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The wait is over, and you can now order the Verizon Galaxy Nexus online!  Many will say it's a month late, many will say there never was a date, but none of that matters now, and you'll all have soon forgotten.  Things change when you get the shiny Nexus feeling in your hands, the birds sing more, the sun shines brighter, dogs and cats lie together in harmony, you get the idea.  Like all good things in life though, this one isn't free.  It will set you back $299 with a new contract, but that's the same as any high-end LTE phone available on Big Red.

G Nexus

What are you waiting for?  Go grab one!



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Verizon Galaxy Nexus now available online


And with a 32gb memory card.
Also interesting was that they were trying to give me accessories for the rezound.

The Galaxy Nexus does not include a memory card nor does it have a memory card slot.

It only uses 32 GB internal storage.

"Things change when you get the shiny Nexus feeling in your hands, the birds sing more, the sun shines brighter, dogs and cats lie together in harmony, you get the idea" beautiful bastard...this brought a tear to my eye

32gb internal storage is interesting, will find out if its true tomorrow. Maybe finally a pleasant surprise from verizon or another marketing mistake

Are these guys a trustworthy retailer? I've heard horror stories of people using sites like these, just curious if they've finally become non-shady...

It's telling me I have to change my unlimited data plan because the phone requires a different plannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not certain if you're messing around, so I'll just say that if you read it, you're still getting an unlimited plan; the plan just has to be altered to accommodate 4G capabilities.

How did you manage to upgrade from your Thunderbolt already? I tried to get them to move my upgrade date up, but they said 1 year early is way too soon. If I can get them to approve it, I can go to Best Buy and sell them back my Thunderbolt (I got the Buy Back program for free) and then I'll come out even.

Transferred an upgrade from another line on my account. Also I only had a 1 year contract on my Tbolt.

Yeah I got as far as them asking me to give up unlimited data too. Unlimited 4g data was not a choice. I'll upgrade by other means.

I was asked to "change" my data plan, but was able to reconfirm it as unlimited. The change is only an accounting thing since it changes from 3G to 4G. In my final shopping cart the data plan is still listed as:

"Data: Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email)"

Have my "appointment" at 9am at my local VZW tomorrow. Looking grim for my rent-a-razr. Its been a great few weeks with the Razr, I just gotta have one nexus. Wonder how my rep is gonna react? Oh well, I spend huge amounts of money at VZW.

Just sold my warranty replacement thunderbolt for 285. Vzw rep told me 250 with upgrade and ups discount. Can we say free phone #winning

Just ordered mine over the phone at 10:30 pm Weds night in Los Angeles. Nearly got the 3G to 4G discount but then the CSR came back and said it was only for Midwest orders. At least I did get a $50 NE2 and grandfathered unlimited data. The sales rep said her system crashed once and then was running real slow as she tried to place my order. Gee I wonder why? ;> But after a second try the order did go through! Woot!

Anybody know if the corporate store will give me the $50 discount I have for device upgrade I have on Verizon's site? I'd rather have it in hand tomorrow, but if they won't give me the $50 discount at the corporate store, i will order online. Anybody know?

I have a NE2 discount of only $30. However, when I start the process of an online upgrade, the price is listed at $249.99. I have no idea what's going on here?

Do you guys think this is a glitch that's online only? If I go into a store tomorrow, will that price pop up in their system or will they price it at $269.99?

Upping the shipping to overnight is the same price as buying in person with tax, as long as it comes up $249.99.

I had a choice...go to my pregnant wife's first ultrasound, or go to the Verizon store first thing in the morning.

Needless to say, I chose the Galax.....nah, just kidding. I ordered it online, there is nothing in the world that would make me miss my wife's first ultrasound! :)

I've waited this long (for the Baby and the Galaxy Nexus). I can wait another day!

You're doing it wrong if you are buying it straight from Verizon. This phone is easily under $200 on most sites.

The only problem with ordering from Let's Talk is if you only want 1000 text messages for $10 instead of the unlimited, then the price of the phone is higher at $299.99 minus $75 discount code.

If your not in a 4g area. Do you think you'd still get the galaxy nexas or would that kill the experience?

I would say people spend a huge portion of their time on wifi. I know I do at work or at home which is where I use my phone the most. You will have just as good of an experience.

Just got the dreaded low space warning again today on the Dinc. VZN site still has available so overnighting for $12.99. Supposed to have by 3pm tomorrow. $269 per before upgrade on contract. Thanks to old Alltel data contract, 4G was rolled in at same price as old contract. Still only $69 for unlimited data. 3G & 4G.

I really am going to miss this "low space" warning message... NOT!

HAs anyone noticed that the verizon Nexus learn more page is full of pics of the GSM and not the actual...thicker Verizon LTE version....hmmmmmmmm..TRICKERY :)

Great, the phone is out. So do we have to have an ad that pops up when you go to your site now that is impossible to get rid of on my Android phone browser?

All the reading and even confirmed with Best Buy employees that this phone HAS an SD Card slot in it. Hopefully someone here that actually has one now can verify.

For those of you whose NE2 eligibility comes due in the near future, do not hesitate to contact Verizon Customer Support to request an upgrade today. My NE2 anniversary was Jan 2, though the CSR was more than happy to change the date and issue the upgrade in order to book the sale this year. VZW is highly incented to boost revenue as their fiscal year ends at the end of the month. My SGN will arrive tomorrow via overnight shipment. The CSR further exceeded my expectations by crediting my account the cost of overnight shipment. Good luck!