizon. Bad mistake. So I decided to get the note 2. Very happy with it. I guess htc doesn't want that much business.

No way, Samsung vs HTC, Sammy wins it every time. Every HTC I have had experience with was junk in 6 months, good thing I turn them over that fast!!!

Going to Check it out TODAY, @VZN store. I have held onto my upgrade for months and I want/need a new phone. The DNA has what I am looking for but if I am not impressed I could go in another direction.

I know! Plus, whenever they show this phone or the DNA, the back always looks like someone with greasy, grimy hands has been handling it.

Yeah..And when they do their reviews you can see in the up close photos all of the scuff marks on the Housing..Must be easy to not give crap when you're handed phones for free to review...

11gb of usable storage on a high end phone is just pathetic. I will not buy that, it is just telling HTC and Verizon that we will settle. The Note 2 is without a doubt the best device now and near future. The software on these Samsung devices is the best, the innovation is over the top. Every day I find new things I never knew existed. Samsung listens to their customers, 3100mAh battery removable, sd card, Jelly Bean,(Just received my OTA Jelly Bean update from Samsung on my T-Mobile SGS3)
Did I mention the software, it is just sick, real sick. The Note 2 just blows the HTC phone away completely. I use the cloud all the time but I need my files, the important ones when I need them, if my signal is weak or I am out of range, it's happened on Verizon to me on several occasions and I just couldn't access anything on the cloud, I was screwed. It will never happen again, I will always make sure whatever device I buy in the future will have at least 32gb of internal storage or at least 16gb with sd card. Storage is a requirement not a luxury and we should not settle. This is a feature we need to demand, the more we buy these devices with their shortcomings the more they will ignore us. Thank You Samsung for listening. Samsung has turned their mobile dept completely around, I use to be very skeptical just like everyone else but no more, They are # 1 with me.

Not buying this, the phone is powerful but it's got 2 deal breakers - the weak yet non removable battery and the inadequate internal storage. HTC is just so good at shooting itself in the foot.

Even if the above 2 issue were nonexistent, it still wouldn't come close to the Note II in functionality.

Nice try HTC, but not good enough and screw you Verizon for delaying the launch of the Note II, , to force people to buy a less capable phone.

I have to say, the Droid DNA is a killer phone. Obviously some people have reservations about owning this puppy because of the battery (2020mah non-removeable) and no external storage option (SD Card). Since I still have an unlimited plan, I can always buy this baby at full cost and keep my plan, then internal storage is a non-factor for me. My GNex still has over like 22GB of memory left on it, so it's not like I store my whole music library on it. I think bashing a product that may not be perfect for you, but perfect for someone else is rather lame.

its not just the data that streaming takes up. 1) it kills battery life vs. playing off of internal storage (which is an issue for this phone - the battery life is somewhere between mediocre and good, its no MAXX) 2) you need a good connection to avoid the dreaded "buffering..." 3) it takes up bandwith, so it seriously slows down your ability to browse, etc. while listening to music.

People just like to bitch. This thing could have 64gigs of internal storage and 5000mah battery and they would still find something to whine about.

The battery, storage, and finally bootloader kill it for me. Sorry HTC, it was really looking to be the perfect phone.

I hope everyone enjoys this phone for 6-8 months, then it will be forgotten by HTC if they are even around by then.

I will never buy one of their pieces of crap ever again

I just don't understand why HTC cut hardware corners on this phone? They release the One X+ with beefed-up specs to correct the shortcomings on the original One X then release the DNA with the same six month old hardware as the OG One X.

The DNA has the same hardware as the original one x? That's a new one I haven't heard yet. Go ahead and show us a spec sheet comparison for all of AC's sake