Motorola and Verizon

Here we go again, folks. Motorola and Verizon just sent us a save-the-date invite for an event Sept. 5 in New York City. Whatever could it be? The Droid RAZR HD? A new tablet? Something completely different? Only one way to find out. Set your calendars, cause we'll be there with bells on.


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Verizon and Motorola doing it up Sept. 5 in NYC


My guess is something that's already out but with MAXX or HD added and locked to the gills..

And will be getting ICS withing a year.

Verizon finally telling everyone that they prefer Motorola and Motorola only. They will be discontinuing all other manufacturer brands. Plus most of them have crappy reception/signal as well as battery draining LTE network.

This made me spit out my drink because I was laughing so hard... i have a fail Bionic, running .230 ICS and sadly it runs smoother then the GB release... but yeah, Moto owes the dieing Bionic crew a major apology

Lol sorry glad to hear that it's runs so well. Development on the bionic is so slow that I stayed stock and went the Motorola soak test route and am waiting for official ICS. Next time we will both buy Nexus branded phones.

Fingers Crossed for Nexus??? But I would assume they would have announced google being involved in the conference with them. Still I like the from Motorolla, saying "hey we are releasing a phone at the same time as the new iPhone because ours is better".

The irony is that Motorola could easily put together a totally headkicking phone. Just take the RAZR MAXX, put the S4 Krait chipset in it, change the display from Pentile to SLCD and have the firmware be Jelly Bean. The end result would be a crazy fast, high quality build phone with unreal battery life.