Since the Motorola Xoom can be rooted and unlocked it was only a matter of time before someone tried loading an OS that shouldn't be on there, onto one. As such, the above video shows us that Ubuntu can indeed be loaded up on the Motorola Xoom and while it's certainly not running at optimal speeds the fact it loads at all gives hope to some. If you fancy jamming Ubuntu onto your Motorola Xoom hit up the source link for the full installation instructions. [TRSohmers via Xoom Forums]


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Ubuntu on the Motorola Xoom - For better or worse


well, one of the cool things about having a full desktop experience is you can write android apps for your xoom on your xoom!!! (kinda) hahaha

This is the only native build I have seen. If you get anything working send me a pm in the forum. Would love to get his on my Evo. The kernel should work as HW wise the wireless cards and other hardware is similar to the nexus. Just have not had enough time to try it.

Sites should really specify whether this is a native Ubuntu install or just a chroot/VNC setup. This is the later. Pretty much every android device out there can do this. Not that this doesn't have it's uses, but I'd be particularly curious for a native Ubuntu install.

I got exited for nothing. This is only a chroot. My pre, Evo where able to do this a year ago. So has the nexus and practically any phone with a linux kernel. The xoom has nicer specs so lets hope someone works on a native boot. Chroot is ok but lacks the snappiness and the hardware control (specially on the wireless cards). At least the pre had a native xserver so you would not have the lag you get with vnc also a the physical keyboard is a huge plus. The only phone I have seen the native build for is the nexus but the instructions are so horrible I have not been able to duplicate this.

No. XOOM is ARM based. Windows 7 is x86. It could theoretically run the ARM windows 8. However, it should be able to VNC into windows 7.

You could use Bochs or QEMU to virtualize an x86 OS on ARM.... but it will be 50 times slower than the video.

Running a VNC client is not running another OS on your device. You are just interacting with a remote workstation that can run VNC server.

You are incorrect.. This is an install of Ubuntu within a chroot jail on the device itself... meaning you can use it without having any network connection. The best explanation is given on my website (the source link)... but a basic explĂ ation is that this is a Virtual Machine install of Ubuntu.

Sweet. I'm probably buying one regardless though. If we could get OSX installed (if it supported ARM) I would die.... However, if that did happen Apple would have it pulled and whoever did it executed medieval style.

This is not a "real" install of Ubuntu Linux, because the Xserver is not running native. VNC is VERY slow which will, of course, ruin the experience. What he did, however, is really neat. Especially the idea of running OpenOffice in a window :)

I am guessing that if there were an Android Xserver available, it could be quite fast doing it this way.