In case you've been wondering when exactly Twitter would get around to optimizing Twitter for Android on ICS devices, we now have an answer for you -- and that is right now! In fact, as noted on the Twitter blog earlier the optimized version of Twitter for Android is now available in the Android Market.

In addition to the optimizations, Twitter has also announced support immediately for the Amazon Kindle Fire as well as forth coming support for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet. Also of import is that you can swipe a tweet to reply, retweet, share or view profiles.

Twitter is available now for the Kindle Fire while owners of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet will have to wait until Feb. 23 for the apps to show up in the Barnes and Nobile Nook Store.

Source: Twitter Blog

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doomtuba says:

I get sad when I hear that an app is "ICS optimized" and then see the 3 vertical dot soft menu key :(

doomtuba says:

That being said, the hardware acceleration is definitely noticeable and a step in the right direction.

kerry_xu_cs says:

They are still not using Holo theme...

asd216 says:

Eh, I'll wait for Carbon...any ideas when a beta will be released to the public???

EggoEspada says:

Hopefully soon, but I'm waiting for Carbon as well. I hope Twitter updates their app to comply with ICS guidelines and make use of the action bar. Them and Facebook.

Yes! Carbon or this new app I've seen called "boid" looks promising. (I'm in no way affiliated just excited for a twitter app that looks decent on my galaxy nexus)

nimer55 says:

I hadn't used my twitter app in a few days, but unless I'm mistaken the scrolling is significantly smoother on my nexus s.

jeffreytz says:

Updated fine on my Galaxy Nexus but when I go to the market on my ASUS Transformer Prime it only shows me the old version (January 4th). What's up with that?

orlanka says:

The notification icon is bigger. Totally worth it.

Josh515 says:

Scrolling is actually very smooth now!

PharmNerd says:

Unfortunately, pictures linked to tweets don't open inside the app anymore.

Small_law says:

They still haven't fixed contact sync. Conspiracy?

lawyer2002 says:

I was wondering the same thing. Contact sync still doesn't work.

ediddy406 says:

Contact sync doesnt work, not getting my notifications....any ideas???