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One of the, many, awesome new features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is the keyboard. While sharing appearance with it's predecessor, where the Jelly Bean keyboard excels over Ice Cream Sandwich, is in its built in prediction engine. Predictions when done correctly -- see the Android Central favorite, Swiftkey, for a striking example -- they are an incredibly useful tool.

Thanks to a developer going by the handle of Beansoft, this new prediction filled keyboard has now been ported for use on ICS devices running 4.0.3 and above. Simply known as Jelly Bean Keyboard, the early alpha build is out there in the Google Play Store now. As this is an early build, a big old bucket of bugs are likely, but for the most part some users seem to be enjoying reasonable success. 

Currently known limitations surround languages, in that full next word prediction and auto correction is only currently supported for English. Additionally, only English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese (Brazil) and Russian is supported at this time. The user dictionary also doesn't work on ICS, and trying will push it into a force close. 

To use once installed, don't forget to head into the "Language and Input" settings menu, and select Jelly Bean Keyboard as your default input. If you decide to take the plunge, hit up the comments below and let us know how you get along. 

Download: Jelly Bean Keyboard


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Try out the Jelly Bean Keyboard on your ICS device


Agreed, and I must say until now I haven't had much luck with any of the keyboards I have downloaded(which are all of the popular ones). I've downloaded swift key 3, and Swype, but I just can't seem to get past the spelling mistakes. Predictive text is just absolutely horrible on the S3. However, this keyboard seems to fix all of that. Granted I've only had it for a short while, this seems to be the best I've used so far. I haven't run into many problems yet.

The predictions seems to be on par with Swift Key. But the fact that Swift Key has extra symbols on the main keyboard makes it superior in my view. Plus some minor things like auto-spacing and sliding left or right on the space bar to change languages, instead of holding it and then choosing a language. I just think Swift Key is a better keyboard overall. As far as looks, well Swift Key features some really nice and well done themes. Actually, the Holo theme looks like stock ICS/Jelly Bean keyboard except the symbols are neon-blue. Give it a try, there's a free trial anyway.

I miss the punctuation marks that the ICS keyboard offered after each word. The predictive engine takes this away. If I disable the predictive engine then the punctuation marks reappear up top but pressing the space bar after each sentence doesn't produce the period at the end of the sentence like it would before. Little things like that bother me. Maybe I'm picky but at the same time its just something I prefer.

My friend was just telling me that this problem is quite a pain in the you-know-where. Wonder why they changed it.

Good ole Beans, hopefully he can put some of the predicition code in tumb keyboard and make it better.

One X keyboard smokes this. Show me the D-pad on jellybean so you can work inside the margins. It's not there = fail.

To each his own, but I think the Sense keyboard, with its arrow keys, is bats--- crazy. I'm like Grandma with a birthday present when I try to use it, surprised and unsure what to do.

I'll check this out but I'm perfectly happy with the latest version of SwiftKey. I did like the stock ICS keyboard though so I'm sure that this will be good.

Nothing tops Swifkey in my opinion. Swiftkey users consistently vote the highest in keyboard user experience. Glad they keep tweaking their keyboards, but prediction = faster/less keystrokes and nothing tops swiftkey for predictions.

Just tried this out. I like the look and feel and the long press on the middle suggestion to pull up a large list.

However, I miss the swipe left to delete a word. That is a really useful gesture in SwiftKey.

I'll try JBK a little more before I pass final judgement, but as of now, not sure I can use this without the swipe left to delete.

Jelly Bean keyboard has been updated and seems to target most of the above complaints for primary functionality. The apps name has also been changed to Rapid keyboard. I think it's worth trying. I use both Swiftkey and Swype on my phones. This is in my rotation.

Dont really like this or swiftkey predition interrupts my typin i dont always complete words and i misspell some words on purpose and i hate when it corrects that