Can't say we didn't see this one coming, can we? Verizon has sent out communication in regards to another press conference, separate from the one we were at yesterday here at CES, which is for Jan 11th in NYC. We all know Apple, and we know they like to be the center of attention which makes sense as to why it will be done next week, and away from this main event, where everyone already is. So, with the Verizon iPhone coming down the pipeline, or maybe it is really just the HTC Merge, will you be leaving your current device behind for one, or staying strong with your Android device? Keep your eyes posted to our good friends at TiPB so we can keep up with any updates they may receive. [via TiPB]


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Verizon to announce the iPhone on Jan 11th?

Verizon is one of the powerhouses behind android right now. Their Droid Does Campaign totally changed how the public at large percieved android, even if those people don't have Verizon themselves. If they're picking up the phone that made them market an alternative so hard, it does affect android, even if only indirectly. Not to mention that this is a networked site (Smartphone Experts) so cross linking is a good thing.

I was just about to rant about "what happen to the iphone verizon" wow....well if it does come I might jump from sprint.(been with them for 3 months) I dunno. I'll have the money to pay the high monthly plans. I guess it comes down to is the phone really worth it(LTE,Front camera,semi upgraded) if not than I'll stick with the Evo since it pretty much does everything most of the phones these days are starting to do on a average........Go Evo. wooohoooooooo

Wow..Jump ship and pay early termination plus over 60+ dollars a month just to own a phone that is factually slower and inferior to many if not all of the high in smart phones out there?? Then sign a contract that you can't upgrade for 20 months and only have 14 days to take a product back if you don't like it???? My friend if you want an app launcher that bad why not just buy an Iphone jailbreak it and go to Tmobile with no contract. You will still come out cheaper if you kept both sprint and Tmobile and then have one super phone and one semi-super phone. Hmmm..some people just don't think...smh

While you are right, the iPhone is the most supported phone on the market, in apps and accessories and it's built in iPod software is better than Androids media player and the fragmentation of Android OS sucks since whenever the new version is announced it takes forever for each device to get it. But the iPhone is pretty locked down under Apple's rule.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages so it's personal preference.

or.... keep your EVO on Sprint and buy an iPod Touch avoiding additional contract. Root the EVO, unlock WiFi tethering, Jailbreak the iPod Touch. Best of both worlds on 4G and no ETF's. The only sacrifice is VZW coverage> Sprint.

That's actually not a bad idea...
Only downside is that you'd have to carry 2 devices, but you could just pretend it's 2006 (pre-iPhone) and you're having to carry both your mp3 player and phone anyways

How is Verizon $60 more a month on Sprint cause I know their plans like the back of my hand (work in customer service) and it isn't much more than Verizon especially if you pay the $10 EVO fee.

It's extremely unlikely that the verizon iPhone will support LTE, much less high-speed LTE (42mbps or whatever). Apple doesn't like to mess around with newly-developing standards, and will almost certainly release it as a 3G phone. Don't expect to see any 4G goodness from Apple til the next generation

I'm thinking about ditching my Evo for a VZW iPhone as well. The battery life is ridiculous and I miss the polish of iOS. We'll see how the plans compare. I'm more focused on user experience and not just specs. Apple's industrial design is also very good. Btw I have tried custom ROMs on my Evo, way easier to jailbreak an iPhone or restore to stock. I think there are some great Androd phones out there and Google is making rapid progress but still lags Apple on day to day livability.

not a big fan of this, i actually really am hoping it does come so that people stop asking me a million times a day, "ummm when is the iphone coming to verizon??" stupid, the iphone is horrible, you want an iphone, get an ipod touch its cheaper

That's it, it time to jump ship to Verizon sell my Evo and get that Iphone I never wanted...I don't think so! If it ain't on Sprint I will never own it...then again I will never own an Iphone.

It would effect android devices. When/if a iPhone comes to Verizon, it'll give android some competition(BlackBerry isn't doing to great of a job with that lol). Competition means things get even better, faster. It's a win win if you're a android user like myself, or iOS like some other people.

I agree with I_Am_Incredible this isn't an iPhone blog. Or a Verizon blog at that, unless it effects my Android devices it's rather pointless.

I also agree with dannyseed, I want dual core monster all the news phones are just shy of being unimpressive over what was already out there.

look i looooovvvvveeee my dinc but i do love how apple rolls out updates and i do like that retina screen, it is beautiful. having said that i dont know, i wanna see how it plays out.

edit:hey, we should all r.s.v.p to the email for $hits and giggles...

android central was my home to get away from iphone rumors....why. why did u have to join the crowd for these pointless false rumors.

this will be a showcase of the devices an lte. an release dates announced. imo

I was actually looking for a place i could ask how do you think verizon having the iPhone 4 will affect its android lineup. one thing i love about VZW is the fact that its android lineup is pretty expansive.


One story out of a dozens posted the last three days isn't like its a big deal.

There was a legitimate angle to the story. How many would jump ship to an iPhone if it didn't come with AT&T? How many have Android simply because they are stuck on VZW for what ever reason?

Yeah i agree. I personally hope some people leave AT&T and unclog the network and go to verizon for the iPhone. Me personally, I have an iPhone because of lack of stellar android phones on the network. Thank you Moto for the Atrix.

Man you nailed it...People leaving will free up the network lines and AT&T will improve their network no matter what people may say here, especially with the money made from all the iPhone services it gained in the past couple I still have unlimited data and great service in my area. Also I'm glad AT&T is no longer exclusive to the iPhone and forced to compete with new Android phones. This is great for all of us as well as Google/Android. The Atrix will be, my next upgrade when it is available.

Am an EVO owner,and am happy with my android and with Sprint,the Iphone to me just GAME TOYS AND MP3,but as a phone? I don`t think so,Steve Job and VZW Or EVEN SPRINT can keep it....EVO or NONEeeeeeeeeeeee.

Android forever!!!! Never cared for an iphone and never will. I love my widgets, launchers, and os better. At least iphone users on vzw can call and text me free. Lol like someone else said bring on the dual core monsters


I will never go from Android to iPhone. That's like going from a Audi to a Hyundai. I would rather slit my own wrists with a rusty, dull butter knife. I understand why Verizon is doing it (if it's true, we still have to wait and see), but I will personally not be leaving my buddy Lloyd. And anybody that does, good, we don't want you on this side anyway.

The iPhone is the last thing on my mind. Android is currently the OS with the most power, features, device type, and users. Android will dominate the market. I don't wan't iPhone rumor crap here, I WANT ANDROID RUMORS LOL

It'll definitely make Motorola and HTC really dazzle us with specs and timely updates. Motorola could and has been lazy up until now. Bring on that pos Iphone.

Around Christmas A family member of mine that works for att told me Verizon backed out of the deal with apple... it would be a surprise!

I will say that the iPhone is a good quality phone, it has alot of blocked features and apples in general blows a huge one, but you gotta give them that the phone is a good piece. Android will soon dominate and i do believe that people who own androids that dont really utilize there phone, such as rooting and using it to its capabilities will jump ship and get an iPhone. Once Android incorporates the dummy proofing that apple offers it will be more popular with everyone.

Just because someone doesn't root their phone does not mean they are not utilizing it.

Maybe they just need reliable phone, email, web browsing, messaging, and haven't the time or inclination to spend days rooting, romming, wiping, reloading, etc.

Maybe because there is, in reality, very little to be gained by all of that that has any real value.

Iphone users probably root more often than Android, simply so they can do what they want on the phone. They've been rooting a lot longer. Even Rene Richie is now posting rooting stories on TiPb.

you might want to look up the difference between jailbreaking and rooting. very different concepts. Android is a linux system built to allow superuser access that just happens to be locked down by the manufactures iOS is locked down from the start by the evil man in the black turtleneck.

Jailbreaking and rooting are one in the same. Both Android and iOS are *nix. They both have root access locked away...even the Nexus has it locked. It doesn't matter who took away root access or why.

I disagree. There is nothing else too dummy proof on Android. It works like common sense. In fact I think many folk that started off with Android will find that single button on the iPhone unintuitive.

The only thing about this post that is remotely exciting is the possibility that AT&T will be pushing to get the Atrix out sooner rather than later. I hope anyway, lol.

My son wanted to upgrade from a feature phone to an iPhone on Verizon when it came out.....Got him a Driod Incredible for Christmas and locked him into a 2 year contract before this came out......sorry NO iPhones in this house!!

I love Apple products. I use them at home and at work. But since I have an Inc. I could care less about the iPhone coming to Verizon. Steve may be considered a genius by many, but he was really stupid in getting chained to ATT for so long. I year ago I would have dumped my BB in a secong for an iPhone.

I even keep holding out for a nice Android tablet rather than getting the iPad. That Nook Color is looking real nice once it gets an Android OS

Had an iPhone, keeping my DroidX and others can have the iPhone (don't forget Adobe Flash) I still smile when my friends pull out their iPhones and me with my X. Ha ha ha

Could have upgraded today but was holding out for this announcement when I heard it was coming soon. Will have to upgrade by 1/16 to get another one year upgrade before VZW eliminates this. Probably going to a DroidX.

Hope this accelerates the 4G Android phones to the VZW network!

Speaking of rooting. I do use my Incredible to its fullest and I haven't rooted. Not everyone needs to root their device. Certain things done can void out the warranty and rooting is one of them

I'm fine with having the best of both worlds. The awesome power, apps, and openness of my Samsung Fascinate, and the great games on my iPod Touch.

Well I'm ready for the day personally. I'm tired of all the excuses from iFools about why Android is growing so fast. Lets put the iPhone on Verizon and see what happens. Its pretty much a make or break day for Apple. If they don't make Android take a back seat with this then the critics will certainly say Android has more excuses to hide behind.

Everyone is gonna get so pumped up for the iphone and be disappointed when all they announce is the pre 2 lol

Oh brother. I was really really hoping this shit phone would stay off Verizon. I'm on att atm. trust me you dont want this crap on VZW bogging down their network too.

FYI -- obvious apple troll posts are being removed. The purpose of this is for Android users to discuss how (if it all) this impacts them.

Not for the usual suspects to try and cause more trouble.

Carry on, I'll be here all night :)

Last time I checked my phones UI was consistent enough for me. I press one of the hardware buttons and what I expect to happen happens. I don't get FC's errors on core apps. Apple is neat, consistent....and simple to the point of being limited. If you're talking about consistent looks I don't think we need everything to look exactly alike and boring for it to be functional.

i personally think apple is scared. android estimates around 300,000 devices sold a day along with over selling apple in november. at CES att announced what? 10+ phones that are coming out this year. all of them are awesome devices. dual core and everything. if the iphone went to verizon i wouldnt jump the boat at all nor would i tell people to get the iphone. you can do so much more with android. i back up loyd all day with my phone. i have a rooted eris. yes i have a mid range phone but i didnt know about it at the time. i can still smash on peoples iphones all the time with speed, widgets, google maps, and more.
Dolt baby! Dolt! ill be able to take a bullet with that phone and survive! haha

I was with AT&T for a number of years. I switched to Verizon for the Droid X and unlimited data. I do wish Android users had the selection of apps iPhone users have andI hope in time we will.

Does anyone else get spammed every time they post a comment. Every comment I post gets spammed. If you guys would like feedback then stop spamming everything I post.

I think that now that Android has become the standard on smartphone, we can mention news of any phone os.
Doesn't matter the iphone goes to Verizon, the focus now is going to be on Android and the 4G.

I have an iPhone and an evo, and say what you want apples old tech is still a head of the game. The games they show case for the tetra 2 phones have been on iPhones forever, and run and play just as smooth. The iPhone 5mp cam crushes some of those 8mp cameras on some phones. This is very serious if android is gonna keep it's lead they need to beef up the market to compare with apples. Great software will keep the lead, they already proved they can inspire great phones. I love the 4.3 and 4.5 phones. If apple starts making variations to the iPhone screen sizes and ever let adobe develop flash, it would be dooms day.

One thing to remember is Iphone has also been around a lot longer so as far as games and applications go I think Android will surpass them. The main reason being that android is on every carrier and not tied to only AT&T and now possibly Verizon. If jobs intends to keep his strong hold he would have to open up to all carriers.