Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Google Wallet isn't there, MyVerizon and contact backup assistant (as well as some network code to assist GPS) is there, and everyone is freaking out.  Verizon has killed the Nexus.  The Verizon Galaxy Nexus isn't really a Nexus.  Verizon kills kittens!  Let us take a minute and try to put all this in perspective.  Take a deep breath and follow along, and we'll figure it all out.

Google Wallet isn't part of AOSP (The Android Open Source Project).  It's included with the Sprint Nexus S 4G (which is the only phone to offer Google Wallet without hacks) because of some sort of deal between Google and Sprint that we don't like, understand, or really know anything about.  Come to think of it, the same thing can be said about Google Voice integration.  Why Sprint-only, you ask?  Like I mentioned, we don't really know, but Google needs somewhere to test these things and Sprint was willing.  Let's be clear here -- no other Nexus device has ever had Google Wallet without hacking it on.  This means the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is just like the penta-band unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus in this regard. Or any Nexus S that's not the Sprint Nexus S 4G.

The MyVerizon app and some backup assistant app aren't part of AOSP either.  They have no business being on a Nexus device, except for one thing -- both are "required" for Android devices on the Verizon network.  Them's the rules, and even Google will follow them.  Contact backup assistant is there because Verizon doesn't want to be swamped with phone calls about people not being able to migrate their contacts to Android.  It happens more than we think.  Lose backup assistant, and spend thousands in unwarranted tech support.  Verizon is too smart for that (you don't become the top carrier in the U.S. unless you're smart and a tiny bit evil) so you bet your ass they are going to cover all the bases they can.

MyVerizon is now needed because we live in a time where unlimited data is slowly phasing out.  Verizon went with tiered plans versus bandwidth throttling, so they are obligated to let you know exactly how much data they say you used.  Remember those class-action suits where Verizon had to pay every person on earth $12?  Verizon doesn't want anything like that to happen again.  Just as important, current Verizon customers need to be able to have access to apps they purchased through the Verizon area of the Market and Vcast.  MyVerizon helps authenticate those phones so they have access to them.  Just because you will root and remove MyVerizon and never use VCAST doesn't mean everyone else will. 

Finally, theres the matter of updates and inclusion in AOSP.  Google will write all the updates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.  Read it again if you need to, let that sink in for a minute, then we'll continue.  Yes, there will be a bit of extra testing involved with each to make sure the Verizon apps work and that network specific code works as written, but we're talking minor differences, not weeks and weeks of delay.  Nobody really thinks Sprint or T-Mobile or AT&T has no hand in network testing on existing Nexus devices do they?  Any delay in updates will be small, and still miles better than the Fascinate fiasco.

About AOSP inclusion -- it might not happen.  Apps built into the ROM are closed-source, and Google could say that's enough to never include it by default.  That will take about 10 minutes to work around if it happens.  AOSP ROMs for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (that name needs commas and more words) will start cranking out right after the device goes up for sale, so relax.  Enjoy the first (and maybe only) Nexus device on Big Red, and stop stressing yourself and everyone else on the Internet about minor issues.

I'm hard on Verizon, and I don't agree with most of their business decisions and ethics -- but even I think the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will be a damn fine Nexus device.


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Editorial: Is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus really a Nexus? You betcha


THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! its so annoying having everyone complain about those minor issues. if they honestly have so much of a problem with those 2 apps and the need for google wallet, go to sprint. simple as that.

I don't know if I like the Google wallet and NFC crap. After seeing that video about how easy it is to steal the info off NFC devices no thank you!

Exactly, as much as i love Google, and everything make or are involved with, i just could NEVER trust anything like that with money and stuff. But i do love how Google is striving to make life easier.

Can you provide a link to that video? I'd be interested to see this. Typically it is easy to get info from an NFC tag. And NFC device like the Nexus S (or Galaxy Nexus) I would find a bit harder to believe though. There are software blocks in place that "should" prevent this. Granted, like any software/computer, it can be worked around, but I suspect it's a bit more difficult on an actual device than just your standard passive tag/card

I wouldn't take the Alex Jones show as gospel. He takes a small bit of info & truth and creates crazy extrapolations. He also claims Google is an arm of the NSA.

the amount of truth in anything Alex Jones says is about the same as the amount of nutrition in a Triple XXXL Baja Gordita Supreme Bell Grande from Taco Bell, with a side of Sliders from White Castle.......he's useless and needs to be muzzled..

I don't understand.. All of you that are in The Bay Area, The L.A. Area, N.Y. & Texas why are you not overnighting the GSM World Version of this Phone and using it on the ATT Network? Those areas now have 4G as of this week.. And 90% of you are not Grandfathered into the Verizon Unlimited Data Class so what is the reason you are not jumping to ATT since you all are soooo sprung on this phone?

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

Thanks for the write up, and I really do appreciate all that the staff of AC do, but I don't give a crap about any of this. Just release this phone you sack of shit Verizon! Are we being made to wait so that you have another uninterrupted Droid phone release?

That is such bullshit. If the problem were the lte network, they wouldn't be selling other phones or releasing other devices like the droid 4.

The Droid 4 was not released. They sell other 4G phones because they have already released them. I doubt they were able to sell any 4G devices due to the outage since they would't have been able to register the 4G phone on the network (no 4G service). So why release another 4G phone that they would not be able to sell and anger everyone that is bitching at them to release the phone even more? How do you expect them to release the Nexus without a working 4G network?

Last time i checked you don't need 4G to register 4G phones since they all have 3G as well. I've had the Thunderbolt since day one and my area still doesn't have 4G. Registration would only be a problem if the entire network was down.

I'm no expert, but this is what I have seen.

hahahha... it was more like dumping gasoline on the flames...

Yesterday exclusion of google wallet was the worst thing that ever happened.

It's a new day!

I just want a phone that has awesome screen with zero shutter lag camera, not to mention ICS. Just release this phone VERIZON! so that you can have my money. I can root and get rid of anything that I do not use or add features when devs gets around to it.

Hold on just one second, they kill kittens?!?! *takes a moment to soak this info in*. Okay as for the doom and gloom that people are preaching, Jerry is right, this will still be a purely google phone with the google experience. I'm sure once people have it in their hands, they'll forget all this hub-bub. So all you lucky verizon subscribers take a breather, relax and just let it happen. *evil grin*

My $0.02

I can't believe people are insinuating this phone won't be a real "Nexus" phone. This is as real as it gets, folks. I believe this is the first Android phone on Verizon since the original Droid that won't have OEM modifications or skins. I've waited two years for it (and I can't wait much longer).

I feel like there's so many people that don't realize that Verizon's Galaxy Nexus isn't just the global model being hosted on Verizon's network - forgetting there's a whole different network infrastructure to work around and that Verizon has their own testing to go through, plus, as Jerry pointed out, their "requirement" that Android devices on their network have those two apps installed. You have to remember that this phone is going out to ANYONE who wants to buy it on Verizon, not just us techies. They want to make customer support that much easier, and I can't blame them.
Add to that the fact that Google is undoubtedly doing the updates for this model (since they're the firmware maintainers, not Samsung), and this sure as hell is a Nexus device. A Verizon-carried one, no less. That has no precedent.

That's Verizon iPhone doesn't have Backup Assistant or MyVerizon on it. So it must not be a crucial requirement as far as Verizon is concerned.

Also a Nexus device should be part of the AOSP but even Jerry said this phone will likely not be, not just because of the network, but also because of Verizon's apps.

Now, despite all of that, I'm still getting this phone if Verizon ever releases it. It's the closest to a Nexus device we'll ever get on Verizon.

The Ally had a couple custom LG widgets (Socialite and the weather one) but yes the launcher was basically the AOSP one as were the core apps.

Yes, my son has the Ally and it came with neither Backup Assistant nor MyVerizon. I guess Verizon forgot to force upon him their "required" apps.

Your son has apparently never upgraded his Ally to Android 2.2. I have an LG Ally and when I upgraded to 2.2 the Backup assistant and My Verizon were both added to the phone as permanent apps.

Chill out. Ever hear of network problems/browser errors? I can't count the number of times I've had a message come up giving me an "error, comment not posted" only to find a few hours and multiple refreshes later that it WAS indeed posted, many times in fact. Grow up and think for a bit before posting such obviously short sighted and childish comments.

No, no, no. Stop making excuses for Verizon.

People who are buying a nexus and does not know how to download these so called 'REQUIRED' apps probably should not be buying a nexus. These are not require because the iPhone does not require that they are preinstalled. You download them on the iPhone and you should download them on the nexus if you need it.

The google wallet issue does not matter to most people because nfc or paying with you smart phone is not really a big seller to begin with.

The main gripe is that this is a nexus phones and there should be no changes between nexus phones other than the radio period.

Yes an iPhone is not an Android device, but he still has a very valid point...

Nexus is Google's software, they pick and choose what is in and out. Just like the iPhone is Apples software and they pick what's in and what's out.

Verizon didn't seem to force Apple to add software to their OS/ it's a valid question to ask why Google had to.

Of course of none of this invalidates Jerry's point. But it is a fair question.

Well said.

Now why didn't Jerry think of that?

Why does Verizon need a contacts backup app WHEN ITS BUILT INTO ANDROID ALREADY?

Further Jerry said
Nobody really thinks Sprint or T-Mobile or AT&T has no hand in network testing on existing Nexus devices do they?

My Nexus One never went thru ONE Minute of AT&T testing. I got it direct from Google. That's the beauty of GMS. If the frequencies match it will work.

We should ban carrier sales of handsets in this country. Let Car Toys and Best Buy, and Sears carry the contracts for those who can't afford the purchase price. The price would come down in a hurry if the manufacturers knew there weren't deep pockets to keep the price above $600.

Comcast doesn't sell TVs, Microsoft doesn't sell Computers, and the Carriers don't need to control handsets.

Contact backup assistant doesn't work with iOS.  Check Apple blogs around Feb of last year to see the cornfusion it causes.  Having said that, there is code in the iOS system to work with another Verizon utility to restore and backup contacts.  You used to have to get a code from tech support to enable it, because it's baked into the phone's software.  In fact, there are quite a few software changes between the Verizon iPhone and the rest of them -- which is why the VZW iP4 wasn't on the latest OS for about 6 months.  What that has to do with Android, I just don't know. 

The backup assist on Verizon is like SIM card contacts for the civilized world -- not cloud synced -- so it can migrate featurephone contacts to Android.  They might have known what they were doing.

AT&T tested the software for your Nexus One, just like T-Mobile tested it for my Nexus One.  So did Voda, and Orange, and 3, and O2, etc etc.  There are even ril files written by AT&T in your phone if you bought it online from Google.  Same goes for the Nexus S.  Pretty easy to check the commits to see them.


What's that have to do with anything? Android has to supposedly have these two apps but iPhone doesn't? What makes the make iPhone so special?

Yeah, cuz only creative types can use the ibrick. You aren't a barista working on a screenplay? NO IBRICK FOR YOU!

You have to remember that on Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus is going to be available for purchase by anyone who wants it, not just those who know what the Nexus line has been in the past. Verizon having Google pre-install those apps, in my eyes, is to keep customer support simpler. Guiding a customer through backing up and restoring contacts through Verizon's own apps is undoubtedly easier than guiding them through copying them by hand between an old dumbphone and their Google contacts.
The Google Wallet issue is really sort of a non-issue because it isn't preinstalled on anything except the NS4G. Expecting a closed-source Google app on Verizon's model that isn't on the global model is just silly.
And for your last point, I think that if all the wireless networks in the world were accessible JUST by switching SIM cards (ala GSM/HSPA+) or by having a different radio installed the world would be a better place. But that's not the case (not here in America or other places with CDMA/LTE networks) so it's a moot argument.

I was going to be slightly more rude about the app inclusion being a key way Verizon keeps customer service smooth, but I'll just add to what you're saying.

As far as I know, Android wants to be a user friendly, commonly used OS. Verizon is actually helping that by building a bridge between feature phone and smartphone with the Backup Assistant and MyVerizon apps. I can think of no better way to get people comfortable with their feature phone to easily transition to a smartphone than to have those two familiar icons waiting on startup. Which actually has the potential to make Android the first leap instead of iPhone, as the OS improves; just because iPhone does (or doesn't do) something doesn't make it right.

Oh really? Try to disable the "Sprint Zone" on the Evo 3D without rooting and see how much success you have. And no, it doesn't just sit there, it *runs* all the time, spewing spam notifications.

I'm also pretty sure that the Evo 3D ISN'T running ICS. The ability to disable system apps is Googles answer to carrier bloatware, and a new feature in the not-quite released ICS 4.0 software.
I agree it's a pain to have it running, Google heard your voice as a non-rooter and made a way to kill it.

THe average consumer probably didn't know or probably still doesn't kjnow that Android was developed by Google until it was actually put in major commercials around 6 months ago, let alone have Google Contacts sync, so it's kinda important for them.

Then the intro to the phone can have a link to download and install the app. It doesn't have to have the app permanently (?) installed...

I think the point is to help people moving from a feature phone into the android realm, i.e. they need a way to get all their old contacts INTO Google Contacts.

I hate VZ Backup and in fact when I buy my phones I ask the sales person NOT to activate my phone and I do it, that way I skip right past the backup software.

That said, VZ has added this program to all their phones, not just smart phones. It's not on the iPhone only because Apple doesn't want it there. The app is good fro those that want to switch from phones to phones, even non smart phones. If all of your contacts are in Google, good for you but if a user wants to switch to a non smartphone (some due because of cost restraints and can't afford the $30 a month data charge anymore) this makes it easier for them to import all their contacts back to their dumb phone without having to go to a Verizon store and have them hook it up to a machine.

You're right. Most people seem to think that the only people getting the Nexus are those that are upgrading from another Android phone. There are people that will be coming from dumbphones, those that had a smartphone that died on them and are using a temporary phone to get them by until the Nexus is released, and those coming from other platforms. I used Backup Assistant when I came from BlackBerry. I didn't sync my contacts with Google because the Google Sync app for BlackBerry kept duplicating my contacts. Therefore I synced with Outlook as a backup. Backup Assistant made it easy to transfer my contacts over to my Android phone. Once I had them all setup on my Android phone, then I no longer needed it.

If Verizon is just trying to be helpful, fine. Since I know better, I'll just go to the Applications page and remove them. Oops.. can't be removed.

What's that about being helpful?

Include them for dummies. Fine. But make them uninstallable for the rest of us. Being able to "disable" them is stupid and shouldn't count.

If we define "Nexus" as a phone that is released with no carrier modifications, then the only Nexus that Verizon is carrying currently (or at any time in the foreseeable future) is the iPhone Nexus.

Galaxy Prime. Verizon is probably trying to get the Nexus part of it dropped and at this point google should too to save face.

If you realized the power of nfc and using blank nfc tags around your home, office, vehicle or wherever you wouldn't write it off. You can stick a tag near your door when you walk into your house and have the nfc tag turn on your wifi and ringer, or hop in your car and have another nfc tag turn off wifi, launch your car app and turn on bluetooth. Have another one near your bed that turns off yur ringer, sets an alarm and turns down your screen brightness. Its really pretty amazing what you can do with nfc and blank tags that cost $1.50.

Wow that actually sounds really cool. It's almost like geofencing but without the battery drain. Where can you buy those blank NFC tags and how would you go about setting up those kinds of features.

Not that I am aware of. NFC is *near* field, it requires almost touching the tag. It is not something that works from feet away (which is a good thing for security and privacy).

Hmmm, ever heard the saying, I gave them an inch and they took the entire yard, be careful the precedents you set, that is all

I'd be more worried if the Verizon Galaxy Nexus had the Verizon logo stamped onto the front or the chassis instead of just the battery cover; or if they have crippled the hardware (or encrypted the bootloader, etc.)
What we're getting out of the GN on Verizon is far better than what we will get out of other phones (anything by HTC, Moto or Samsung), at least in their stock form, for a long time. I doubt the next Nexus will come to Verizon all shit-upon and crippled, since Verizon is setting the precendent for Nexus on their network right here.

Until I see it.....I dunno what to say or think. I'm due for upgrade. Choices are Nexus and Rezound. Two best built, top spec devices, IMO. My Verizon guy wouldt confirm nor deny them having one in store today. Have to wait and see. Can't afford either right now, thanks to my ex-wife.

Great article! Now only if VZW would release this thing I would be happy. You know with all these rumors on these dates, its got me all worked up over here. Shit just got another gray hair just thinking about it.

How did they ruin the nexus? they put their logo on the back! Im sure most android people dont really care if the carrier logo is on the back, except if you own a NEXUS. Not only is there a carrier logo but there is bloatware. I know what everyone is saying but this is the one android phone that doesnt have either of those things until now i guess. thanks verizon!

My biggest problem with this is the fact Verizon has said not a single word. They could and should at least give us a heads up. Throw the dog a bone for crying out loud

TBH of the two apps that Verizon has places on the phone only one of them is technically Bloatware. My Verizon app is useful. The phone is locked to Verizon, So the chances are that anyone who uses this phone will there for be a Verizon Customer. To be able and see how many minutes you have used, view your bill and pay your bill. This is one of the few good carrier apps.

just my two cents.

Two ways this is gonna go. Either VZW embraces the nexus line. Or they release this one and regret it and never have another nexus. I hope everyone goes out and buys one and shows VZW what people want. Sends a message to the manufacturer as well as the carrier. Having a nexus on VZW however compromised is a huge win for Android. I can't wait.

Disagree. Those 2 apps aren't a big deal to me, but it's the principle.
Why aren't they "needed" on iOS?

Just want one (1) phone that they don't mess with.

No!!! this is not a real nexus i dont care what u say. Im waiting for the real one
The verizon tramp stamp,bloat ware (i know its just 2 but still),red accent in the box not to mention it says verizon on the box barely visible but still.they really are trying to brand this. Wouldnt be surprised if they even disable the tethering too

Didn't the tethering get blocked on the other nexus phones too? At least after a couple months? Sure rooting gets around it but i think it did get blocked on sprint and att if you didn't root and apply a fix or run a different tether app. Not sure about tmobile. I would be very surprised if verizon allows it. Maybe in the beginning but not after a couple Weeks/months.

That is not Verizon. Not only does Verizon block tethering apps from the market, they also block (unauthorized/unpaid use of) tethering from working (somehow) on the network.

I could have sworn I read that Verizon (maybe it was AT&T??) was using server side blocking of some type.

Okay, good post as far as it goes. But my expectations for the Nexus line and Google are a little higher. This device works on only one carrier -- Verizon. Moreover, the GN is not being released for everyone at the same time. In the US it is exclusive to Verizon -- Google bargained this away. Will it be available for other carriers in the US? Maybe at some point, but most likely locked to the carrier and without the bands to take it somewhere else.

We certainly have moved far away from the original concept of an unlocked phone not tied to the carriers. Yes, we will apparently get OS updates from Google -- that's all good. But the concept of giving the owner of the phone some small leverage with the carriers is long gone and that is the real shame.

First off, the original Nexus released on Tmobile first then months later was released on AT&T so there's nothing different about the exclusitivity Verizon has. Secondly, the plan of having a phone not tied to a carirrer died with the first Nexus with the online store along with it. Thirdly, with the first Nexus tethering was disabled at the conpanies leisure and as I recall only TMobile allowed this. Nothing has changed since the first Nexus, Verizon has done nothing wrong. It's just a whole bunch of cry babies with their panties in a bunch over nothing who are looking for someone to blame because they get to hold on to their money a little while longer.

Does not excuse the fact that Verizon has effed the Nexus release like no one else could have...ridiculous...Now no release on Friday?

If there was a real problem with this phone, they'd come out and say so. I think the reason they say nothing is because they paid to be the first to release the Nexus in the US. The longer they wait before releasing it, the longer other carriers can't get and sell it. And the longer they wait, the more bloat ridden Droids they can sell. Don't think all that bloat doesn't make them money. It sucks that this is the kind of bullshit we have to put up with to have the best network (from the worst company).

Pretty sure that every day that goes by means VZW exclusivity dwindles. Probably hitting other carriers in February or March. If not I'm sure the other carriers will get a better specd version in the fall/winter 2012. Verizon probably wants this phone out asap at this point. Maybe Friday is still on. Maybe Monday. As long as its out before January 9th.

I have to disagree on the apps, especially Backup Assistant. It's completely unnecessary, even for users new to Android. That's what Verizon's Cellebrite system is for, to transfer data from the old to the new phone for users.

I find My Verizon questionably useful, but I'm biased as I'm grandfathered on an unlimited plan (for however long that lasts).

Either way, users are entirely capable of downloading either of them on their own, and it would be reasonable to see VZW putting an insert in the box directing users to do so.

The Cellbrignt machine does not save the contacts to your Google account. They are saved to a separate database on the phone called phone contacts or sometimes Backup Assistant.

Where did I suggest that? BA doesn't either. The point is, both are capable of transferring a user's contacts from a non-smartphone to an Android handset. BA doesn't need to be pre-installed for a user to transfer their contacts.

If you setup gmail before you use the celebrite machine it will let you select gmail or contacts or backup assistant.

did one today from lg 5500 to droid razr

ps. I want a phone free of bloat , really sad I have to root MY phone to get control of it. Hopefully the freedoms of Nexus will let us delete this bloat asap!

pps. The celebrite machines are going away, I work for an indirect and we now charge 25.00 to use the machine unless you are signing a 2year agreement.

So you would have thousands of customers waiting in-line to get their contacts transferred, when they can spend a few minutes using BUA to do it them selves? Wow what a bunch of elitists! Its not just about you. The small majority of "techies" buying this phone (me included) might use Google but more people going from phone to phone use BUA. I don't like that program but it's because I haven't needed it for over 2 years. The majority needs it.

We can all agree that, despite these issues, the Nexus on VZW is the most desirable phone on the planet. Having said that, it's still just wrong for it to have ANY bloatware. Whatever benefit there is, the greater benefit would be for it not to be there as something else that has to be tested and delay system updates. It's simply outrageous that a Nexus would be incompatible with Google's Wallet. These issues are nasty flies in the ointment that will not be forgotten. But, the phone and network (and ICS) are just too good to let those things stop us from getting it. I'm sure if a company as awesome as TMO had the signal coverage and 4G LTE of VZW, folks would be flocking to the best available device on TMO.

What Verizon has a Nexus? I have seen no proof from Verizon that this thing actually exist. Until I see a press release from Verizon or other official confirmation from Verizon, then this phone doesn't exist on Verizon.

I disagree. It may be technically be a nexus, but Verizon has limited the google experience (which I find more important than a name). Additionally, I also do not think that Google Wallet is Sprint-exclusive; Google is going to want Google Wallet to be on as many carriers and devices as possible, with the Gnex being no exception (reason it's not on GSM version is because Google Wallet is currently US-only). Good write-up, but we share some ideological differences.

Wow, didnt know there where so many Verizon apologists out there. Sure a couple of apps are no big deal, but this is a slippery slope. If a user needs the verizon backup service, include a link to install it, instead of making it come pre-loaded. ALA bloatware. Stop being sheep, people. The nexus is supposed to be clean, and this phone is clearly not.

If thats not so obvious to you, maybe the verizon logo on the back might provide a clue on whos exactly driving this car. Apple in this respect has accomplished more than what google has. Apple is wearing the pants, not verizon.

Are you being pushed towards cloud services be storage is artificially limited?

Is the technology in the phone already falling behind the curve?

Is the launch a horrible mess?

Yeah, it's a Nexus

I'm not at all upset about Verizon's lack of support for Google Wallet, since I will probably never use it. As others have said, I want this phone for the huge screen, ICS, and zero shutter lag camera. Most everything else can be fixed when I eventually root the device.

What I am upset about is Verizon letting the trolls hijack this phone's release. "Here are photos of the phone in Verizon's store. Release imminent! Psych!" All I want is an estimate from Verizon when they think this phone is coming out. Call me picky, but "By the end of 2011" is not good enough (see Thunderbolt and Droid Bionic releases).

Could not disagree more. Google should be ashamed. That Verizon Logo on the back says it all...

I didn't read all the comments, so maybe somebody already covered it, but...

Can somebody explain to me WHY exactly do people need MyVerizon to back up their contacts? I thought contacts are automatically backed up with a Google account...?

There's a few points here:

1. Not everyone has Google and Gmail as their account.
2. If you don't like the Verizon Nexus - don't buy it - change over to ATT, TMo, or Sprint. Buy an unlocked GSM Nexus from overseas and go to TMo or ATT.
3. I think Google wanted to have a Verizon (largest carrier in US and only carrier with a LTE network) Nexus. I'm sure Google negotiated with Verizon for these two apps. Believe me, if noobs get this Verizon does not want to hand hold them into getting a log on to the Android market to get these apps. There are still a lot of dump/feature phone users in the US (app 67%).
4. Who says it's Verizon's responsibility to tell the Geeks on Verizon when they're going to release a phone. When they OFFICIALLY announced the Razr and Rezound they were released on time.
5. This may be the only Nexus we ever get on Verizon so let's have some patience and it will be here when it's ready.
6. All the Nexus's released and shown so far have been GSM. There is not telling if there have been issues with CDMA and LTE - it's not Verizon's job to air their dirty laundry in public.


1st point: Fair enough but isn't a Google account required to use the market and other Google services? So won't people have to get an account when they get the phone? I'm asking because I've had gmail before I bought my phone, so I'm not sure how it works if you don't have an account and not planing to get one.

Points 2-6 are irrelevant since I'm not really sure what and why you're ranting and raving about. I didn't say anything about the Galaxy Nexus it self, or Google's deal with Verizon, or Verizon's policies and I'm not interested in getting a Galaxy Nexus, GSM or CDMA on any network. So please don't make unfounded presumptions about my position on things I haven't even mentioned. I inquired about the specific app Verizon has to install on all Android phones since I never had any experience with it.

Now from Alcarnor14's response I take it that it's on Verizon's dumb/feature phones as well...that's actually a nice feature if you have many contacts, as long as the app is not intrusive.

People need Backup Assistant to back up contacts from a feature phone, so it's the easiest tool for them to move the contacts to a smartphone on their own. People need My Verizon to monitor their Verizon data usage/bills/etc.

I have to say that I fundamentally disagree with the premise of this article. This is not a Nexus device as Google intended Nexus devices to be, for one simple reason: it has been modified by the carrier. A Nexus device is meant to be an unmarred and carrier agnostic device.

The argument that Verizon "requires" their apps to be on every Android device lacks merit due to the fact that Apple is not subject to the same "requirements." Given the mass appeal of the iPhone, it would be expected that Verizon would require iPhones to ship with the same apps as well...yet they don't.

The Nexus is meant to be to Google what the iPhone is to Apple: a device capable of providing the consumer with the pure, unaltered experience envisioned by the manufacturer. Verizon's Galaxy Nexus no longer fits that description. Verizon's iPhone 4S does.

Apples and oranges. The iPhone is pure and constrained. The Nexus line is "intended" to be pure and unconstrained. We're well beyond the iPhone here, anyway.

I got to say I love the articles here at AC but some of the people who comment are real tools. Really google should save face and remove nexus from the name because of 2 apps. Wow that is just ignorant. As far as I'm concerned the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will be the fastest Nexus there is and I'm sure one of the aforementioned tools will point out the lte outage and all I can say is get over it.

You might not be old enough to realize this, but carriers when given an inch, take a mile. Its a slippery slope. Why doesn't the iPhone have any built in apps? Because apple is boss.

Why, then, cant verizon just provide a link to download the app for those that need it?

I just want to purchase my phone. I do not care about bloatware, I do not care about Google Wallet. If you really care, just root your phone and the problem will be solved. We complain because we are given a platform to do so. Ridiculous yes, Human yes.

I wish this phone would release already! Just to shut down all this melodrama once and for all... Some geeks just love to bitch and complain about eeeeeeverything... smh

AM i the only one who doesn't care because if I did get it, it would have CM9 as soon as a nightly was out?

I actually think the My Verizon App is not that bad and is a nice inclusion, I use it,and I run Back Up Assistant for a second back up just in case. Not a huge deal since I probably would down load them anyway. I was unaware Google Wallet was not part of the project, thanks Jer.

Apple plays hardball with the carries and says if you want the iphone you will sell it the way we want it to be and you cant change a thing. That works for Apple. Why cant Google play hardball too?

I think Google needs to stand up to the carriers and set an example for the other Android OEM's.

When VZW gets a taste of the popularity of the Nexus phone, Google will then have the leverage to insist on purity.

Other than tech sites it probably won't get much advertising. I would guess it will not sell all that well. Probably similar to past nexus devices.

Because Verizon would say ok see ya and sell one of their razrs or other phones using the open sourced Android. Manufacturers can't just use Apple's OS on any phone they want like you can Android. Add to that the fact 20 some percent of smart phone users want that exact phone which gives Apple a lot of leverage.

Thanks Jerry, I agree.

I'm disappointed that it was even necessary to say, but it was and you said it perfectly. It's an awesome phone and we'll get it when we get it and if we don't like it we can change it.

I can't even go in the Galaxy Nexus forum's too much of a sh!t storm.

Thanks for the effort Jerry but in all honesty most people here have already made up their mind about whether or not this device is a "Pure Nexus". Facts are not welcome here.

Not true. Everyone welcomes Jerry's facts. And everyone here (except iTrolls) will buy a Nexus. It's just that some of us are not ready to dismiss the un-Nexus-like annoyances that will go along with this one.

Why are you so sure everyone wants to get the Galaxy Nexus? I for one, am a little disappointed with the hardware side of the Galaxy Nexus - there's nothing special about it. Some parts, like the camera, are actually worse than other phones! It's the software that I am interested in, in this case. Ice Cream Sandwich is a great improvement over the previous versions - and that's just me judging from the alpha version of the ICS rom for Nexus S. From reading all of the reviews about the Galaxy Nexus, it's obvious that it is the current champion of smartphones, but it's the software that makes it stand out, not the hardware. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would rather get the whole top-of-the-line package of hardware and software, not one or the other.

So lets see. Verizon has their shot at Nexus stardom this year. To me, they haven't handled it as well as they could. Their release schedule around this time has been overloaded. So many new phones in what... a three month period. Then they wait and tinker with the phone a tad which pisses people off more along with making them wait. All in all though the article is great, although may not help change people's minds in the forums who have dropped the nexus this year because of a couple of changes.
If I have Verizon I would get the Nexus no doubt but I don't.

Can sprint get some Nexus release love next year google ?? Like the article said we do have google voice integration and the only nexus that has google wallet without the hacking.

So 100+ comments later...

How many of you that are ticked off about this phone, are still going to buy it and on Verizon?

Leaving another carrier to get it?

For those that do, are you going to show it off with pride as a Nexus or dismiss it due to the 'bloatware' and it missing a fairly useless Google Wallet (and I say that having a vested interest in it)?

As others have said before me and I am sure some will say after me, if you don't like it then move on. This phone is for more people than those of us that subscribe to this site. The Nexus line, while potentially built for us purists, will never be made for only us.

My wife and I are leaning more and more towards purchasing a different phone. (botched release, no info, VZW bloat on the phone, sub-par specs, etc) That being said, I absolutely do not think that by doing this I'll be sticking it to Verizon because of this silliness, because when it comes to carriers, they are the best. And I am not going to have sub-par cellular service because of this Nexus launch debacle by going with a different carrier.

i think it will be a great device.. But it has to be one of the most botched launches of a flagship device and OS for something that improves on an already established brand.. The bottom line is that people are wanting to see google and samsung launch this with the same marketing and flare that apple does with their iphone, but instead we are given a quick demo and then months of conflicting reports of release dates, carriers, and features.. Its a poor show all the way around and as an android fan, id love to know whos fault this really was.. Google, samsung, verizon? to me it just makes me think google doesnt have anywhere near the power or control over their partners that apple does, which really needs to be figured out in order to someday provide that REAL and TRUE google experience device, otherwise the nexus devices are going to be pointless.

Verizon is punishing Google for not allowing Verizon a totally free hand in putting what ever Verizon wants on the Galaxy Nexus.

Thank you so much Jerry, we all know you don't like Verizon's way of doing things, but everything you said is true. If you don't like it, it's not hard to remove the what? Two apps they put into it? That's why Google included the "disable" button in Ice Cream Sandwich, and this thing will be readily rootable and unlockable as well, so you can literally remove them too if you think they're defiling your Nexus. Seriously, calm down people, enjoy it. It's the only 4G LTE version of this thing, and I say let the ROMs roll. Have fun people

No, it's actually not a nexus. I'll take mine as google intended, NOT as verizon intended. I wouldn't give verizon my money for this bs.

i'd like to say that i enjoyed reading this editorial, and Jerry makes some really good points.

but let's be really honest here Jerry, these apps aren't really needed. as mentioned before iOS hasn't been required to have them. it's bull. there is a difference between want and need. if VZW didn't want to be swamped with customer calls about contact backup, they could just point to the nice little feature on Android that already does this. i mean how do new iphone owners get over the hump? they want VZW backup and were used to having on their non featured phone, they'll do as anyone else would and find it in the market.

as for MyVerizon app, come on Jerry. you could just book mark the verizon page on your browser. here's a good way to go about it..."Go to to also check your minutes is what they've used before. Do you want an easier way to check your minutes? then you can download MyVerizon from Android Market."

these apps aren't needed. most of are pretty satisfied with VZW network, but i don't want them being software developers. that's not their forte' and with them pushing their software as needed over what is put in by the OS developers or Android dev community is ridiculous. these Verizon apps are being pushed onto these phones because Android, as it is it becoming apparent, is easier to brand than iOS. buy an Iphone and you're thinking Apple. buy an Android and you're thinking more about the carrier than Google. which is probably why Google produced a Nexus in the first place.

iOS is a very good mobile OS, but everyone is acting as if they baby step you through everything in their software environment. you find out in iOS that if you want an app to do a specific function on your phone that wasn't already there then you go to the app store and download it. same can be done here. want an app that you don't have then go to the app market. why does VZW have to put an app an android phone as opposed to the iPhone?

and to address the Google Wallet point of not being apart of AOSP. it has been pretty clear the Google has been working hard to bring Google Wallet to Android. Google let it be known that Verizon asked them to leave it off. meaning...they (Google) intended for it to be on there. and with news of ISIS, this whole thing stinks. and it makes for a bad point to say since no other phone or network has it except one then why worry about it? well, i ask why is it that they do have it? why are the other networks resisting it so much? are they squashing software competition?

why shouldn't the ones whining about the Nexus not being able to whine about the Nexus not being a pure phone? with Google advertising it as "Pure Google", i think that there is something to whine about. i understand that these things can come off as insignificant to others but so can any complaint, but people should be entitled to their opinion especially on a public commentary. and to those stating that if the whiners don't like it they should just get over it or move to another network, remember that sentiment works both ways. you don't like the complaints then you can just choose not to read them, move along, not respond, etc...

i don't agree with a lot of things in our country, but it doesn't mean i should have to move or shut myself off from society. since when has change ever been made when people kept their complaints to themselves?

While you're correct that the two apps could be something that customer service suggests a person download, why even make the customer call in the first place? In defense of the My Verizon and Backup apps, it's about giving your customer a good experience, they shouldn't have to call or visit a website to find this information if it can be easily given to them. The only thing I would suggest is put yourself in the role of a first timer, especially one that doesn't think about these things the way the rest of us do.

The Google Wallet point, there's no way to defend it is there? If it's not part of AOSP, it's not part of AOSP. Do we expect all of Google's apps to be loaded on the phone when it launches? No. That said, I do agree with the argument against Verizon for blocking it completely, that is bad form.

Last, the 'whining'. Whether you're in defense of this phone or against the launch process, you're allowed your own voice and an area on each of these pages to post that opinion. With the same right, we can also voice our opinion against those we feel are 'whining', we can tell people to move on from this story, others can tell us to move on from Verizon, it's dizzying. As I have said before though (and have been guilty of doing so), the attacks against others becomes absurd. Those are the statements we need to steer clear of, and the ones that make me question the mental stability of some of you. Whatever happens with this phone, whether it becomes an epic change to the Android community or a bust, calm down, if this phone has that much influence on your life, you may need to re-examine your priorities.

because its a phone that has and is currently advertise as "Pure Google". i never said the apps were useless, but that they are not needed pre-installed especially touted as preferred over what's offered by the OS by the carrier that isn't even regarded as a good software developer.

i think i defended the Google Wallet pretty well. it's not apart of the AOSP because of bad business ethics in my opinion, not because Google doesn't want it to be or isn't pushing for it to be. look at it this way, they rolled it out on a major carrier. they had enough faith in it to do that. do we honestly believe that they didn't want to roll it out on Verizon with a phone that was clearly geared towards it? i don't expect all Google apps to be loaded on any phone when it launches. but when it does, i won't even have a choice with that one. i'll agree to disagree though.

please read what i wrote about the whining again. i reminded those who were coming down on those complaining that it works both ways. i didn't say that they didn't have the same right. i was pointing out that those who did have a complaint should have the right to voice their opinion without being vilified for it. and it is pretty ironic that those voicing their opinion against those they feel are "whining" are "whining" about people "whining". how funny is that?

there is some news that Verizon may have violated the spectrum policy on the C-Block deal they made years ago with asking Google to leave off Google Wallet.

"Verizon may have caused the violation against the federal requirement since it was forbidden to not deny, limit or restrict the ability for consumers to use handsets and applications of their choice while on Vz’s network."

maybe that's a better way for me to defend it.

You took the time to format all this nicely, including capitalizing proper nouns, so why the lower case letters of the first word in each sentence?

it's just something i do. don't worry about it. it's really more of a casual thing for me as opposed to being formal. i like that you capitalized the first word in your question though.

Jerry's view on this topic is based on nothing. Until we see how fast the VZ Nexus gets software updates it's all speculation. Verizon's record on allowing updates in a timely fashion is as bad as every other carrier. They all suck.

Bottom line, if you want a real Nexus experience, you have to buy an unlocked GSM device. End of story.

Just be gratefull it isnt Binged out.

Jerry is cutting Verizon too much slack. Verizon's bloatware has no business being on a Nexus phone. If somebody wanted Verizon apps, those should be available for download from the Market. And you shouldn't need an app to check your data usage. You should be able to bookmark to Verizon's website (maybe even a mobile-optimized site) to check your account usage from there.

The only app we could let slide as preloaded is the Backup Assistant, and only because moving from a CDMA phone (without a SIM card) to another can be a huge pain when it comes to transfering your contacts. BUT EVEN THEN, Backup Assistant should be something you can use and then UNINSTALL which you can't do. The best you can do with bloatware in ICS is hide it with the Disable button and I'm sure that will change soon. We don't have to look at the ICS code to expect an exceptions mechanism to be in place for apps essential to the system. Otherwise, you could disable Touchwiz or Sense on an ICS phone and end up with an unusable phone because you don't have a homescreen. Once carriers get a grasp of ICS capabilities and find out people are disabling bloatware, they'll force Google and manufacturers to mark their bloatware (and Carrier IQ) as "essential" to the system, so you can't even disable them.

FTA: The MyVerizon app and some backup assistant app aren't part of AOSP either. They have no business being on a Nexus device, except for one thing -- both are "required" for Android devices on the Verizon network.


Jerry, your head is so far up VZW's arse. I have three Android phones in my family and none of them have Backup Assistant or MyVerizon.

Yes, two of them are running custom ROMs, so with the stock rom, they did have Backup Assistant, but not Verizon Wireless.

My son's phone has neither, and it is stock. The OG droid (stock) that I gave my mom has neither.

They shouldn't market it as "pure Google" if it is not. Just sell it as any old Android phone.

Sir.. That is EXCACTLY what this is now.. The Window is Closed on this one.. And unless you are blessed like some of us with Unlimited Data Plans what on Earth do you do with a phone like this?And Paying $800.00 for it with Tax & Accessories.. Show Co-Workers how fast it flips pages ? I go through 2 gigs of data from Thursday to Saturday watching Neflix & my Slingbox.. And do the people buying it even have 4G in their area??.. Unreal.. All this hype for an Ice Cream Sandwich.. Pure Nexus.. What Possible Purpose Could That Serve ?

the more i think about this, the more galling this move is. why the hell do we live in a country where the dumb pipes (ie, the carriers) are able to stifle competition and dictate to the innovators? it's just appalling and pathetic, and i pray there is some congressman with a brain who will begin an investigation into the wallet matter.

google, get a clue. verizon is not a friend. you blew it royally on this nexus generation. simply pathetic.

I don't care how you wrap it sell it or try to talk yourself into it. ITS NOT A NEXUS DEVICE! Sorry its just not verizon has managed to screw up a great phone.

The only credit verizon deserves is that a nexus finally made into a carriers store. Which will make it the biggest seller of all the nexus devices. The bad thing is that google caved in on it.