The more we use our Android devices on a daily basis, the more we look for ways to integrate them with the most simplistic tasks of our day. One user had a great thought to write their own application so that they could use their device to open the garage upon arrival to their house. Of course they were scared of the application opening the door from their job, or anywhere else, so they took some extra precautions, and the end result proved to be well worth it. Hit the source link for more information, and take a look with us after the break for the application in action. [via XDA]


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Android garage door opener? Why not!


Very nice indeed. I have a similar setup as well but have the garage door open / close automatically from my phone when it approaches the house (Tasker sees that I am near, my Wifi Access point is in range, and my car's bluetooth is engaged, it will post an HTTP request to open the garage door to my Mister house server. Of course Misterhouse sorts out if it is already open or not and if there are any obstructions in the path of the door )

The app communicates with the Linux box, which is hard wired to the opener via the serial port relay. You don't need to know the frequency since it's hard wired. Although I wonder what security (if any) is in place on the Linux box to keep others from triggering the door to open.

Indeed. I however find women easier to come by when you make enough $$$ from writing apps to not have to work anymore. ;)

Nice, a little in depth but... nice. People have been asking about doing this with their phones for years now. I believe there currently is no phone out there that supports the same radio frequency as most garbage door openers. As a matter of fact a guy in the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, MD tried selling me a t-mobile dash a few years ago and said to me that was one of the features and I got pissed of at him for trying to hustle me.

Wow, that is just too pimpy. For people who saw they have better things to do, it really means they have no clue how to do it. Nicely done.