Yes, What you are reading is correct! TweetDeck -- the popular desktop and iPhone Twitter client -- is releasing an Android application (and one for BlackBerry, to) giving us yet another choice to tweet away our lives in 140 characters or less. [via Crackberry


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TweetDeck Is coming to Android


I have been (and obviously will continue to) waiting a long time for this. Glad to see them branching out. Unfortunately it will retire twidroid and touiteur permanently when it does.

I've never seen tweetdeck crash on a PC. Never seen the iPhone version in anything other than screenshots.

I loved using TweetDeck on my Ipod touch and constantly compare all twitter clients to it. Shame I bought Twidroid Pro last week.

As to crashing does not crash on my computer and never had issues on my touch either.

Best Twitter app period. Just switched back to Sprint after using an iPhone for a week. Glad to see it was worth it :D I tweet a lot haha