Netflix on the LG Revolution

Here's yet another confirmation that the upcoming LG Revolution will have Netflix streaming.  For a while now we've all been asking, and I quote, "Where the hell is Netflix for Android?"  Netflix told us we would be seeing it early this year, once they have some DRM issues sorted out, and we've seen -- and briefly used -- the Netflix app in the LG Revolution system files, but nobody has stepped forward and let us know exactly when to expect it in our hot little hands.

Today Android Central forums member nick1020 shows us a peek at a page from the official "Your Guide" book from Verizon that clearly says "High-quality video streaming by Netflix" to push this from rumor, to almost-confirmed rumor.  All we need now is the release date for the Revolution, and confirmation that this won't be some back-door content deal with Verizon only phones and tablets like we've seen other vendors do.  We need to put these HDMI capable phones to good use!

Source: Android Central Froums; Thanks, nick1020!


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Verizon docs advertise Netflix on the LG Revolution


Netflix streaming on an LTE phone that more than likely won't be released until after they go to tiered data plans sounds like the worst possible way to push a feature, BEST possible to get (trap) some folks into data overages. Good one, Verizon!

The TB and Revolution have basically the same chip but only 1 will run netflix???? Very disappointing the way netflix is being handled for android. Forget about phones, when is it coming to tablets?????

Has anyone else noticed on the leaked version of the Netflix app it has the ability to control your phone remotely. At least that was what it said when using the smrtguard app-transparency feature.

There were only 2 apps that it listed that have the ability - Netflix and smrtguard (I know why smrtguard has the ability to remote wipe etc...) but anyone know why it is that Netflix has the ability to control the phone remotely as well?

Well for those phones (like my droidx) that won't be getting netflix, I would recommend the jetflix app. Tons of shows, and you can get for as cheap as 5 bucks a month. And on my droidx, I can hdmi it out to my big screen. Not trying to spam, just giving a heads up.

I got a mailer from at&t last week that mentioned netflix as an actual movie streaming app, not just the que app that's already on the market. I'll try and upload an image later, at work right now.