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U.S. Motorola Xoom Wifi owners look set to receive a software update in the not too distant future. Users registered on the Motorola feedback network are starting to receive emails asking them to take part in a software test. The full email reads like this: 

Hi. Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We would like to invite to you take part in a software test for owners of the U.S. Wi-Fi Xoom. If you are not using a U.S. Wi-Fi Xoom, please excuse and ignore this message.

If you're interested in testing new software and providing feedback about your experience, please fill out this short registration form: We recommend you respond as quickly as possible as start times are generally fluid. Please be patient if we don't contact you right away -- and be prepared for a launch at any time. When we're ready to begin we will send an email with more information, if you register successfully.

Regards, Matt Motorola Feedback Network Motorola Owners' Forum

We've known since Google I/O, that the Motorola Xoom is set to be one of the initial Jelly Bean upgrade devices. With the Galaxy Nexus well underway, speculation is bound to begin, hoping that this might well be an indication of Jelly Bean heading to the Xoom sometime soon. Until we see just what it is though, speculation is all it will ever be. 

Thanks Chad!


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U.S. Xoom Wifi owners being invited to take part in software tests, cue speculation


Already sent my survey in going to have reflash back to stock since I'm already on jelly bean os

Dear persons involved in this software test,

Please post the file for 4.1.1 to a forum at your earliest convenience.

Guy Who Wants Jelly Bean on The Xoom

I have Team EOS Jellybean on my Xoom already. It's a welcomed improvement although still not as smooth as on the galaxy nexus.

Same here. I've already put my games back on its so fast and stable. Who would have thought that outside of the Nexus 7, the Xoom is the best android tablet...mostly because its so well supported by devs and super smooth/stable. I also can't live without the LTE on it.

it also depends on what nightly you are running. i am running on 1.4 and have no lag, whatsoever. i am a heavy chrome browser and heavy video streamer

I got my survey, my device is stock 100% so im sure i will be picked.. if i get it how do i get the off it and up here?

Damn myself for buying the 3G/4G Xoom. And I don't even use the network. I want to exchange mine for the WiFi only version. Damn Verizon. Well at least I now I know jelly bean is coming to my Xoom eventually. It is technically the same machine minus the network capabilities. Right? So work out the bugs and get it to me. LOL. But seriously thanks to the WiFi only Xoom owners for the extra time your putting fourth for all of us android freaks. Enjoy your jelly bean!!

Here are some important things to know if you want to become, or continue as, a member of the Motorola Feedback Network (MFN).

Now, the only way to register is through your forum profile. This can be done when you sign up for a forum membership, or by visiting your profile here on the site. (Click on your own name to get there.) You will see this at the top of your profile - click the links there to register:

Want to participate in a Motorola Feedback Network Opportunity?
First: Update Contact Information / Motorola Feedback Network Participation Preference (This will take you to the registration page -- if you are not an MFN member, click "I would like to participate in the Motorola Forums" toward the bottom of the page and complete the information requested there.)
Second: Register Your Motorola Products and Opt-in

As a result of this change, only forums members will be able to participate in tests and projects. While this has always been a rule of the MFN, the links to register were often passed on to non-members. Soon, you won't be able to sign up without signing in.

The new registration process will also require that you submit a valid serial number (MEID, etc.). If you don't, you can still be a forums member, but you can't be in the MFN. We need that number to push software, etc., and this way we know it's valid going in. (The other good news is that if you switch phones you can now keep your information up to date so we always have what we need.)

To remain a member in good standing, you will have to provide feedback. In the past, some percentage of owners signed up for software tests, etc., and then "took the software and ran" without providing us with comments or survey responses. Even though it isn't a huge number of people, we really just want to work with those who keep their commitments. We understand that a member may miss once in awhile so this will only effect those who never or rarely give feedback.
Another advantage of the change is that you can register multiple devices on your profile and indicate which of those you want included in the MFN. On our end, we think it will make it much, much easier to generate lists of owners, send invitations, start and end test groups and compile survey results.

After having just unlocked and flashed JB nightly's from (because I didn't think Moto would be pushing out their soaks anytime soon), now I need to figure out how to revert. :/

For those wanting a VZ Galaxy Nexus with the CDMA radio, there's a TORO floating around out there which came out two days after the 1st GOOGLE IO keynote.