Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android is getting some bug-squashing love right now. If you fire up the Google Play Store, you should find a new update waiting for you. The latest version corrects some issues with sync settings on various devices, as well as addressing some concerns for folks who may still be running an Android 2.0 / 2.1 Eclair device:

  • Fixes missing avatars on devices running Eclair (Android 2.0/2.1)
  • Accurately displays sync settings based on system sync setting
  • Fixes Top Tweets appearing out of order in search and discover
  • Fixes various other bugs and crashers

If you've been experiencing issues with the current build, then go ahead and get yourself updated. Those "various other bugs and crashers" could just be the fixes you've been waiting for. Down below is where you'll find the store link and QR code, as always.


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated to correct issues with sync settings, avatars and various other bug fixes


i keep giving various twitter clients a shot at being the only twitter app i'll ever need...sadly the official one has consistently failed to deliver notifications to my phone, and i'm running a stock Galaxy S2..will this update fix those issues? i doubt it..and is it so hard for them to implement image preview in my timeline as opposed to having to open the tweet itself?