Verizon today announced eight new locations that will be receiving its 4G LTE service starting March 15. They are:

  • Dothan and Enterprise, Ala.
  • Naples, Fla.
  • Greenville, N.C.
  • Altus and Durant, Okla.
  • Longview/Marshall, Texas. 

Additionally, LTE service will be expanding in:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Elkhart, Ind.
  • Baltimore, Md.
  • Columbus, Miss.
  • Northern N.J.
  • Wilmington, N.C.
  • Duncan, Okla.
  • Allentown/Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Pa.
  • Hilton Head, S.C.
  • Cleveland, Tenn.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  • Kenosha, Madison and Milwaukee, Wis.

Verizon also said it'll have more than 400 LTE markets online by the end of the year.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Verizon announces new LTE cities, expansions


In the meantime, I'm in no hurry for an upgrade... seems Fargo, ND isn't all that important in the upgrade scheme, unless it means they get my money for a phone and an "upgraded" (more limited) contract. :\

THAT! is hilarious! The first post is someone from Fargo. I was going to complain and whine that Bismarck would be one of the last areas to get 4G due to the low population of the state and area in general. I just wonder if we will have 4G here before the Droid Razr i just got, is eligible for a upgrade in two years?
It's cool there's a couple of NoDaks on Android Central...blows my freakin' mind!

How about they fix current 4G problems? Outside my building where I normally get a very strong, full service signal, 20+ Mbps, dropped 4 times from my car to my building! The constant 4G drops should be PRIORITY NUMBER 1. Who wants to move to a 4G phone if it works 30% of the time?!?

True, but the constant switching between CDMA and LTE is a colossal battery killer. It does decrease the functionality of the phone.

I'm going to ride this Sprint train I'm on until Verizon finally comes to Panama City Beach, FL. Then, it's just a matter of waiting for the right phone to come around.

Wow, it looks like PA is the "flagship" state or something like that. I'm not complaining though. I spend time in Pittsburgh, Allentown/ Bethlehem, State College, Philadelphia, and everywhere in between, so it's all good for me!

Greenville NC is actually already on, has been all week! Getting a pretty consistent 11meg down.

I'm sure this is because of US Cellular ramping up their LTE service. Not complaining as I have been enjoying it myself.

Well I've had 4G in central NJ since late last month, and it's great, they list it as northern NJ, in any case what I've always wondered is what is defined as a market? Given how they just keep saying they expanded in Northern NJ, just curious?

Although this message is not very important to me, but It is worth looking forward to what will they do by the next step

jeez when the heck is lower NY (north of nyc) going to get it!! come on verizon you give it to Poughkeepise for some reason but not us!

Southern NY right above the PA border is probably never getting LTE. Sucks too because this is a pretty big college area. Oh well, 4G sucks your battery dry quicker anyway.

They probably try to avoid colleges :) I imagine they are a high percentage of people tethering on rooted phones with torrents running 24/7.

They are targeting college areas. Large number of areas getting it are getting it in college towns and in larger cities, the strongest signals are near the colleges.

It also seems to be a trend for AT&T. Bloomington, Mincie and Lafayette (West) are basically college towns with giant schools.

Agreed. Streamed You Tube in HD w/ 4 bars on 4g inside LSU's Tiger Stadium on gameday. No one on AT&T could use their phone.

It'd be nice if they would just provide the coverage that they show on their map. According to their map, the city where I live has had 4G coverage for well over 6 months, yet I am still unable to get a 4G signal. A customer service rep even told me that the coverage map shows projected coverage, not actual coverage. Blah, blah, blah. Bets on Verizon's 4G network going down March 15th?

Maybe they will keep expanding Harrisburg until they make their way down here to York. It really sucks here because Harrisburg is half and hour north and Baltimore is an hour south, but we have no lte.

I'm surprised York dosent have it. It went live in Lebanon in mid December. A market half the size. Unless Lebanon is considered a Harrisburg market.

Over to Lancaster would be fabulous too. Actually, if they could just work on reception near my house I'd be thrilled. It's such a kicker, since I moved to Lancaster from Harrisburg right before they implemented 4G.

maybe they should get back to being the most reliable network and not concentrate so much on expansion til they can actually KEEP 4G running all the time?!?!?

I called Bif Red today to ask why Pensacola, FL (one of, if not the poorest town in Florida) has 4G why Fort Walton Beach, which houses 3 Air Force bases had it for 3 days, then they took it away. The people that can't afford food let alone a 4G phone get priority? How funny is that?

4G has been terrible in Savannah all month. In and out, sometimes 3G is gone also. I see no data as much as I see 4g these days. I hope everywhere gets 4g, but I also think I should be getting what I pay for.

I can't wait for the Philadelphia area 4G expansion! I live about 15 minutes outside of the current 4G area and I'm really hoping this will bring it to my house! :)

EDIT: Just got off the phone with Verizon and they said that they should be rolling out the 4G expansion tomorrow and it will reach my area!

Sweet. Going to be in Hilton Head at the end of May for vacation. Now if only they would expand it just a bit more west of Atlanta than they already have. I'm about ten miles too far out :(

Got a rezound on sale last week, in Northern NJ I get up to 21 Mbps down, let's see if this speeds it up even more :D

They keep mentioning North Jersey. which town's are they referring to. When will south Jersey get some 4g love. Servioce here in AC is very spotty.