Tuesday Tumult

Oh, what the hell. We had the first hands-on with the HTC Aria, the Droid X got into Engadget's hands, the myTouch 3G Slide was rooted, and the Evo 4G is perched atop the Palm Touchstone inductive charger and got overclocked to 1.2GHz. Quite the Tuesday, eh? So let's get it all off our chests before Wednesday rolls around (with a nod and a wink to our European readers).


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Tuesday tumult: Comment at will!


Its amazing to me that the Droid X has officially cured me of my Sprint/Evo 4G lust. The Evo 4G has been officially outclassed.

Can't even explain how happy I am that I DIDN'T wait for this and got the EVO. Motoblur? Terrible. Proprietary chargers? Terrible. That reverse chin thingy? Terrible.

so what does everyone think about the size of the droid x?? i personally think its a little to big (i think the evo is to big to) but otherwise it looks like a GREAT phone....especially with that OMAP possessor should make it that fastest android phone out there

The Droid X is too big. The Evo would be tolerable only because it is almost all screen, but the X with that thick part near the top is just too much.

okay will ppl please stop saying its too big in general and start saying this phone is too big for me... i'm a big guy with big hands and i'm definitely getting this when my upgrade is available in august... just because you aren't as big as me doesn't mean its too big in general !! its just too big for you !! i'll love it ! just like i'm not going to say the aria is a tiny phone its just too small for my hands... which sounds a lot better than, "that phone sucks its too small! why did they waste there time on it !?!? " and anyone mad about motoblur or whatever they're gonna call it, you are aware ppl are gonna root it and you can get stock android...anymore hating i need to address ?

will verizon get htc bee soon like aria came out since same rumor time? i am eligible but would prefer smaller phone than incredible.

I would love the droid x but I DONT want moto blur or ANY version of it. I want the sense UI. Wish it had sense UI and I would be all over this!

With phones that big I will have to dig out my bluetooth headset. I can't wait until I can upgrade in 4 months. By then they will have 5 inch screens and 3.5 gig processors. Lol

Getting sick of the Evo and Android. Schizophrenic battery life, poor WiFi reception, cumbersome and sluggish UI, poor build quality, and practically no support from professional game developers. All for only $10 extra per month!

The wifi reception is kind of tolerable because speeds are good... but I would like to have better signal.

Sluggish UI ... is due to the FPS cap? I don't know why it lags... I thought this thing wasn't supposed to lag. My Palm Pre at 800mhz lagged less during UI movement sometimes.

I would also like game developers. Gameloft did pull off a whole page for the Evo (go to gameloft.com on your Evo) but... it's not market-supported, which sucks.

My build quality is perfect. I think there are a few people with those screen issues and it is getting blown out of proportion.

So I really hope things go well for Android.
Take some notes from Palm and Apple. They both tied themselves with game developers and got stuff going on. Please make some games for high-end devices. I'm afraid for my Snapdragon not handling games that my measly Palm Pre could play perfectly.

I personally have the screen glass issue. It pops up from the casing of the phone in one corner by about 1mm, but obviously it will only get worse, especially when you consider dust!

My Pre had a great earpeice, but on my Evo, if I turn the earpeice volume up more than about halfway there is a very bad crackling.

Wish this came with Sence or at least vanilla android. Really wanted the Incredible with Sence but now i don't know. love the huge screen. Hope I cane live with motoblur. guess I gotta see it to decide.

By the way ... (And I get to say whatever the hell I want to here, just like you guys) ... But where are all the "Hey, thanks for writing about something other than the Evo! comments and e-mails? Sheesh!

That said, yeah, there were two Evo stories today. Get over it. :p

Sadly, I think the Droid X will be dead upon arrival. The large screen is the only thing that is going to benefit it. It should have been the Motorola phone with the 2 GHz processor, and the front facing camera.

I'd still rather have the Galaxy S on Verizon...even if it does come this summer, it's hard to keep up with all the new high end android dropping everywhere. I don't really understand Verizon's strategy. Release the incredible, two months later release 2 more Droids, a month later release the Galaxy S (maybe/hopefully!)...

I hope you guys realize that there are poeple out there who are big, like 6'5"+ who really like big but slim phones. I had the htc hd2 before and it was heaven for me. The droid x will be even better. If you want a smaller phone get the eris or the droid 2. Its great that we have choice.

Amen to that. I got the incredible, and i'm looking forward to the next "bigger" phone. The bigger phone actually feels right..

I have the evo. This phone is so badass. I cant put it down! I dont give in to the iphone hype and even though i do think its a great phone all those limitations drag it down. Android is awesome!

After criticizing the HD2 for its humongous screen when I first held it and then the EVO, I got a chance to actually mess around with it for a while and I actually liked the 4.3" goodness. I don't see how 4.4" is WAY too big now??? it's only a tenth bigger. I also wasnt a fan of the motoblur/ninjablur but after seeing the video..i dont mind it at all!! Its not much bigger than the Evo and looks skinnier. I think they did this for better handling. I'd rather a hold a hotdog than a hamburger...ok that wasnt a good analogy but you get my point. I'm acually looking forward to it and I want it now. I have 4 lines on my account so I can always steal someones upgrade if an LTE phone with a front facing camera comes out that I want so badly.

Droid X all the way! OMAP over snap anyday! And all you blur haters out there I'm with ya but come on its android the blur will vanish with the first week of release thank you devs!!!!!.

Why are we hating on each others phone it is still Android with different hardware. Both are 1 gig, so it is all the same. We should not debate against each other, we are giving iphone fan boys something to talk about and make fun off. What is the difference what Android you got, it is still Android. Why does VZW customers have issue with Sprint, if you dont like Sprint dont use it, that simple. And if Sprint customers dont like VZW dont use it but we have to agree on one thing and that is that Android is better then Iphone. Lets all get together and pounce on iPhone fan boys.

I agree! I just have a hard on for the Galaxy S, and I won't leave Verizon. Hopefully the rumors are right and I can get it!

I think I'll have to agree and disagree with you at the same time on this one. I agree that yes, it's all android and we should all be proud and encourage one another. Yet I also think that the healthy competition between the handset makers and the customers is what drives them to develop phones better and better and that healthy competition (and sometimes sickeningly brutal competition) is exactly what technology needs to develop this quickly.

I have the Droid now and I think the DroidX looks awesome!

are people forgetting about the Samsung Galaxy S Pro and Galaxy S heading to Sprint?!?!?!? This could benefit everyone that is having problems with the EVO, i would love to have an Android phone with just straight up Stock. I have the Hero and it was hell waiting for 2.1!!! plus, the Galaxy S looks badass, even though it was TouchWiz...but still the Pro looks badass too. Im actually really excited after for Sprint. they are not disappointing at all.

These are cool phones before you actually own one and have to deal with their issues. Believe me, I know. Do yourself a favor and try it during the 30 day period. If you decide you don't like it, return it and go get yourself an iPhone. I know there's the AT&T and app store issues, but you'll be a much happier overall user. Sometimes you just want something that works and not have to deal with the hassles. That's just my two cents. Reports are saying that both Apple and AT&T are sold out of the pre-orders.

Ouch. Too bad. The Android interface is still not there yet. Still too clunky like Windows compared
to the Mac OS. Web OS is the closest to iOS. It's much more refined and fluid than Android. It makes you smile with satisfaction. I had the Droid and couldn't deal with the interface and hardware. I got rid of it and returned to the iPhone. Simply no comparison. At least that's been my experience. My advice is to check out the iPhone when your contract is up. The damn thing just works. I live in Phoenix and have excellent AT&T service.

Ummm...clunky like Windows? I know you said you tried the Droid, but by that comment I think you were lying. Android is NOTHING like Windows. What did you have the Droid for 2 hours? Your an idiot, and honestly I shouldn't even respond to this garbage, but I'm having a rough week, and need to take it out on somebody...so your that somebody. I have used the iPhone, and it is terrible. It is a iPod touch with shitty phone service. Even if VZW would have accepted the iPhone (which Apple did go to them first), I would not give up Android for it, nor will I when VZW does eventually get it. I hate Apple and everything they are about. The iPhone is for simple people who want everything done for them. Android is the complete opposite. If you are a simple person, then that works for you, but do not come onto a ANDROID forum/site and bash Android. If you want to do that, Im sure there are plenty of iPhone fanboy sites you can go to.

As for the new iPhone, lol, what can I say. The changes they have made to this one, Im sorry should have happened along time ago. I mean you (Apple) consider yourself a high tech company, and your ONLY device is just now being capable of multi-tasking (without jail-breaking). What a joke. Anybody who would rather have that junk over Android is...well...you figure it out.

As a matter of fact, I was on vacation in Palm Desert and visiting the Salten Sea when I threw the damn Droid in sea. Took the financial hit and moved on. I have no interest in convincing you of the truth. It is what it is. Hope you feel better next week. By the way, the iPhone has always had multitasking. Apple has just made it available to third parties in iOS 4. The Android phones are for geeks and there are only so many of you out there. Let's see, 600,000 pre orders in the first day for iPhone 4. That's probably half the geek population. Seems those of us who like simplicity in our devices are winning. Enjoy that big ass EVO you vaginal wipe.

As a matter of fact, I was on vacation in Palm Desert and visiting the Salten Sea when I threw the damn Droid in sea. Took the financial hit and moved on. I have no interest in convincing you of the truth. It is what it is. Hope you feel better next week. By the way, the iPhone has always had multitasking. Apple has just made it available to third parties in iOS 4. The Android phones are for geeks and there are only so many of you out there. Let's see, 600,000 pre orders in the first day for iPhone 4. That's probably half the geek population. Seems those of us who like simplicity in our devices are winning. Enjoy that big ass EVO you vaginal wipe.

Whatever troll. Just about everybody here owns these phones so we should know if there are issues or not....and there's nothing to write home about in the issue department.

It's like this. If you want a phone that works because it doesn't do anything get an iPhone. If you want a phone that works and DOES everything get an Android device.

It's hard to read your post and then take you seriously when you call ME the troll.

The fact of the matter is, you read about all the issues people are having with their Evo, and you're like, "Ok, well, I'm not having that issue so it must not be that big a deal." But unfortunately for me it seems I have been blessed with just about every known issue thus far and plan to exchange my Evo at Sprint.

God willing I hope to have better fortunes with my replacement. Variety is what drew me away from my Pre.

But let's remember the other serious question! When are we gonna get the games on this thing??

And btw, if I want to stick with a phone that worked and did everything I needed it to, I'll reactivate my Pre.

It's generally accepted that opinions aren't right or wrong, but they can be uninformed. Yours would be uninformed. The EVO does a lot of things. It just doesn't do them very well. It doesn't even sell well. The iPhone is in a league by itself and really doesn't have to match other devices feature by feature. It does what is does very well and the iPhone 4 is gonna lay the smackdown on the EVO and the rest.

You claim someones post is misinformed, when in fact yours is too. The iphone doesn't do what it does well, it does what it does with Apple acting as your parent and telling you what you can or can't do. The new iphone and its software, whether intentional or not, seems like a direct "answer" to Androids growing popularity. The new revisions are nothing new, they are just what Android already does and from what I've read, Android does better. Enjoy your half-assed multi-tasking and VERY limited voice chat.

Apple is where it is because it hit the market early and made smart phones popular first. Similar to how long it took Apple to take some shares away from Microsoft with computers. Everyone knew windows, while Apple struggled to get the mainstream to buy in. Now relate that to phones, give Google some credit for how fast they are evolving and progressing. The two OS', imo, are about on par. The hardware easily goes to Android, because there's more than one manufacturer and they are pumping out higher and more efficient specs every three months. (Yes, this can cause fragmentation problems, but Google is supposed to be slowing down their OS updates after Gingerbread.)

You say Android phones don't work well yet, I haven't had any issues with my Incredible. It does everything I want it to, and does them pretty well. There's more configuring, sure, but that leads to greater use and reward imo. I'm sure you've owned an iphone before and have jailbroken it, so how often does it crash or freeze? I mean you jailbreak it so you can do some of the stuff Android already does, right (and steal, you pirates).

The iphone is for two kinds of people generally, the blind sheep who see it as a name and don't know anything could be better (or at least just as good) and the people who like simple things. Do I hate the iphone, nope. I just know what my Incredible can do, because I took the time to figure things out, which I enjoy, and now I can utilize it more. They are both good devices, with their own strengths. It just so happens, for me, Android has more strengths.

P.S. Froyo should bring a better gaming experience to Android, as well as more serious developers.

You comments are laughable. Reread your post and try to figure why you proved my point. Simply put, "The iPhone is for the rest of us." I can't count how many of the iPhone's innovation are now on Android devices. Next it will be the gyroscope, Game Center, following Apple's lead with yearly OS upgrades, maybe even putting locks on the Marketplace... who knows. Pretty soon Eric "the mole" Schmidt will run out of the ideas he stole while on Apple's board...then where will Android be? My Droid is at the bottom of the Salten Sea.

The fact of the matter is that the post is not for you troll so I don't care if you take seriously. It's the truth whether you want to see it or not. Both of you that posted seem to be iFools suffering from the common problem of device fixation. "Evo this Evo that." Have you all forgotten about the Droid, the Incredible, the Desire, the Legend etc? Where are the problems there? No you're fixated on the Evo right now and forget the rest of the phones that are kicking iPhone to sleep. I guess when you are always limited to one thing one way you tend to not think of options.

If you like a Pre or an iPhone better then go get one. No need to come here trying to discourage would be Android users from being happy with a device that DOES.

the droid x is hot...but i have to see what that motorola droid 2 has to offer before i make decision...also check out my blog mophomovement DOT COM all pictures taken with my Motorola Droid!