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Constantly evolving algorithm recommends content that may be relevant to you

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to its first-party mobile apps that will push notifications to you for recommended content on the service. The feature comes after a trial with willing users following the @MagicRecs account, which is a Twitter experiment to build a recommendation engine for finding users and content on the service.

These recommendations are now integrated into the Twitter apps themselves, without the need to follow the @MagicRecs account. You will now start to see push notifications for new content that may be relevant to you if you're using the official app.

Before you get too up in arms, Twitter is quick to remind us that you can turn off recommendation notifications (or any notification type, for that matter) in the app's settings. Just head to the Twitter app > settings > account > notifications and uncheck "Recommendations," second from the bottom.

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Twitter enabling notifications for recommended content, powered by @MagicRecs


Still no inline image previews, eh? Sure would be nice if they let people into the beta that has this feature...

And yes, I will continue to comment with this feature request until it is implemented.

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Twitter doesn't even run on my Nexus 4. They done rolled out a broken release to the dang primary Android development device!

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