Droid Incredible retired

Say it ain't so! The venerable HTC Droid Incredible has been retired by Verizon? Not so much, actually. Remember that the Droid Incredible disappeared for a while and returned with an SCLD touchscreen in place of the AMOLED screen, which quickly found itself in short supply.

So never fear, folks. Out with the old and in with the new, and the Droid Incredible's not going anywhere anytime soon -- at least not before the LTE (and HD) version shows up. One more pic after the break.

Droid Incredible retired


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Verizon Droid Incredible retired? Not yet


So confused, but hey I am not an Android guy just yet. Contract is up with present BB Phone. Ready to jump ship. Do I go for Incredible or hold my breath and wait? I prefer new technology but if the present incredible will continue to hold its ground for at least a year should I go for it?

The DInc. is still a great phone, but coming from BB you may till want a KB? If so give the Droid Pro a serious look (only thing I don't like is the screen) or the Merge.

Still for 50 percent off the new offerings a DInc. is not a bad choice yet (wish it was stll OLED tbh)

I respect htc but the cheap feel of the dinc turns me off. I had a choice of any phone a month ago, I went for the x. Because of battery life, reception, and also could not find anything better about the dinc besides sense. But that is easily offset by numerous launcher options in the market. Istill say x is the best choice. Imo

yea.. good question, this news post doesn't explain a thing. What site are the screenshots from? link? you should explain the photos origin, also how the phone was determined not to be 'going anywhere anytime soon' ..and why bother watermarking these photos lol..


Its from the internal equipment guide for VZW employees. This is saying that the orignial incredible is being replaced with the new super LCD screens.

Well if the rumored march release date for the Dinc. Is true and your looking at the Dinc then go for it because it will probably be one of the best phones on VZW until HTC drops the next one or MOTO drops the rumored "t2" or whatever that may be. And the Droid pro might be worth a look too if your coming from blackberry as said by icu earlier up.

Glad I went with the Incredible. Still the best phone VZW makes, and think it will stay that for some time.
Nothing cheap feeling about mine...

no not the Incredible.. the only thing that may be good about this, is that the DROID INCREDIBLE HD may be coming. i talked to HTC and they said about the NEW Sense coming to the Droid Inc is: they have no word as of yet. but GOOGLE, HTC and Verizon will most likely decide not to include it. about the D INC HD, they said they would love to see it, but not sure when or if at all it would come to Verizon. they said that if the DROID Inc got an OTA update it may or may not have New Sense. and that they are looking forward to more HTC Android having the New Sense. Just thought that was interesting.
hopefully if the D Inc HD does come to verizon, HOPEFULLY all us D Inc would be able to do a early upgrade, or something close to that!! PLEASE VERIZON!!

I just got the Droid Incredible on the 7th. I do not think this device feels cheap at all. I come from BB and I am really impressed with this device. I am liking it. My only complaint is the battery. I will admit my BB Bold battery lasted much longer. I could go two days but on the Incredible have to do nightly charging. I am home today and had been on my Incredible a lot. It is 4:45 here and I am charging it up now. I will probably get an extended battery. But overall, I have to say, this device surpasses my Bold. I am really pleased with the internet experience. Can do so much more than I could on my BB. I do miss somethings about BB but I won't be returning to BB anytime soon.
The pros on my Incredible outweigh the cons.