If you're in the middle of pulling sd cards, running scripts, or swearing profusely at your HTC phone while trying to flash a custom recovery image, stop now.  The good people at unrEVOked have released another easy tool that does all the hard work for you. 

We at unrEVOked have just released a tool for rooted Incredibles, EVOs, and
Desires that installs Koush's excellent ClockworkMod Recovery without making
you install an engineering bootloader.

For those on the fence, hopefully this helps the decision a bit.  I've already rooted everything the hard way, so I'd love to hear how it works out for any of you guys who give it a try. [unrEVOked]


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UnrEVOked releases reflash recovery tool for Desire, Evo, and Incredible


Don't be. The Evo was my first adventure into rooting, and it was painless. It took me a couple of hours, because I read, and re-read, then read some more. I followed one of the guides over at xda.I did make folders for each step (root, NAND protection removal) and downloaded all the needed files in advance into them.

Im pretty sure he was asking about a easy way to root the Incredible no the EVO right? I have been looking for the same thing. Anyone know of a easy way?

scared of rooting the evo. the pre was really easy and palm provided the doctor. if you frak up this phone how do you get it back to factory settings without bricking? can you brick it? is it worth it?

+1!!! Tell me about it. I felt WAY more comfortable doing this stuff with my Pre, although I had it for months before I tried anything. I am not yet comfortable with my knowledge level on rooting Android...

This isn't a root replacement. You need to have root on your phone before the reflash tool will work. So if you are still running loop scripts and timing SD cards you need to keep doing that.

I promise I'm not stupid, but...

I've already rooted my Incredible, but I don't know what this is...I've never even heard of a custom recovery image and I cant even find a definition or a simple FAQ or anything.

Is it just enabling the ability to go into recovery directly from the phone easy or what?

Thanks in advance.

Recovery is something you can boot your phone into and do various things such as backup the current rom and its state (nandroid), mount/unmount various system directories, mount your sd card as a usb drive, apply factory update.zip, and apply ROMs from storage/sdcard.

There are a few, clockworkmod, amon_ra, and spr recovery come to mind.

It's basically your key to flashing ROMs quickly and easily from a standard package setup.

This is NOT an easy root method. It is a tool that will allow flashing roms, and also allows SU adb shell during recovery mode with NAND unlocked. You must have already rooted your phone (the hard way) first.

I can't get the tool to work on my mac. It says it quit unexpectedly everytime I run it even after rerooting the computer and reinstalling the tool. I have root by the way.

If you have root this is easy, but you must have root first.

Did mine last night, and backed up nand in less than 15 mins.

Thanks UnEVOked!

Loving the new recovery mode. Nandroid is great for backup. But, you need to already have root to use it because you have to SU in recovery mode and the app that loads on the reboot needs SU rights.

I look forward to rooting my Incredible this weekend. The only question I have is, do I just wait for Froyo 2.2 on the Incredible to be rooted or just hop on. I know once I get the custom ROM bug I won't turn back. I was constantly changing ROM's on my BlackBerry's thanks to great teams out there. I will just plan on taking some time and reading.

Here is my question. It has been explained to me (a NoOb) that the thing that kills a devices warrenty is the state of the bootloader.

Unlocked=Bye Bye Warrenty

is this correct?

If yes, has the bootloader remained lock after root/clockwork install? Will I still have my warrenty up until this point?

Is it true that rooting my incredible will no longer allow me to install ota updates from verizon? If they release an ota update tonight for example that fixes more exhange stuff (like the previos update) will i be able to get it? If not can someone explain how a rooted phone will receive these updates?
Also has there ever been a way in the tpast to load sense on the motorola droids? I want to return my incredible for the droid x but i love a few features of sense like the phone dialer that allows look up by name and number which MOTO doesn't have. Plus i love the weather app. When the Droid x is rooted can a sense Rom be loaded?
Like the other poster I was also wondering if a

Argh some kind of bug on my incredibble wouldn't let mIe finish my post I couldn't put the cursor at the end no matter what It kept going to the middle.
I was asking if they can tell a phone has been rooted or if you can revert? I want to make sure I can still return it

Argh some kind of bug on my incredibble wouldn't let mIe finish my post I couldn't put the cursor at the end no matter what It kept going to the middle.
I was asking if they can tell a phone has been rooted or if you can revert? I want to make sure I can still return it

After my many experiences dealing with people at the Bell Atlantic store...later bought by Verizon...then Verizon....then Sprint, and a couple in between I can tell you with the utmost in anecdotal authority that I have never seen anyone ever that has ever detected a modded phone, ever. Back in the Bell Atlantic days it was hardware mods, though the old motorolas had an awesome test-mode where you could configure it to max out it's trasmit power to like 3 watts....

either way, I have returned, swapped and even have 'sent in' hardware and software modded phones and never heard a single word about it ever. Most people at most of these stores are idiots who barely even know what Android is let alone what it's capable of.

So you'll either get A> Somebody who has _no idea_ what you did, let alone any idea of how to check for it. Or, B> Someone who knows exactly as you did, and as such would likely be just fine with that.

Of course you could get that 1 in a million employee who's into cool stuff, like us, but isn't 'cool'. YMMV of course.

But I'd say it's a safe bet, I've never had any problems. Hell, I'm getting my Evo swapped at radio shack for light leakage and I always go in and show the guy the newest roms and hacks.

Cool, thanks.

What about the Updates? Will i really not be able to get the latest updates from htc/verizon/google OTA because I am rooted?

like they had a fix already for exchange issues on the incredible, if i was rooted when that came out, would i not have gotten it?

if not, how do i get it? wait till a hacker does a new custom rom with it added?

First of all you will likely break your ability to get an OTA update, however if you are still able to get and install it it would then likely break your rootability.

You can't flash a system image older than the one installed, so, you would lose your root, perhaps forever if the new version isn't cracked.

So, yes, you would have to wait for a developer to integrate the OTA into a new rom or update.zip...which typically takes on the order of 2 hours to 2 days, give or take a month, YMMV. There is a number of very dedicated developer communities, XDA at the top of that list. They get stuff done.

I recommend everybody donate what they can to these guys, just to show some appreciation. They get far more accomplished in MUCH less time than the carriers or manufacturers ever have. Ever.

So, yes, you'd probbably have to wait for a developer to integrate that into something else, no it likely wouldn't take long...but you never know.

Riding on the bleeding edge of technology with phones like this is harrowing an experience enough without all of the aftermarket 'independent' modifications. Toss that on there for a real thrill ride, it's a party-like blast at times and down right horrifyingly scary at others.

Bottom line? If you need "5 Nines" out of your phone you probably shouldn't screw with it. If you are the tinkering type it's a ton of fun and rather exciting at times, and you'll always be one generation ahead of devices nearly a generation newer in terms of features and often performance. There is also the insanely remote chance of bricking your phone, and the more likely chance of screwing up your current install and boot-looping then having to nandroid-restore another (takes about 5 mins) install. That can happen alot depending on how much you tinker. The likelihood of anyone at your carrier ever having any idea what you did with your phone in the event of a return or repair scenario is extremely low. When updates come you will have to wait for a developer to hack something together for you, but that probably won't take long--but there's no guarantee, these guys do this for fun and out of the kindness of the hearts and curiosity of their minds...the dev you are depending on might have 'shit to do' for a couple weeks....or can't figure it out for a month.

Take the good with the bad. Or just get another phone, one for your "5 nines" and the other to tinker.

...and then there's moments like last night when I had Froyo running on my evo at 1.2ghz at 55fps and even though I couldn't connect to any network and I could barely load an app to test it before it rebooted....over and over again....now, that's just good old fashioned geek fun.