droid incredible refund

First some Nexus One owners found out they were getting the tax of their device refunded to them, now HTC Droid Incredible owners are being notified they will be getting some money back as well. It appears as though Verizon has figured out a way to lower shipping costs, I guess shipping them early helped, and they have reached out to owners via email informing them that they will be issued some sort of partial refund. While exact details, such as the amount, or how it will be received are still unknown, it is still good news for those Droid Incredible owners. For those who think you may be affected by this, check your email that is on file with Verizon, and if you come across any further details, let us know in the forums. Thanks Jonathan!

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chicojd says:

The "How it will be received" detail is in the email: "We are currently in the process of issuing a credit to the card used to make the purchase." At least that detail is out. I'm guessing it will be some paltry $5.00 or some ridiculous low dollar amount.

princessneon says:

does it really matter how much it is? Verizon is passing their savings along to the consumer, which they don't have to do. They could have just as easily said "yay! more money for us!!"

Execute says:

Man, I wish Verizon didn't give me mine for free now! Err wait a minute....

sjcea says:

I wish Verizon didnt release this phone with HTC Sense !!!! it will be forever stuck on 2.1 because of it !!!

credo says:

I happen to like the sense.

moosc says:

how about they givew us a bigger battery discount. my battery 5.5 hours then dead.. 4 hours to charge this is lame..

dusthead says:

Is the battery for the incredible the same for the another HTC phone?

So when are we supposed to be receiving this e-mail? I haven't gotten anything yet.

It could have been a regional thing.