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At today's Goldman Sachs investor conference, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo had a bit to say about unlimited data plans, and what he (and presumably Verizon) thought about them. There's a link to the full transcript below, but here's a direct quote.

So what customers are understanding and through our good sales routine is once you explain to a customer their usage on a monthly basis, unlimited is just a word, it doesn't really mean anything and that people don't really -- I think a lot of consumers think they consume a lot more data than they really do. So that whole unlimited thing I think is going by the wayside and they see the benefit of going to the shared.

Shammo is probably right. Most people don't need unlimited data plans. But for those that do need them, it's not very good news to see that there's little chance of them ever returning. Should Sprint get their LTE network in a more usable state, or T-Mobile expand their high-speed HSPA+ beyond highways and metro areas, there could be a shift among power users away from Big Red. Both carriers now have data-friendly full unlimited plans at reasonable pricing.

I've no dog in this fight. I'm one of the lucky few (very few) with good T-Mobile service, and my ancient Android data plan gives me all I can eat. I'm curious to hear from the rest of you guys. Agree with Mr. Shammo? Hit the break and answer the poll, then fill the comments with blind rage your thoughts.

Source: Verizon (pdf transcript); via CNET


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Verizon CFO: 'Unlimited is just a word, it doesn't really mean anything'


Give me a reasonable tiered price ($10/GB) and you pay for what you use and share it. I would never complain.

Exactly how are those "power Users" screwing you? If they want to use 30GB a month, let them. The sad reality of it is, that is nothing compared to what the companies charge per GB of data vs. what it really costs per GB of data. You think its rough now, you haven't seen anything yet. When the carriers start running VoLTE, everything will be data, including your "minutes". It is going to save the carriers tons of money, since it will be data too, but I am pretty sure rates aren't going to go down, because of it.

That might not be true. If they can cut out the costs for 3G data and not have to pay to let people use it. They will more than likely drop the cost of the plans accordingly. Because then you can make the same amount (or slightly more) of revenue per person and increase your customer base because it looks like they are getting such a good deal.

Believe it or not but Verizon said that LTE is easier to maintain than the 3g cdma network, and once they get everyone on LTE they are going to voice over data on their network hopefully starting it in 2013. With faster phones and tons of apps for multitasking data usage will be going up no matter what. I only use 30 -60 gb when uploading hd videos from my phone to my drive account. 15 mins of 1080 vid is about a gb of data. Besides tiered data may have been a good idea, but they are overpricing it, and they are betting that people will go over their limit. If I lose my UL data I'll go to sprint when my contract is up, by then they'll have a good base of true 4g lte up. Sprint is already 6 months ahead of schedule starting the LTE, it was announced to start in 2013. Also some people ditched their phone bills and cable to use data and save 3-400 a month stream from tethering watching vids from the net. Kudos to the smart consumer who keeps unlimited

I live in a rual area where a high speed connection (other than my cellular) isn't an option.
While I don't use 10+GB a month, I could very easily. I was late to the party and don't have unlimited, but believe you me, if it offered I'd be all over it. Even a "pay-per-use" would be better than tiered.

As stupid comments go, yours comes in at #1. "Unlimited" means just that, "Unlimited". Power users aren't screwing anyone over. They are using their "Unlimited" data. What may seem excessive to you may be average for someone else. Ive had unlimited data for years and consistently use 30GB a month using my phone to stream music, videos, etc. I don't tether, I don't torrent, but I do use as much as I can of the "Unlimited" data which I pay for!

I find it hard to believe you consistently use 30GB a month without tethering or downloading torrents. Streaming music, videos, etc? What's the etc? And how much video / music are we talking about? You either have a job where you listen to music / watch video all day (rock on, more power to you) or you don't have a job and you stream music and video all day (rock on, I guess). 30GB a month is a lot of data to bring down on your smartphone ... even with tethering. Do you not have WiFi at your house? Are you never on WiFi?

I don't understand the "why don't you use wifi" complaint. I've never turned on wifi on any of my 5 Android phones. I pay for mobile data..I pay for home data, why should I use my home service to supplement my mobile service? I rarely even use my phone at home, I use my laptop or tablet sitting at home.

Using wifi doesn't curb the data use problem anyway, it just puts it on another pipe. And if the argument is that home data service is supposed to support that kind of use then honestly, so should mobile data. If we were to move to a single data platform(use data anywhere pay one bill) then I could see where the wifi argument would make more sense as it's a more stable conduit. However if I'm paying two bills and everything is treated as separately as possible, I'm going to use them as such.


"I've never turned on wifi on any of my 5 Android phones. I pay for mobile data..I pay for home data, why should I use my home service to supplement my mobile service"

This mentality is like driving a semi with a full trailer to work instead of your average commuter car. "Sure, I take up 20 parking spaces, so what? No one's entitled to their own parking space so if I use them up, tough luck."

Unlimited plans were initially offered in the context of the capabilities of smartphones 4 to 5 years ago - meaning web browsing, maps, e-mail, low-res YouTube videos, etc. Few would have imagined people using their phones to stream music 24/7, watch high-res full length movies and, in some instances, replace their home broadband service.

While I'll agree that if they continued to market and sell unlimited data, that's what they should provide. At the same time, being so god damn lazy as to refuse to turn on WiFi *one time* so your phone will automatically hop on your home internet connection whenever in range is pretty pathetic. Your the same guy who spends 5 hours stuffing your face at the all-you-can-eat buffet because "hey, it says all-you-can-eat", aren't you? Out for #1 and f*%k everyone else.

You may technically be correct, but that doesn't mean your not a dick.

"Your the same guy who spends 5 hours stuffing your face at the all-you-can-eat buffet because "hey, it says all-you-can-eat", aren't you? Out for #1 and f*%k everyone else."


And if you think a carrier won't take action against someone using an exorbitant amount of data, won't get kicked off, won't draw attention ... you'd be wrong. People are crying all the time about getting their letters because they were abusing their service. Hard to feel bad for someone that is, ultimately, part of the problem.

And while I may have only been to a handful of buffets in my time, all when I was younger, you saw these peoples. ... it's depressing as all heck. And it's the exact mindset that these people carry over to things like this. Then they have the gall to try and justify it.

I didn't mean it like "use WiFi, stop hogging the data." I meant it more like, are you ever on WiFi? 30GBs a month, time over, is crazy. People using that much data are usually using it to download torrents and to tether because they either can't afford internet, or they think they are entitled to use this unlimited data plan on ANYTHING they can. That isn't the case. You are not entitled to buy a smartphone with unlimited data and then "spread the wealth." That is NOT part of your contract. People don't understand that. People have been talking about this for years. Evo 4G forums you had people bragging about how much data they used, about how they were entitled to provide data to their laptop, console, etc. It's not how it works. It's people like that, those that abuse the system, which results in changes. It's inevitable.

And, as for the article, I can't really argue with it too much. I mean, the majority are people that are using minor amounts of data, not aware of how much they're using, maybe assuming they're using more, etc etc. The minority is what we need to be addressing, much like the minority that makes up the "root community." Sure, big picture, unlimited might not really mean much, as does the root angle. But got damnit if I won't voice my opinion on both as they are pretty important.

It's hard to really argue the logic because it's mainly true, but if that isn't some corp. bs then I must be losing my mind. It's like Sony saying the fans didn't want a price change on the new PS3. Right. Ok.


Well, for me, 4G was a last resort. I was grandfathered into it Unlt on Verizon. This plan, however, has become my only source of high speed internet. I'm a gamer and a heavy consumer of video and music data, and tried to get DSL, Cable, or preferably FiOs, but the option is not here. Does this make me a bad person who is screwing over the rest?
My first month I've used about 60GB... I hope I don't get in trouble for this, but, be it as it may, this is my only way to use the connectivity that I'm used to. I used an app purchased through Google Play, and I pay my bill. Am I bad person?


I turn on WiFi when I can't get mobile data or if I want to print.
I pay them for unlimited so why should I use my employers WiFi and be subject to their terms of use?
I have three phones with unlimited and we routinely use 10-12 GB a month combined.

//Rant On
Unlimited means just that -> All I an eat.
They made me take an unlimited plan several years ago on a Windows Mobile phone.
They wouldn't get me a plan that didn't have $30 data attached.
Now they want me not to use data and use WiFi? That was the mode I wanted to use early on. now they want me to stop using the data they forced down my throat?

I should stream even if I'm not listening.... 'Eff Them!

//Rant Off

If I'm going to use my home internet service to use data on my phone, why should I pay the cell phone provider for the privilege of using data?
If they want to force me into a positioni where I have to use another service that I pay for then why should I have a data plan on my phone. give me the option of wether or not I want to pay them to use the data service.

In simpler terms why do should I have to pay twice for data?

You're not paying for it twice. The purpose of the cellular network is to provide *mobile* service, residential service is for providing *fixed location* service. How is using your residential internet on your phone when you're home paying twice for anything?

Because you are paying for unlimited on the phone.
Why should I not use the mobile data on my mobile phone.
Besides LTE is better than most DSL/Cable connections anyway.

And if a residential, wired connection is not available, and I have a grandfathered 4G plan, am I not entitled to use a service I pay 120 dollars for monthly?

If i had want to finish 30GB in one day then i could have done it.There is so much one can download or watch on internet.I finished my 1GB of 3g data in 5 hours(yesterday).When you have a 3g internet connection you don't even know when did you finish 100MB data.You can watch movies or download them or download games or new softwares,there are a lot of things one can watch or download on the internet.

Actually, as stupid comments go ...

"Power users aren't screwing anyone over."

You'd be wrong. If you can't understand what a bunch of people hogging bandwidth does for the other folks on the line ... get enough action and you, the "power user," becomes that annoying roommate who hogs the bandwidth while he downloads full length gay porn movies. You just want to browse, maybe watch that latest cute cat video ... but your experience is miserable because of the all mighty power user. Yeah, don't ask.

And if you're streaming music, movies, and etc ... you're not a power user. You're someone who listens to a bunch of music and watches a bunch of videos. Cool. Don't give yourself too much credit. Do you have a job? How many hours, on average, would you say you sleep a night? Let's try to break this down, try to understand how many hours of the week you think you spend streaming music and movies. It must be a lot if your racking that much up.

Actually, according to their comments on why they made the switch to tiered data, it is the non-power users that messed it up. Since 90+% of people use less than 2 GB, they set that as the first level. Had everyone used 30 GB, we might be looking at a different scale.

No they are not. Carriers charge everyone a ton of money for services barely anyone uses, and they make a huge profit on everything. Do you really think it costs Verizon any money to send a text?

This is all PR spin to shift the blame to users and make way for even more expensive plans. VZW realized they could do away with unlimited and not lose customers because there isn't much choice.

Oh how I wish I hit this thread when it first opened so I could tell all you data criers to eat a d____. Where do all you freaks come from that you believe you should determine how much data, and how fast, is reasonable or necessary where and for what? If you believe you are a "Power User" yet you live somewhere that in 2012/2013 doesn't have sufficient high speed mobile data, I have some concerns. Move to a patch of the map that has lines on it, and quit hating on people that simpy regard mobile data as the utility that it is. Do you also troll posts and forums arguing with city-folk about how much of that fancy electricity they use???

It's actually people like you, the ones who will pay whatever amount the carriers say is right, who are messing things up for everybody. I work for a carrier, and they have no incentive to either lower prices or provide data in larger amounts because of the sheep. People like you. People who will gladly use their wifi to avoid going over their data cap. People who will avoid fully using their phone the way it was designed to be used to keep their usage down. People who will pay excessive prices (based on profit margin) for a service and think they are getting a good deal. The carriers will provide the amount of data that the "sheep" demand and not a byte more....and charge what the sheep find acceptable and not a dollar less....because they know those numnuts are too dumb to shop! They also know that the remaining customers WILL shop regardless of what they do, so why worry about them: they've got to go somewhere so plenty will stay and just complain. People like you are just as bad as the folks who held onto standard long distance plans back in the day when companies were offering 5 cent/min dialing.

Precisely. What makes it worse is when the sheep attitude actually manifests in criticism like this. I'm not going to tell people to use more data than they normally would. Only want to use 200MB a month? Go for it, totally fair enough. But don't criticise others just because they don't have the same download habits and just want to use the plan they pay for. People who are stupid enough to turn on other customers rather than even considering for a second that the profit seeking company might be acting in their own interests really infuriate me. It's like they imagine these poor CEOs sitting in their office with their heads in their hands, desperately trying to ration their limited amount of data amongst the innocent folk whilst these "power users" sit at home cackling, draining everything rather than just using the plan they were promised and paid for.

It's moronic, and reminds me of that stupid attitude that came up with the Skyrim DLC. The publisher decides to give Xbox players exclusive access for ages, and rather than holding them to account, loads of the PC crowd start having a go at the Xbox community as if it's somehow their fault that the publisher has sold them out. Stupid people are way to apt to turn on one another rather than think for even a second, and frankly I have zero time for this attitude.

Yeah, but you are paying for unlimited data for your smart phone. Not for your console, not for your laptop, not for torrents, not for tethering. I can understand someone tethering here and there, but it's the people that either can't afford home internet or are too cheap to pay for it that abuse their "unlimited" data. It's why they get the boot every once in a while. Read your contract. If they deem you are using too much data, Sprint can kick you off.

It's like the buffet comparison, do you really think you'd be allowed to eat all the food, stay there for hours? No, you miss the point of it. At that point you are exploiting something and there are consequences. It's so naive to think these people will have no impact on the rest of us. Actually, no, it's moronic. I have zero time for people that are too dense to understand common sense.

I'm with this. $10/GB seems fair to me. I would argue, however, that they don't start charging overages. I actually am a fan of throttling if you hit your limit. Within reason of course.

You do understand that a DVD holds 4.7GB of data, right? So you are suggesting that people should be willing to pay $50 per month to be able to download just one DVD worth of information? People don't understand that the real issue is that the problem is NOT about the volume of information, but rather, the burst speeds and data spikes that make network management difficult to predict. Mobile is more difficult to deal with as well, but the DESIGN of how cellular data is implemented is what is flawed.

Cable and DSL providers have the right idea, the customer picks the speed he/she/it wants to pay for, and you get an unlimited amount of it(with some exceptions). With mobile, we are getting full speed(except when throttled), but we have no choice over what SPEED connections we want. Most people would be happy with the OPTION for a straight unlimited 2G data speed for $20/month to avoid needing to worry about overages, because SPEED is not the issue for them, it is just being able to get that data consistently. For others, paying more for faster speed unlimited, or paying for top speed with limited overall data volume.

You kind person make the best argument thus far. I never even considered the home Internet model. Mobile has far reaching demand, regardless of whether it's heavy or paltry users. What's funny is this cfo can tell you what consumers want is a joke and should be eliminated, then some of us actually agree with it. Options = parity; restrictions =monopoly.

The DVD analogy was perfect. Why in the hell would I pay $50 for a DVD, maybe $30 max. Better come with bonus material. ;)

if you're satisfied with $10/GB, chances are a smartphone is wasted on you to begin with. Go buy a flip phone and leave the rest of us alone.

I completely agree BUT why does a number have to be set in stone each month. Why not do a pay-as-you-use plan where every 100MB = $1. which roughly translates to $10/GB.

This way one month you use 2GB which would be $20. But the next month you use 1.4GB which would be about $14. This is how it should be, you pay for what you use and save if you don't use.

My view is that carriers are actually scamming people. Nobody uses the same amount of data each month, which means if you pay for 2GB but don't use all of it, technically carriers should have to reimburse you. I wish there was a lawsuit here, but f*ed up laws ruin the economy.

$10/GB is insane. If you want to download a 5GB movie, you'd pay $50 extra for it. That's just absurd. I have Verizon's grandfathered unlimited LTE and I can just randomly download Ubuntu or something on the go and not worry. Charging extra for it would screw over everyone who wants to use their phone to the fullest.

Agreed. If the unlimited data plans are going to become obsolete then Verizon should offer reasonable ones. 2GB or 5GB plans without 3 or 4 inbetween is unfairly limiting the options to the customer.

Unlimited may not be a necessity but I will have a very hard time staying under 2GB on LTE if I decide to stay with Verizon when my unlimited contract is up next year. Now, if Verizon would bring back their "double the data" promotion and make the standard amount 4GB instead of 2GB I'll gladly sign back on. My two options at this point, look like I'll either buy a new phone at full retail so I don't have to sign a new contract, thus keeping my unlimited LTE, or buy a Nexus directly from Google and switch over to something like T-Mobile or Straight Talk. Admittedly I'd like to stay with Verizon, I live in a rural area and get great reception, while AT&T and T-Mobile don't get very good reception out there.

very well stated, i love the service i get with verizon, i no im paying a crap load of cash to stay on them but what am i to do. even with wifi im currently a power user. i went into a verizon store to see if switching from my unlimited plan would be a good idea. after the rep calculated how much data i used she told me these were my options. Buy a new phone and keep my unlimited or pay 3 dollars more for 10gb a month for there shared data plan. i current use 9.64gb a data on average ever month. so switching is not really cost effective for me. so it looks like sprint or t-mobile will be my new career. hopefully T-mobile has LTE when my contract is up because sprint's network in New York is still currently in a very sad state.

This is why the FCC has been considering re-defining broadband needs - current expected need is a joke. I agree -- if the lowest price bought **at least** 4GB, I doubt we'd hear much complaining, except from those who are stuck on the 'unlimited' marketing message.

2GB is too restrictive in today's Internet.

Unlimited absolutely matters when you charge the same $ for a capped data plan. I may use more than 5 gb one month a year, but when that does happen I'm not paying a dime more so I'm quite happy.

I'll bet Verizon's CFO won't be laughing
if Verizon pays him salary with pieces
of paper with numbers on them.

A salary check is just a piece of paper
with stuff printed on it... it doesn't
really mean anything.

Unlimited means unlimited. I have no
problems if they want to limit it, but
just don't call it unlimited.


you are completely right, and it really bugs me how Verizon markets there data services then puts a ridiculous limit on them. I wish Google could buy a company like Metro pcs or Sprint, even T-Mobile because if google were to do that Verizon would lose millions of customers and you will see how quickly they change the way they act. if only there was another company with as good of service as big red. id switch in a heartbeat just out of principal. Can't wait till the day i can tell verizon FU.

I was going to say ... Money is just paper so he won't mind some of my old math tests with numbers on them!

I was going to say ... Money is just paper so he won't mind some of my old math tests with numbers on them!

Unlimited means unlimited. I don't care if I only use 2GB of data half the year. It's the freedom of knowing I have unlimited. Should I decide to do some extra consuming one month, I like knowing I won't have to mortgage my home to pay Verizon for my overages. If "unlimited" is just a word that doesn't mean anything, then why not give every Verizon customer unlimited data? I mean, they won't use it anyways, right? So what are you worried about Shammo? Oh that's right... you're full of shit.

That is my feeling as well. Verizon wants me to switch because they say I never go beyond 2 gb per month and with the new plans I can take advantage of the free mobile hotspot. My peace of mind is worth something to me and knowing that I will not go over on my data is important. You can't put a value on that part and I agree with other posts that if you feel like you can't download anything because you are afraid of going over your cap, then what's the point of having a smartphone?


I hate companies trying to muddy the water with marketing spin. Here are a few more Verizon should try:

"Most expensive data plans doesn't really mean anything"
"Most hostile lockdown of phones doesn't really mean anything"

And just to be fair...

Sprint should try:

"Slowest overall 3G service doesn't really mean anything"

AT&T should try:

"Worst customer service doesn't really mean anything"

T-Mobile should try:

"Smallest coverage areas doesn't really mean anything"

Exactly! It's an insult to our intelligence to think that we don't recognize what's going on here! If no one uses any more than 2gb of data then there shouldn't have been any concern or rush to transition everyone off of unlimited data.

I constantly monitor my data usage each month and will go over my data allowance (3gb) by several hundred megs every other month or so. It's annoying though because this is with using Spotify every day and barely surfing or downloading anything with fear of going over my 3gb. I should be able to use the applications on my phone freely such as Spotify, otherwise it kind of defeats the point of a SmartPhone. I think that they should at least allow you to download apps from the Market without it counting toward your 3 gb. If they could figure something like that out, it would be awesome.

Do they really think that the more they spew crap like this, the more people will believe it?

If it does not mean anything then go back to offering unlimited data packages at least as an option for people. Then when almost all of your customers go back onto unlimited plans, try to say again that it does not mean anything.

Back up your ridiculous words for once, if it means nothing then it should not be a problem to offer it.

No thanks. Glad I dont have to spend extra money for data. I need unlimited data simply because I'm a business man and also like to use my device for all sorts of data consuming goodness. The person stating people who use 30 GB's is a lil outlandish. I'd say there's only a few percent, if that, of Verizon's customers even coming close to that kind of number. Verizon is crazy but I accept what they are doing because it's bjsiness and people gotta eat hahahaa

The first 3 months after i got my 4g Samsung charge i used over 7gb each month (no exaggeration). but i soon got over the 4g fascination and was on wifi at home and work. but now im between 2 and 4gb never more never less so a 2g cap would kill me and i would never sign a tablet to service nor do i have a family to use a share data so what would i need a tired plan for. I dont like to have to keep tabs on it, i say leave me with my unlimited (btw im one of the few still with an unlimited plan)

Do they really think that the more they spew crap like this, the more people will believe it?

If it does not mean anything then go back to offering unlimited data packages at least as an option for people. Then when almost all of your customers go back onto unlimited plans, try to say again that it does not mean anything.

Back up your ridiculous words for once, if it means nothing then it should not be a problem to offer it.

If I were to switch to T-Mobile for their unlimited data, how fast is 4G HSPA+ in comparison to 4G LTE on Sprint or Verizon?

It depends on your area: do you even get HSPA+, and what speed? There's HSDPA (7mb/s), HSPA+ (14mb/s), HSPA+21 & HSPA+42 supported by T-Mobile. Those speeds are theoretical just like peak LTE speeds. Real world I generally get between 4-8mb/s depending on the area, and my phone only has a HSPA+ radio. The folks I know with a GS3 or a Galaxy S Blaze 4G (HSPA+42) average between 12-15mb/s & peak at about 20mb/s. At that point due to the much lower battery drain I'd rather have the HSPA+42 than the LTE, since 12-20mb/s is plenty fast for such a small screen. Even on my phone there is no lag with YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, etc. and I also love being able to use FoxFi with my unlimited data. Don't forget that T-Mobile is refarming their 1900mhz spectrum, so even before LTE starts rolling out next year this will make HSPA+42 available in a lot more areas since their 1900mhz and 1700/2100mhz areas don't often overlap.

Thanks for this info. I am certainly contemplating a switch to T-Mobile for the unlimited. I am on ATT right now, and being limited on data truly sucks. Also, I am located in Bellevue, Washington, which is actually where the T-Mobile headquarters is stationed. I am guessing the HSPA+ is probably decent around here on T-Mobile networks.

Since the answer to that question lies entirely in the geographical location you're usually in, I would be asking that question of people in your area. Neighbors, co-workers, fellow commuters, friends, and family who live near you will have a better idea than we on AC who are spread all across the world.

Mr. Shammo doesn't give two shits about his customers. All he sees is more money in the direction they are turning. I'm tore between ditching Verizon (still on a grandfathered unlimited plan, which I know are not really 'unlimited' anymore), or changing carriers. Honestly, I can't wait to change anyways. Between the bloatware they shove down their customers throats and the absolute rip-off that is their new data plan packages, I'm sick and tired of being treated like I don't matter or have a choice. Its a shame that Verizon, or any carriers for that matter, treat their loyal returning customers the way they do. I think the shared data plans are the biggest scam yet. Especially to those folks in LTE areas. They must think we're all dumb.

Hey Verizon remember the big three automakers who though they could build anything and the public will buy it, How they looking now! Hope you suffer the same fate offering measly 2gb data plans for ridiculous prices while foisting bloatware that uses more data and misleading your own customers about data usage with all the new data intensive apps you tout. Verizon CFO your are full of it.

I am a minority on this forum, I know that.

That said, between my wife and I, in the last two years, there has been maybe one month that we exceeded 2Gb (yes that's both of us together). One of the months, I deliberately set out to see how much data I could use. I was streaming audio 8-10 hours most days, maps, gps, etc. I barely hit 2gb, and between us, we didn't hit 4gb.

With the shared plan (yes, I switched), I was able to put a third smartphone on our account, with 4GB shared data, and we are paying less, at the end of the month than before, with about 3.5 GB of cushion on our normal usage pattern. I just set up my wife's phone to join our wifi network, which should actually reduce our base usage.

Finally, if I know that on any given month I am close to the limit, I can bump up my data rate for that month before the end of the billing cycle. Then I can pay $10 per 2GB, instead of $15/GB. I think it was Mtn_scott that suggested if there was data at $10/GB, that'd work for him. At 10Gb, the shared plan is $10/gb. Above that, it's less. If you consider that you are paying $40/line for voice, you could argue that there's a basic "provisioning cost" for the data access of say $30. In that case you could make the case that you cross $10/Gb at the 4Gb plan, and anything above that you wind up paying less.

" I was streaming audio 8-10 hours most days, maps, gps, etc. I barely hit 2gb, "

Did you happen to be on wifi for most of that? Just my commute (~45m each way) with little use at work, and wifi at home, netted me close to 5gb in a month using just Pandora for music and the occasional use of Waze to avoid bridge repair traffic. That's about 2hrs tops of streaming/day, not 8-10, and more than 2x your use?? Your numbers don't match up with my experience...

(Sprint Unlimited data. 80% 1x (2g) and 20% 1xRTT (3g) service coverage).

My sister and I collectively use a monthly total of over 100GB/month.on AT&T. I would gladly utilize WiFi over phone data if it were available in my rural area. Sadly it's not. My hope is that they see the efficacy of expanding high speed access out here as an investment to free up spectrum that we otherwise utilize for our everyday tasks. BTW, it's very easy to consume 30 GB without utilizing torrents or downloading whole movies, the nature of the web is graphics intensive. Thank goodness for our "meaningless" unlimited data.

Seems like if unlimited really didn't do anything they wouldn't be so eager to take it away from everybody. Just my $0.02.

I have 4 data phones on the old family share plan. My phone averages 8gb a month, phone 2 3gb a month, phone 3 5gb a month and phone 2gb a month. Right now every phone has unlimited data. I don't know if I will be able to stay with Verizon with the prices like they are.

At present I don't exactly need an unlimited plan. But it surely would be nice to have when my internet connection temporarily kicks the bucket, or when I am visiting someone and either cant or wont use their internet connections. At that point I would tether my phone, but naturally without unlimited I could potentially quickly eat through my data plan and be left with nothing for the rest of month.

Uploading/downloading a few android roms quickly eats through ones dataplan :P

You can't blame a business for trying to make more money I spose. They do give the bigtime users an out - pay for your device without subsidies. If I were using 30Gb per month, and I was only dropping 30 bones on it - I'd pay for my device in full in a heartbeat.

But yes, this Shammo lad is an unfortunate, sad, wanker.

Why doesn't he ask his buddies at Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve if 'unlimited' means anything...he might get a different answer.

I easily use 7-8gb a month on Sprints 3g. Luckily, I consistently get 2-3mb down, but once the 4g lte is complete I will use my phone much more than I already do. There are so many times when I am in terrible service where I can't use my phone. I see that adding at least 3gb a month to my usage. Unlimited is necessary for some people.

HA! Saying "Unlimited doesn't really mean anything" is certainly non-meaningful coming from a company that doesn't offer "unlimited" anything AND has the highest pricing to boot.

That translates into we can tell customers they really dont need unlimited data and give you less but charge you more for what you dont really need.

unlimited means unlimited. and $50 for 1gb of data means are you fu%#ing crazy??? who the hell would stay or go to verizon with those rates?

Regarding pricing: Telenor in Sweden offers 100 GB for... $15 per month. It is their tethering service. You got 10 GB included with the contract and if you want to tether, pay $15 and get 100 GB of data (for $50 per month).

The pricing of Verizon is absolutely sick, not to mention the data caps. I don't see any reason to get LTE speeds for 2 GB of data. Simple reason: if you want to use the speed properly, for example by streaming music and video with high quality - those 2 GB is gone sooner than you say "streaming".

It is like selling a car with 250 HP engine and high top speed and good acceleration with a tank that can carry 2 gallons of gasoline....;)

To me, the absolute minimum for an LTE connection is at least 10 GB of data.

As long as the current situation persists, i.e. insane data prices paired with branded devices, I will be a happy camper on the ST plan, $45 per month with 2 GB of data.

I don't see why I should page out of my nose just because the carrier is Verizon. I simply don't see anything "premium" about them that can make me interested and that is in comparison with other carriers I am used to. If Verizon is the "best carrier" in this country - I think it is time for Google to step in and start to offer service! Because Verizon as the "best carrier" is to me like if the best food in the US would be a Big Mac for $35 from McDonald's. (Big Mac Grand Luxe with - yes, Verizon branded french fries!)

Do you have internet at home? Oh, you do? Well, what is your data limit at home? Oh, no limit on data, just on bandwidth?

THIS IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! Flat rate, unlimited data, limited bandwidth. Mobile carriers are f'ing GREEDY!

Dear Smo... Verizon is just a word, the network that had all the perks is now just about "best coverage" nothing more. Gone are all the goodies that made it great: great plans, trade up incentives, easy exchange, no upgrade fees, etc... Smo, after 10 years I'm leaving you, Verizon is just a word as in "expensive"... Or I forgot about updates to the OS too, slowest in the business, but that was never there anyway.

Glad I'm not on not on Big Red or AssT&T. Love Sprint love my phone, glad that it has wifi which I use at home and glad for unlimited data when I'm out and about.

I really can't believe that anyone at an executive level would leave themselves so vulnerable by saying something so stupid. Especially when you are the supposed front runner in the US for service and network. It's a wonder that they don't have PR or marketing staff to prepare these statements before they just fall out of people's mouths.

While the term "unlimited" in something like hosting industry does have an asterisk after it due to it not being true once it begins to affect other customers on your server or cluster, you're talking about something totally different when you run $5/mo hosting vs. $70+/mo/phone on mobile. It would be different if all wireless carriers were the same but that fact that there are carriers who still provide unlimited plans and do so for competitive advantage makes the statement utterly retarded. Ask anyone on AT&T (top 5%) who was throttled about their view of data plans and the value of one that is truly unlimited.

If I agree with him! Than why VZW charges it customers arms and legs? And they are charging $30.0 for the 2GB... Lets be straight to the points, If VZW really cares about their customers, they should be more reasonable with their plan price at lease. That`s my opinion. I do have AT&T and Sprint accounts both my accounts never used more than 4GB @ month, but it nice to have the unlimited usage.

Its $50 for 1gb. With the great share everything plan. You know the one verizon said everyone asked for. I didnt ask to lose unlimited for $30 so I could pay $50 for 1gb, and I doubt anyone else did either

CFOs by definition are number crunchers. Few are english majors and fewer yet are skilled public speakers or PR people. The Verizon CFO seems to fit the mold to a "T".

Some might say "Profit is just a word and it does not mean anything".

"Hit the break and answer the poll, then fill the comments with blind rage your thoughts"

[font=Braille] FFFFUUUUUU [/font]

In sales meeting with Board of Directors. "Customers" is just a word. It doesn't mean anything.

I use at least 5GB of data streaming music and video. That doesn't even take into consideration all the stuff I do on G+ and Facebook. I'm seriously thinking of just paying full retail for a new phone at tax time to replace by that time 2 year old Thunderbolt as I don't want to switch to Sprint due to how they suck. AT&T isn't a option either for me. Verizon gets it right with their reception here. T-Mobile doesn't even exist in my area and I live in a fairly big city.

Sprint doesn't "suck". They have the best phone lineups. They have some of the best pricing. They have some of the best customer service. They have unlimited data. They have good coverage.

The only thing that "sucks" are their 3G speeds in many (but not all) areas. That is just one metric among many. And if one metric can make a company be totally labeled as "suck", then *ALL* carriers suck.... and most by more than Sprint.

I am going to chime in here and say that Sprint is an awesome company. Top notch customer service when something isn't quite right. Great plans. Very nice phone lineup (not encrypted bootloaders on their new devices, ahem Verizon), Broad coverage areas, and free roaming to other CDMA carriers (So yes, I get the SAME coverage as Verizon people!). And crappy 2g/3g speeds... Can't be perfect I guess... Still just fast enough to stream Pandora radio on my commute. And if I'm going to be sitting down long enough to watch videos, I'm probably settled into a comfy chair with wifi. I just can't understand why we NEED speeds in the 5+ range in mobile. I can watch netflix and youtube at my Dads house and he's only got a 3mb dsl connection.

They say this now as a majority of customers are probably not on lte yet. When everyone is on lte and they can use all those services they like to advertise like NFL and TV and video conferencing and HD video and such that number is going to go up. Leta convince them no one uses that much data and then advertise more data hungry uses and then we can rake in more money. Its business as usual and seems like they are following the political process for ideas on how to screw everyone.

I think it's weird that carriers are acting like it's a gift to the people that their plans allow us to share data between devices. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had to pay the cable companies for each computer in our homes that accessed the internet? Paying for tethering was even more absurd since it's an old technology that was always free before it became popular. I'll probably end up tethering on my unlimited plan occasionally, even it it's not allowed.

What I think would make more sense is if cellular service worked more like home internet. Personally I pay a premium to use the fastest internet possible, and similarly I wouldn't mind playing a slightly higher fee to use LTE instead of just 3G or whatever. That would allow people to really choose what they want, and people without the newest phones wouldn't have to pay for something they can't actually use. Putting up new towers is more expensive for carriers than data volume, so the relationship between what people want and what the carriers provide would be much more direct.

It'll never happen though, and the second I don't need a Nationwide plus Canada plan I'll be ditching Verizon!

I don't know about others, but TMo's service is pretty damn good here in the OKC. I've got a galaxy nexus and I average around 7-8. I might pick up a GS3 though with tomorrow's promotion so I can get HSPA+42, an SD Slot, and the better camera.

I think the thing about TMo having bad service is really old news. Other than Sprint (was on them for years), the big carriers all have great networks and the same networks are used for most of the pre-paids. Overall there isn't much to complain about with wireless today, unless you're getting gouged by Verizon or AT&T.

Either TMo Value plans or Simple Talk. Those are the only ways to go today. Great price and complete flexibility on the phone.

A huge problem is the fact most of the spectrum is sold off. It means the market is not free to compete. Although, I can see that companies would need huge chunks of spectrum to even have a good product.

None the less, this leaves companies like Verizon a lot of free room to make the claim that we use too much data. In this instance serious regulation is needed. I almost wish we had a national provider with basic features at a cheap cost just to keep telecommunications companies in check.

So either find away to give out more spectrum and let the market really compete, or regulate the shit out of these companies.

if it actually cost me less to have tiered data I would consider it.. but it would cost me the same if not more then my unlimited data plan and I wouldnt have the peace of mind that I am not going to get overage charges.. there is just no incentive to give up my unlimited data...

"you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands!"

See, this is where I am too. My wife and I wouldn't save anything (we'd pay the same each month) if we went to tiered. The only real benefits I see are the unlimited talk and text (but we don't use anywhere near what we currently pay for anyway) and hotspot. That hotspot would be cool, but I don't really want to lose my bottomless pit of data that I may need someday just to get to use my wifi Xoom on the road. I can wait until I get to a wifi hotspot.

If tiered came with free services like parental controls, that family tracker tool, VZNavigator, etc., I would switch right now to tiered. But so far, it looks like what I have now for the same price, but it has a hard cap on data and a hotspot.

Lol, so much finger pointing. For me, losing my unlimited is a dealbreaker,so i'll move to another carrier. the rest of my family on the other hand will actually save a ton of money from switching from the old family plan to the new share everything plan. If verizon charged reasonable rates for data i'd stick with them.

Most months I use 2 - 4 GB, but once in a while when I an in a streaming mood I have found 10 GB being used. The amount I pay for VZW, it should gee buying piece of mind that I never have to worry about overages. I will switch when the time comes to the best plan possible. Until then, I am happy with my unlimited. (definition: without limitations)

Ooh yea, and charging the same to even more is a crock and they will never be able to logically justify that one.

50GB a month baby! Verizon's wishing they could strip my unlimited plan away from me for sure! And that's without tethering.

Why is he a jerk? Lots of long haul truckers use Pandora/Spotify/iHeartRadio/etc. to keep them sane driving coast to coast all month long. They use more data than 50GB/month. Are they all jerks for actually consuming the service that they're paying for?

Is the guy who eats a big pile of expensive crab legs at the Chinese buffet a jerk? Did he run the price up on you, when you only went to get broccoli chicken? I think he's smart for getting what he wants and finding a place that allows him to eat how much he plans to eat without worrying about how much each crab leg costs, while you are overpaying for a buffet and not "getting your money's worth" from it. You would come out better buying a plate off the menu as big as you want (tiers), while he keeps munching at the buffet until they close it.

Unlimited here. I just started hitting 2+GB a couple months ago when I started getting podcasts on my phone along with my regular usage. Even more recent than that I've started using my phone's data more and more. No way will 2GB ever be good enough. I'd be comfy at 5gb/month, but VZW is ridiculous in their pricing.

oh, grandfathered unlimited...never leave me ;_;

I just like knowing that if I want to download some app updates or let my kid watch a show on netflix I'm not going to have to worry about my data limit.

Verizon is tempting because their 4G is amazing where I live, I have a 4G Xoom and it eats up my data quickly but it kicks but on network speed. I could never have them on my phone though.

I use 2-4GB a month.. but im on ATT.. i just stream lots n lots of music thru Google Music and Spotfly..

anyone who use 100GB should seriously think about getting a portable hotspot device.. i can't even see myself hitting that much of data unless im just never home..


Why would they want to connect their phone to a portable hotspot? And how is that going to alleviate any network congestion? I don't understand.

When I bought my Atrix, I was appalled I even needed a data plan. I wanted to use it as a dumbphone when not around wifi, because the pricing looked ridiculous to me... I either wanted all in or not at all. I ended up going with the absolute cheapest cap they had at the time (200mb), and as soon as my contract is up in March I'm getting the next Nexus and jumping to T-Mobile.

Unlimited data and texting for nearly the same price as my capped one? If T-Mobile is good in your area, you'd be insane to pass that up.

More data wasn't necessary for me...until I started using Spotify and streaming music constantly. I pay $70 for 500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data. Though I live in L.A. where HSPA+ is strong and can put it to full use. I switch and pay the extra $5 for 5GB and free hot spot instead of unlimited data.

I left Sprint recently, due to their horrible service in my area. It was so bad, I was asked to leave by Sprint, since I was data roaming way more than the limit they don't tell you about. Anyway, I went to Verizon since they have 4GLTE in this area. This is great! I did run into a snag with the data limit and bumped it up to 4GB. Its a little more than the Sprint plan, but if I can keep getting good connection speeds, its worth it. Hope 4GB will do:)

I always say that once the majority of unlimited contracts are up, you'll see a lot of Android users flock to T-Mo. IMO if we all switch over T-Mo will flourish and there will be more competition between them and AT&T now that they'll both have International Bands.
We'll become a Prepaid dominant country like the rest of the world soon enough.

If that were true Verizon would offer unlimited data just to take away one of the big selling points Sprint or T-mobile has over them. Then the other carriers would only have the cost of their plan to use against them. No, I think unlimited does matter but this guy is obviously going to defend his company and do what he can to get those unlimited grandfathered people off his network or on to a new plan. I am sure they would end the grandfathering in a heartbeat if it didn't come with such bad press. They don't care about losing the high data users, they care about the bad press it would bring.

Most of my current data needs are fulfilled by WiFi. But I think down the line... a few years from now... when the cable companies start their data caps... I will be happy that I'm locked into an unlimited plan. A premium subsidized phone on Verizon might save $350, but when you amortize it over 24 months the full price on that phone is cheaper than having to buying more data on a fixed plan.

Last month 5 phones on a shared data plan through Verizon with 8GB of data ate through all 8GB in 3 weeks because our ISP took 2 weeks to come out and install their service. You can't tell me there isn't some reason for Unlimited. It doesn't matter what some high muckity muck thinks about Unlimited Data as they probably get that Unlimited Data while sipping on that fat paycheck.

"I think a lot of consumers think they consume a lot more data than they really do."

And I think a lot of cellular service providers want consumers to think that providing mobile data costs a lot more than it really does.

I blow through 5GB easily on a light month...on avg, I'm around 7/8. At my worst, ive burned, try that one again Shammo, no dice over here.

I've been with Vilerizon for 8 years & I'm curently unlimited off contract with a tired, old Incredible. I never go over 2gb but I Do NOT want to have to worry about overages. I refuse to pay full pop for my next phone to keep unlimited data - stupid. I'm waiting for any one of the following to happen then I'm telling "pig red" to kiss my brownhole:
Sprint lights up lte in the Los Angeles area (was supposed to happen 4 mos ago...)

Someone, anyone drops the price on the SG3 to under $100 on t-mo (should be happening any day now with the iphone dropping)

The note 2 drops.

I used to love virizon! New every 2! Had fios too. But they've gotten SO GREEDY! Took away NE2. Raised rates for fios (as if $180 a month wasn't enough!) Then this B.S. Pooled data. I'm done. I've allready ditched fios - thanks virizon for making me a cord cutter!
Soon, you get NONE of my money!!!

he says customers think they use more data than they actually use...maybe time to fine tune their data use widget then? because that's telling me exactly how much data i'm using according to them

I would use a lot more data if it weren't for caps.

It's hardly a benefit going shared when you're charging people to add additional devices.

That's just so dumb to say, that unlimited just a word without meaning . If it so like that, than why don't u offer unlimited?? Cuz its just word doesn't mean anything .right??

N this coming from CEO lolz

As always CFO'S would say something like that just not to bring back unlimited and continue offering tiered plans to customers. They make more money that way waiting for ppl to go over to hit them with a higher bill. If unlimited is just a word why not offering it to customers again and stop worrying about what the new data packages ur going to offer every 2-3 yyears. These CFO's/CEO's are outta touch.

Comments like the one from that a$$hat Shammo just make me that much happier that I dumped Verizon and went with a MVNO (Straight Talk).

Unlocked Galaxy Nexus, Jelly Bean, and not having that feeling that my carrier is going to try something to screw me out of more money while providing less service == great feeling.

What that tool of a CEO fails to understand is that different people have different needs, and different usage patterns. Those who have a normal job and have normal landline service at home with a router don't necessarily use a ton of cellular data each month, because during work hours, you are NOT on the phone or playing with apps or whatever. The issue is that there are people who are NOT in that situation, and are unemployed, underemployed(part time work because there ARE very few jobs in many places), people on vacation(2 weeks on vacation). You also have kids and teenagers, who have a lot more free time, so will be using more data to watch videos and such.

Then you have those who have active e-mail accounts that get a ton of spam, and those can eat up a lot of bandwidth. The real thing is that you have to understand that not everyone uses their phones the way you do, some use it more, some less. If you are a parent, then unlimited data is a REALLY good idea, especially during the summer months when the cell phone you gave your child will be using bandwidth at an insane rate.

I've just decided that "early termination fee" is just a phrase and doesn't really mean anything. I'm sure that Mr. Shammo would agree...

Wow, I didn't expect this kind of journalism from Android Central - inflammatory, suggestive title designed to incite riot with a reader base that has a sore wound already from losing new unlimited data plans. In the quote, it is obvious he didn't mean "unlimited is just a word" in the context your title implies to the average AC reader. You even indicate in the text that you understand what he meant (that when people see they don't use or need a bajillion gigabytes, they are fine with sharing data to save money on multiple lines). Why incite the hatred with such a suggestive and misleading title?

You would certainly have gotten plenty of the angry comments anyway, but I think the title brings people in with a bad frame of mind already.

Edit: I should have added that I have unlimited data with Verizon and will do all I can to keep it until they show me a bigger cost savings when sharing data with my two lines. I don't like monitoring my usage, and my usage and my wife's usage are erratic - 5GB one month and then 1GB the next, depending on our free time and schedules. I would have to overpay to avoid overages or monitor usage closely and try to swap plans up or down constantly mid-month if I switched to tiered data. That said, I still see what Shammo was saying, and I don't think that the title captures it at ALL.

Unlimited people using what they pay for isn't screwing anyone! It's the way VZW can turn everyone against one another to fatten their own pockets. They don't care about their customers they only care about the all mighty $$$ in their pockets. It's time people stood up to big businesses like them and said when is enough money! I mean come on now they pay people minimum wage and rape everyone one of their customers for a boat load of money and for what good reception and crappy service when you do have an issue come one!

If i remember correctly a while back something was raised about that "early termination fee" not being legal but i am not sure where that went off to probably the same area the VZW breaking an agreement with the FCC did. Speaking of which where did that fine go? I mean i am a VZW customer and VZW was unfairly charging people for tethering. Oh and by the way your going to tell me that people with shared data isn't going to get charged for tethering yet those with the unlimited plans will i would think that still violates the agreement with the FCC!

I use to say I would never use more than 2GB of data based on my habits, but my habits have since changed. When I was on Sprint with my OG EVO 4G, I would always connect to wi-fi to conserve battery, and because Sprint's 3G became progressively worse in South FL. Then, I switched to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus, and was always on wi-fi, mostly to conserve battery. The LTE radio, while it was never really on, still drained the hell out of my battery. I am now on T-Mobile with an unlocked Nexus, and find myself streaming more and more, and using my GPS more often. I've started running, so I use an app to track my distance and time, and I stream music at the same time. I use to be consistently under 1GB each month. This month, I am at 2.2GB with 3 days left in my pre-paid plan. I plan on upping the days I run a week, and find myself streaming music in the car everyday on my commute to work. I've got 5GB a month of 4G, why not use it? If i find I start going over it, then I will switch to the new unlimited value plan. Unlimited is NOT just a word.

I think that, with the advent of LTE, it will be incredibly easy to go over your shared data pool. I think that this is Verizon telling us, "Oh, it'll be alright, you don't REALLY need that," while they think to themselves, "Oh man is it going to be great when we get to charge for all those overages."

With 3G, I agree with you--most people use less data than they think they do. With LTE, it's EASY to eat 2GB in a month. I do it every month, in fact.

Finally, if Verizon is so sure people don't use all that much data, WHY LIMIT IT AT ALL? If people weren't going over those caps, they wouldn't bother making them because there would be no need. It's just them grabbing for more money, plain and simple. And they're doing it at the cost of their customers. I sincerely hope Sprint and T-Mobile's unlimited plans draw customers like crazy so that we can get unlimited plans back on all the carriers.

Unlimited on a bad network sucks....

HSPA+ may be fast (T Mobile), but Sprint has a bad track history with 4G. It either works or it doesn't. Complain, and folks will tell you "you knew the service was "coming" when you bought that 4G phone, tough luck.

The main issue I had with Sprint was that their Wimax in my area was late, and it was completely unreliable. Then, they got the iPhone, and of course people who didn't wan to pay an arm and leg for AT&T or Verizon flocked to it. With the majority of their customer base still using 3G, plus the influx of new iPhone customers, it became almost unusable. I was excited when I bought my EVO 4G and had the dream of finally getting 4G, but the dates kept getting pushed more and more, then when it finally got here, it was below lackluster. I'd get so upset when the reps would tell me I had 4G in my area, and I'd bite back with "You don't live here, it's a piece of garbage."

T-mobile's coverage is acceptable where I live and commute to, and it is fast enough for what I need it for.

In other words he is saying "We screwed up".
If we would have known how big this "data thing" was going to be we would have never offered unlimited data.

Every major decision made by large companies, etc. is based on how to make more money.
Think about it, they figured out a way to make more money without changing a thing. That's bottom line brilliance. That being the case, he now needs to spin it so that it sounds like it's a good thing for the consumer.
What's he going to say? Yeah, this new program is a real money maker for us, too bad you are all getting screwed.
Those that believe that the plan was put together with our best interest in mind....well, mission accomplished.

What gets me about the pricing models, is the lack of rollover data. I am more inclined to go UNDER one month, then OVER in other months.

With carriers offering Any Mobile, and now unlimited Mobile, quite honestly none of the users on my account use even 50% of their plan minutes, cause they call wireless numbers, receive calls from them, or use the phone after 7 PM. (sprint plan). My Verizon line costs me $64.99 plus $30 a month (450 minutes, any mobile, unlimited text, 4GB data). I barely use 2GB a month.

Personally, I use wifi at home and at my clients (when allowed). My battery last longer using Wi-Fi and it's faster than the LTE network most of the time.

Pricing for voice has come way down. They next thing was texting from pay per text, to various plans. Now, the carrier are bundling voice and text (the two areas that are seeing less use by many) and making their profits off data plans.

I used to miss my unlimited data (when my phone was with Sprint). I like the more stable connection with Verizon.

Agreed. I switched to Sprint because of all VZW's new policies. I pay less, and get better 3G connectivity than any of my VZW friends (an anomoly, I know).

That being said, I'm ticked about my 4G (WiMax) coverage. It stopped expanding right after I bought my phone. It works great where I work (2 to 7 Mbps depending on where exactly I am), but coverage is sporadic.

That being said, my 3G is pretty stable, and I use more than 2GB most months by myself. I'll stick it out and wait to see where the next LTE rollout is going to be for Sprint.

The reality is that people on tiered plans are more mindful of their usage and as such tend to use less data. I always believe that people should have the choice of how much data they want to consume, have low cost tiers for those that use very little data but also have truly unlimited plans (including tethering and hotspot) for those that want it.

I also agree--but the prices they're asking for 5 or 8 GB are freaking ridiculous. That's the problem. It should be this:

2GB shared data: $Cheap (maybe $15 per month per line?)
Unlimited data: $NotAsCheap (maybe $25 or $30 per line?)

I'm sick of getting reamed on cost just becuase I need data for my job.

I would have no prob with not having unlimited if the cost of the tiers they have weren't so expensive.I use 8 to 10 gb a month and what they charge for that is ridiculous. Yeah i agree a lot of people do over rate how muc they use but they one who actually know get screwed by not having unlimited

This was the stupidest rant I have ever read. Verizon can do what they want. You can decide to stay or go. Have you never been to a restaurant that stopped making something that used to be on the menu for years?? They can stop offering whatever service they want. It's not extortion.

It's rants like this that make people not take your stupid site seriously. I can totally imagine a geeky dork sitting there stream video game reviews all day while picking cheese puff out of his braces. Grow up and join the real world.

Journalists are no naive. Just like most high school teachers can't help any student be anything but a teacher because that's all they know. Journalist, go work for a real company that is responsible for real profit. You'll learn something.....Gah

Update: And if that "survey" up there was of any real indication, Sprint would be the largest carrier in the country. Get your phone from Sprint if you're unhappy with the rest.

Unlimited doesn't really mean anything? Here's a reference for you.

un·lim·it·ed adjective \-ˈli-mə-təd\

Definition of UNLIMITED
1: lacking any controls : unrestricted
2: boundless, infinite
3: not bounded by exceptions : undefined

Examples of UNLIMITED

Membership gives you unlimited access to the facilities.
This ticket is good for unlimited travel on all trains.
This plan allows you to make an unlimited number of phone calls to anywhere in the U.S.
Her funds seem to be unlimited.

un·lim·it·ed/ˌənˈlimitid/ Adjective: Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

Unlimited IS a word. And it means everything. I'm on Mobilicity in Toronto and unlimited means exactly that. Sure no LTE speeds and sure they may throttle, but unlimited is how I roll.

Come on I'm using 1 gigs each month but my dad uses 7 each month. Sharing plans would never work for us!

This guy is a total fool. With the move towards everything being CLOUD based and this guy selling phones with no external memory card storage you NEED to have unlimited data. All these great apps for streaming and this guy seriously thinks we don't need unlimited data. He's just a moron and so is the company. I can watch one NHL game on gamecenter app on my phone and go close to 2gb. A movie, forget about it. IT's absurd that he thinks unlimited data is unnecessary.

Unlimited data is unnecessary for most people. It may be nice to have but the majority of us dont use more than 3-5 gb. Who the hell uses their mobile device to diwnload crap all day anyways.

Stream vid, music, browse email, check email that all i need it for. I have a desktop and laptop for downloading. Its much more productive that way. What the hell are people doing that they use 30gb of data a month.

Try getting a gf instead of downloading crap all day. Or get a hobby if ur that much of a loser.

Im thankful for my unlimited data and open source platform phone..I'm currently at 50gb 5 days into my billing cycle. So yes, unlimited is necessary.

And i use that data streaming netflix with my girlfriend for a few hours each night. Its not that hard to use that amount of data.

So, I get from this, I should not buy a smart phone. If all data needs to be through wi-fi why pay for a data plan? Especially since most carriers want approximately $50 a month, for something they don't want you to use! This on top off the hundreds of dollars for the phone.

My complaint is with carriers branding their data plans as unlimited when they clearly are not. Imagine a home phone service markets a plan as unlimited. Then customers who talk on the phone too much get throttled down to 1 hour of talking a day for the rest of the month. They rest of the time they get a busy signal. People wouldn't tolerate it. I doubt the FCC would either.