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In what has become typical fashion, Verizon announced today that they will be flipping the 4G LTE switch tomorrow, August 16th, in 34 new markets while expanding coverage across 38 others. To give Verizon their due credit, their 4G LTE rollout now covers more than 75 percent of the U.S. population making their grand total of areas covered beyond 370 markets.  Looking for the full list to see if you'll be getting covered with that glorious 4G LTE goodness? Full list is below.

New  Markets

  • Hot Springs, Ark.
  • Redding, Calif.
  • Valdosta and Waycross, Ga.
  • Centralia and Danville, Ill.
  • Parsons, Salina and Topeka, Kan.
  • Alexandria and Monroe, La.
  • Pittsfield, Mass.
  • Battle Creek and Muskegon, Mich.
  • Mankato and Worthington, Minn.
  • Joplin and Sedalia, Mo.
  • Bismarck, Grand Forks and Minot, N.D.
  • Chillicothe, Ohio; Reading, Pa.
  • Aberdeen, S.D.
  • Laredo, Odessa and Texarkana, Texas
  • Brattleboro and White River Junction, Vt.
  • Charlottesville, Va.
  • Longview, Wash.
  • Eau Claire, La Crosse and Manitowoc, Wis.

Expanded Markets

  • Los Angeles and Santa Barbara/Santa Maria, Calif.
  • Orlando, Fla.
  • Macon/Warner Robins, Ga.
  • Bloomington, Champaign/Urbana, Decatur/Effingham and Springfield, Ill.
  • Elkhart, Ind.
  • Des Moines, Iowa City and Sioux City, Iowa
  • Dodge City, Garden City and Great Bend, Kan.
  • Lexington and Louisville, Ky.
  • New Orleans, La.
  • Boston, Mass.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.
  • Missoula, Mont.
  • Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Manchester/Nashua, N.H.
  • Las Cruces, N.M.
  • New York, N.Y.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Chattanooga, Tenn.
  • Salt Lake City/Ogden, Utah
  • Roanoke, Va.
  • Charleston, W.Va
  • Green Bay, Wis. 
  • Additional areas include: Little Rock, Ark., expanding into Batesville, Ark.; Tallahassee, Fla., expanding into Thomasville, Ga.; Burley, Idaho, expanding into Twin Falls, Idaho; Chicago, Ill., expanding into DeKalb, Ill.; and Cedar City, Utah, expanding into St. George, Utah.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Verizon enabling 34 new markets with 4G LTE tomorrow, expanding 38 others


Dont feel bad, verizon hates Arizona too. They say we have it, but it only covers about 5 sq miles. Meanwhile, podunck iowa cows get great 4g coverage. now if they could only convince their farmers they need cell phones.

Are you sure verizon doesn't have 4G in phoenix?

I'm disappointed with sprint I want to switch to VZ but if they don't have it either then I'll be in the same situation.

Phoenix has it in most parts of the city I have been to. Sometimes my GNex shows only 3G but, if I wait a few minutes, the phone will get its act together and switch back to 4G. I believe that's the phone's fault, not VZ's.

Would look a lot less impressive if they removed the red from the map.

Also, why won't my browser back button work once I have posted a comment?

it would look ultra impressive again if the red was removed and instead they showed everybody else's LTE coverage

Judging by this map Verizon has a long way to go to make LTE available in every area that currently has 3G.

I can see you are a "VerizonSalesRep" so you should know that 4G announcements are locked down like iPhone announcements. With my time with Verizon Tech Support we were NEVER notified of any 4G expansions until they went public. So...if someone ever tells you in the store or on the phone a date they are lying so you will stop harrassing them. Too much testing goes into place to give anyone a specific date.

This is beginning to irritate me. I want to know what their criteria is for determining what markets to expand into next. The largest cities makes sense, then perhaps politically/economically important areas. I'm in Missouri...someone mind telling me why in the world Joplin and Sedalia get 4G before Columbia?!

+1!Kansas City and the Louie makes sense. Columbia, Jeff city would also makes sense. I could make a Case for Joplin but Sedalia? No knock on Sedalia but no major University nor the government hub of the state. I'm sure there's logic behind the rollout, just not sure what that logic is.

Didn't West Plains get it too? I thought they did as part of the last batch. I guess if Monett or Houston get it before you, then you can REALLY freak out.

All true statements about Sedalia, but there is nothing in the VZW announcements about Sedalia. They all read, Booneville, Carthage and Joplin-ish areas. Jeff City and Columbia would make a ton more sense anyway. I'm always hoping for the old hometown but I doubt it is high on the list.

Its pretty simple, after the "important cities" get the service to satisfy the most customers possible, the rest of the country is basically covered in reverse order. Why reverse? The towers that were installed *last* are more likely to be 4G-ready than the ones installed earlier (when the 3G rollout took place). This means that as far as cost per site these are easier to turn over than the older towers that are in more prominent areas.

If you want something to complain about, try subscribing to AT&T!

I'd guess that the decisions are made based on population density/demographics and geographic factors - area, number/availability of towers, topography...

If they have to add towers in your area and your local government is controlled by NIMBYs it may take a while.

This is just the press release. Every area they light up always sees it activated a week or so before the release goes out for network testing.

It happens everywhere, it is nothing specific to Redding,CA.

Correct me if I'm wrong, last I knew 3G/4G determined your data accessibility and transfer rates, not whether or not you receive calls, send calls or drop calls.

Find someone else on Verizon, find out if they have the same issue. Check different phone models if you can.

Centralia, IL!! My hometown with about 15k of people!! Great job, Verizon!!

Of course I have Sprint, now live in a town with over 1 million people, but will have to wait until 2014 for LTE per their last map.

Sprint killed WiMax 4G in my area (Chicago) while they're upgrading to Network Vision (includes LTE). So not only is my phone painfully slow, I can barely connect my laptop via my air card. Many of the suburbs already have Network Vision, but not the millions who live in the city. Major cluster#@&* Sprint. What good is having the latest and greatest devices if they're barely usable.

This is the main reason why I won't upgrade on Sprint until well after the end of my contract. I live in Houston TX and LTE is only in the areas occupied by iPhone lovers.
The day I go into my friendly neighborhood Radio Shack and they show me a Sprint phone with working LTE, I'll give Sprint a lot more money.

Drop sprint like a bad habit. I was in Chicago last week and saw the best 4g speeds ever (sustained 10 Mbit anywhere, any time, and peaks of 45 Mbit on a few occasions). You just can't beat Verizon's network, nowhere, no-how.

As long as we're all bashing Sprint, I'll add my comments. My Sprint signal at home kept getting worse and worse. Eventually, I had to run outside and stand in front of my house to use my phone. (Obviously, receiving calls was not an option.)

Finally, I called Sprint (I was mid-contract with three lines) and had a long, surprisingly pleasant discussion with sales and an engineer. It was agreed that I'd terminate my contract with no penalty and send back the phones.

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good deal.

BTW - That was four years ago and according to their coverage maps I'm still in a dead spot.

They actually got it a week ago, same with Menomonie. Tomah got it about 2 weeks ago. I guess they just want to make sure things are working right before anouncing they're going to officially "flip the switch". That switch was flipped a while ago.

Ill bet a lot of the delays are permits, etc. I work for an ISP and getting permits for certain things are a huge delay and huge PITA.

Im sure some local govts are making Big Red pay dearly and jump through incredibly obnoxious hoops to get the equipment up.

I live and work in the Muskegon, MI area and somehow missed that we were getting LTE! A friend tipped me off a couple days ago. I'm pumped, never thought it would be here this soon. I live of 3G tethering at home...although I have to use a repeater which I don't think does 4G :\ but still exciting!

They have said at least 4 times that they are expanding the Ogden, UT service, but it never improves, gets stronger, or stretches farther across the valley.

My friend is on Verizon and I made him get a Gnex earlier this year, he was really disappointed when he got it and found out he didn't have 4g LTE. A few months ago they updated to LTE but his speeds are not that good. I get almost twice the speed with my Gnex on T Mobile.

Is there not a minimum standard set to call your service 4g or LTE? His LTE speeds are more inline with what should be 3g imo around 2-3mb I get 2-7mb on T-Mobile.

Im in the Panama City Beach Florida area.

Blah blah, Market after market but in the real world what does this really matter. Especially when all Verizon and it's CDMA LTE NETWORK does nothing but drains battery life dry. Not to mention the pitiful piss poor signal strength and crappy reception on most of it's LTE handsets. I don't here them speaking of the poor Dbm and asu which in turn means Lte is useless. Ask all the current Galaxy Nexus owners how they feel about the overrated and overpriced Lte network and service they receive. People who are on Verizon are brain washed they remind me of apple iphone users misguided. Here in New York City Tmobile pimp slaps Verizon all day long plain and simple.

Who will Richard bandwagon with next? He was all HTC & Sprint for a while. The Evo 3D was the single best phone ever according to him. Then came Verizon & the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung ruled the world. Now it's T Mobile & I guess he got the Galaxy S III to lord over everyone. So place your bets on the next best thing ever!

I'll start with my prediction;

It'll be something by LG & US Cellular. Well maybe Straight Talk as the service. Either way it's LG all the way.

Excuse me? I'm not brainwashed, buddy. If I were brainwashed, I'd support everything the company does, and I do not. LTE is relatively new technology, and of course when it comes to newer technology, battery life is going to be noticeably shorter for the older LTE devices. Eventually (if not now), the technology will improve, and so will battery life. The transition from 2G to 3G was the same way. I use VZ because their service works well in my area, and they have the greatest amount of coverage in the areas I visit. I don't get that with T-Mobile (they are covered in far fewer areas in my backyard).

Interesting because I have near perfect reception on my HTC Rezound about 95% of the time. Even in Wal-Mart where AT&T and T-Mobile lose signal. Oh wait, they are GSM. What a shame to have a CDMA phone that actually gets service in places you need it. Also, as for battery goes, it lasts all day on a single charge.

Just because YOU had a "piss poor" experience with Verizon, doesn't mean the other 110 million other customers do to, moron. Grow up for once in your miserable little life and realize that the world is bigger than "piss poor" you.
Oh and by the way, more markets = more access for more customers. Couldn't you tell?

Says expanding to Saint George, UT. Well, we've actually had 4G since a week after the last announcement when Cedar City got it. 4G has been here for over 3 weeks now. So don't worry folks, if you live in small town USA, you'll get it soon.

A recent article from PC Magazine states, if you want wide spread 4G T-Mobile is the way to go. Magenta has the better data service. I was in Pueblo,Co pulling down between 5 to 15mbps. It peaked at 18 megs and yes the WI-Fi was off. I know it's hard for the fan boys to admit it, but Magenta offers quality service at a much more affordable rate. HSPA+ is the pooh right now. LTE is the future, but so is men on Mars. Have fun waiting fan boys!!

You can take your 18 and play tiddlywinks. I get 10-20, most of the time, with the occasional foray into 30-40 territory (35.48 the other day just south of Minneapolis according to speedtest). Just wish they'd expand Kansas City market out to Lawrence, now that this area is the "Silicon Prairie" (as per Google's marketing for Fiber). HSPA+ is 3.5G, as its max speeds can't reach minimum of the official definition of 4G (which current revision of LTE is not reaching either, but LTE Advanced does/will). So in short, PC Mag lied to your face, as there are no available 4G services currently, only 3.5G (HSPA+) or pre-4G (LTE). [I've actually read this article. They discuss what I just mentioned in the first paragraph or so. ATT actually won their 'test,' but was asterisked because there are so few ATT LTE users resulting in more available bandwidth.] And as the old saying goes, he who smelt fanboy, dealt fanboy.

Lawrence does have LTE now!! I wasn't even aware of any Verizon LTE network expansions till this morning I noticed my phone was going really quick and I had full bars, I thought it was just 3G until I squinted at the screen. So far from what I can tell just over the past hour is the Downtown (Mass St.) all the way to the KU campus is covered. I've been seeing full 4G bars until I got to work and went to the basement where it only dropped to one bar of 4G. So Lawrence definitely is covered 100% and its not just a extended network from KC or Topeka.


LTE in the towns around me, but not actually in the town I'm in. Good enough for now. Better than nothing at all!

I recorded a phone call with VZW Tech Support.

The C-Block settlement with VZW should have applied to all LTE devices/plans. Everyone online keeps saying that it only applies to tiered data plans. (correct me if I am wrong. All VZW LTE is C-Block)

I think the confusion comes from the fact that VZW went to tiered data plans shortly after LTE phones hit the market. However, there are some folks that have LTE plans with unlimited data. My parents each have a Droid Charge and are still under contract with unlimited data.

It took a few mins, but I finally got VZW to admit they understood the question that I was asking. Basically that the settlement over the C-Block Spectrum should apply to all LTE devices; not just folks with tiered data. Two different VZW tech support folks admit that this is the case in the phone call.

So folks with unlimited LTE plans (mostly Thunderbolt and Charge customers) can download wifi tethering apps and use them as they please.

I also uploaded the call to youtube.


4G LTE in the Reading, PA area has been running since July 16th. Not complaining by any means. Did have to laugh at the press release two weeks ago about 4G LTE coming to Reading, PA "soon". LOL.

I drive for a living and I was surprised to see VZW had 4G in some really REALLY out of the way places in northing MN. Like along US-10 from Detroit Lakes east. Granted it's a busy road, but as far as actual population goes, there isn't many people up there.

Got 4g in Dublin, ga. Middle of no where. Had heard it would be at least November till we got it. But it is a small window of coverage so far. Drive 3 miles outside town and back to 3g. Is okay though. I spend 12-15 hours a day at is all good.

The Verizon map isn't terribly accurate because in many cases they understate their coverage area. I'm in central Jersey and the map shows New York and Philadelphia as markets. Nevertheless LTE has been available in cities likes New Brunswick and surrounding towns for quite a while.

I'm generally out in the suburbs and pleasantly surprised by LTE coverage.

We need a crowd-sourced database of GPS locations correlated to signal strength.