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Carphone Warehouse and Dixons are set to announce a £3.7bn merger that will create one of the biggest high street technology groups in Britain. Further details regarding the merger will be made available to a Takeover Panel ahead of the May 19 deadline.

The merger will create a new organization that will focus on mobile phones and electrical goods. While a name has not been finalized by both companies' boards, it is believed that the new entity will be called Dixons Carphone Group plc.

Both companies will enter into a merger of equals, which means that Carphone Warehouse's 800 stores will be merged with Dixons' 500 retail outlets. Sir Charles Dunstone, co-founder of Carphone Warehouse, is poised to become the chairman of the combined group, while Dixons executives Sebastian James and Humphrey Singer will serve as chief executive officer and chief financial officer respectively.

An unnamed source revealed to Sky News that the merger would follow a round of lay-offs at both companies' head offices, and that there is a possibility that a new location would serve as the head office.

Source: Sky News


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UK retailers Carphone Warehouse and Dixons to announce £3.7bn merger


Awesome!, now the PC World and Currys unprofessional and untrained sales people (friends of a friend of a friend that refers another friend) can take over the Carphone Warehouse!

Maybe they secretly already have :D
Man, I have really come across some "Tech Guys" at PC World... man, also at CPW trying to give back a Motorola Xoom with factory issues and they put it soooooo difficult!,
I have never been back to Currys or PC World since a guy tried to sell me a Nexus 7 2013, didn't knew nothing about the product (and tried to sell me an iDevice.)

CPW is one of the few companies left that will not accept a returned product, for any reason. Buy a SIM free phone at CPW and they wont take it back, even if its unopened. Online they have to, but in store sales, no. I had to reject my third exchange N5 as unfit for sale and walk out the store threatening legal action for them to let me change to a different model. I wont buy anything from them again.

As a employee of Phones 4u in a Currys store we are being left in the dark about this and have no clue where we stand and we are not getting any answers either

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You'll possibly be out of a job. Other articles say that the partnership between Currys and phones4u will come to an end next year now they are merging with Carphone Warehouse.

Well, the CPW/Best Buy deal was a raging success so this should be a surefire hit! ;)

For you guys in the US, Best Buy and CPW struck a deal to open a number of big Best Buy outlets in the UK a couple of years ago. They came over talking about destroying the Dixons chain (DSG).

Unfortunately, when they turned up, the market conditions were not good and their overall pricing was not much cheaper than the competition (unlike Best Buy in the States). They tanked hard and the stores closed within months (including one round the corner from me).

All this will do is drive down the competition on the high street, though not really sure where they will make big savings, CPW are mainly small stores and Currys/PC World are usually bigger stores in retail parks.

CPW used to be pretty good but I haven't used them in over 6 years since T-Mobile/EE no longer offer me upgrade discounts via 3rd party retailers, only direct.

So now we have pc world currys and carphone warehouse under one roof Yay but what about phones4u employees who work in branches based in currys pc world?
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Hmmmn, my local retail park has a Carphone Warehouse and a Curry's/PCWorld. But, the Curry's/PCWorld store has a Phones4U store inside it. I wonder how that will play out? is this something that is repeated nationally? If it is, i could see some conflict here.

Well this is some bad news indeed.

Also, carphone warehouse should use this as an opportunity to rebrand. Half of their market probably don't even know what a car phone was! Might as well be called rotaryphone warehouse.

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I think Carphone Warehouse has a nice ring to it (excuse the pun!). In Europe they are just called "Phone Warehouse" which doesn't sound as good imo

In case people aren't aware, the phones4u stores inside Currys are closing. This will be replaced by the partnership between Currys and Carphone Warehouse. Well actually, it started off as being a partnership, but has ended up turning into a full blown merger.
According to Currys, the partnership with phones4u will end in every single store next year.
What happens to the phones4u employees in currys store? i don't know

They are employed by phones 4u so will either be moved to another phones4u store or be made redundant, or maybe dixons/cpw might make a deal to employ some of fthem also,