BGR has heard some whispers that Verizon has started training employees on the Nexus One. When that happens, it typically means that a product launch is right around the corner as employees are getting ready to sell the device to customers in stores. But given that the Nexus One hasn't been your typical carrier branded smartphone, as in it wasn't available in carrier branded stores, what does this mean?

BGR believes that it means there's a chance that the Verizon Nexus One will show up in stores. We're a little unsure because if the Verizon launch of the Nexus One follows the T-Mobile launch, it'll be more like a non-launch. The Nexus One will just one day begin to exist on the Verizon network. And the only way to get a Verizon Nexus One (like a T-Mobile Nexus One) would be to go through We'd be ecstatic if the Nexus One showed up in Verizon retail stores, but it seems like Google is committed to their current strategy.

Our conclusion is that Verizon is simply training their employees on the Nexus One so they can be better equipped to deal with customer issues and problems that T-Mobile went through. Boring, we know, but unless the Verizon Nexus One is a complete curveball from current strategy, it's probably the most logical. For the record, we wouldn't mind being completely wrong on this one.

What do you think Verizon is training their employees on the Nexus One for? Customer service or in-store sales?

Update: Got pinged on Twitter by someone who says they're a retail manager for Verizon and hasn't heard anything about that. Lends credence to our belief that this is more customer service than in-store sales.


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Verizon already training employees on the Nexus One? What for?


I think verizon will not sell the phone in the store but will have a model you can play with/test out. Who would buy a phone they've never seen? Also you'd be able to bring it in and get it fixed. Also it gives the phone more exposure. I think the iphone sells so good b/c of the apple store as the nexus one is so much better of a device. It's all about marketing. I don't see people going into At&t to get an iphone. Also it's in every mall so hundreds of people walk by it everyday or at least see there commercials. If this is true it can be a big win for the n1. Although i'd love to be the only one of my friends with a n1 unlike everybody else who has a blackberry or iphone.

I asked local stores about Nexus One and the Devour the last couple of visits. They said expect something on both toward the end of March, but were convinced the Nexus One would not be in the stores and to expect all support to be done over the internet. I hope they are wrong since T-mobile stores offer zero in the way of info/ demo model/ etc.

I'm not sure why google sells the N1 this way. Its a bit arrogant and short sighted. The only people who will ever buy it are diehard hardcore users that know they want it. Customers in stores considering a smartphone will never have the option of the N1 due to only selling it online and not even having a floor/display unit.

Are you going to spend $200-$600 on a device without ever having laid hands on one? Even if some people are, would a majority of cell phone users? I say no.

nexus one on t-mobile was a soft release. Kind of a test. Verizon won't sell it in the store but will have a phone model out so you can play with it and also in store support. Wouldn't be surprised either we start seeing commercials. Just my thought's who knows until it releases. I don't think google or verizon know 100% yet either but i think this might be the turnout.

at this point nobody knows but lets wait and see. I think you'll be suprised and i hope you are. I really want a n1 but would love to test it first you know. No proof and i never claimed it to be true, but just my opinion so i'm unsure why your asked for proof.

"Here, try our newest phone on the market. If you decide to purchase one of our CSR's will be happy to assist you at the ordering kiosk beside the display case."


google has reported their marketing of the device was a fail so i think they're going to change it up. At least they'll have in store support for broken phones........hopfully.

I'm still within 30-day period I'm hoping that an official word is said whether they are or arent going to sell the phone. I would drop my droid in a heartbeat

what are your biggest reasons for wanting to drop the droid? (better processor and better screen or are there other reasons?)

first off the t-mobile nexus one will be different from the verizon version in terms of bugs and quirks. The desire hasn't even been released yet either. On the nexus one you will always be the first to get OTA updates were as with the Desire it could be months. Also you could always root (n1 has largest hacking community)the nexus one and port over HTC sense to it. Nexus one also has voice cancellation which is imperative to speak to text. Both phones are on the same level and one's not better than the other. I suggest you look into the incredible as it's similar to the desire. New htc sense, 1 Ghz processor, 3.7 inch screen etc.

"We'd be ecstatic if the Nexus One showed up in Verizon retail stores, but it seems like Google is committed to their current strategy." Then they wonder why the sells were so poor... I wouldn't have gotten my Droid if it wasn't for the store display. I was playing with it for an hour then I thought to myself.. yes this is an awesome phone. This is a poor idea not to have a store display...

I don't see why some seem to think that the nexus launch was a fail. Are you expecting to see the kind of numbers that the Droid did??? Google knows what they're doing. Besides this ie their phone. If you want it, get it. If not go down to your local carrier and pick up another Android device. There OS an explosion of different Android devices out there and coming out, one of these will fit most everyone. But if you want THE GOOGLE PHONE, the one that Google gives it developers(ie: g1) then order it sight un seen.