Droid Eris end of life

Verizon Droid Eris owners, take note: Your phone is on the way out. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Above is a screen showing the PCD - ADR6200 (aka the HTC Droid Eris) listed under End of Life Devices -- meaning it, indeed, is headed for the big smartphone convention in the sky. Yeah, that's pretty quick, considering it was only released last November. The good news: There's no reason to freak out. Your phone will still work. Nobody will come to your house and take it. It's just nearing the end of its sales life.

Gee. Wonder what could be replacing it. [via BerryScoop]


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Verizon Droid Eris hits end of life in May


Not really surprised, the Eris was never really promoted as much the Droid was. And sales reps would push the Droid over the Eris too, I know a lot of people had issues with Sense UI too.

Love my Eris, but it is the forgotten bastard child of Android. It will be replaced by some kick-ass phones, so no worries. Just rooted and loaded 2.1 so it's like new to me.

Under the circumstances, with the unfulfilled promises about OS 2.1 and Bluetooth dialing, VZ should offer Eris owners free new phone replacements...or big discounts on the VZ iPhone 4G (ha ha).

They're making room for the HTC Incredible as the resident Android device from HTC on Verizon. Droid Eris was only created to help promote the Droid campaign. Now HTC wants to step into the game with their own Android device from Verizon. I think that explains it.


Seriously never buying anything from Verizon again. Web apps, especially OS's need to be kept up to date. Should've bought an Nexus One. (But the buzz didn't start til I had this out dated soon to be abandoned P.O.S.)