Trapster 3.0  

It's been a while since we last a Trapster update but clearly they were hard at work while we waited. Today, they've gone ahead and released v3.0 to the masses and if you're a current Trapster user you should be pleased with the changes:

  • Speedomoter and Speed Limit Display - Trapster now displays your actual speed with the speed limit of the road you are currently traveling on. If you go 1 to 4 MPH over the speed limit, the “Your Speed” box will change to yellow. If you are driving 5+ MPH over the speed limit the “Your Speed” box changes to red, visually alerting you to slow down!
  • Trapster Widget - Now you can have Trapster on your home screen! This gives you the ability to quickly view and vote on traps, and also launch the Trapster application directly from the widget.
  • Terrain Maps - In addition to standard map and satellite view, you now have the ability to use Terrain maps, this will display elevation levels in much more detail.

You'll also find that Trapster has a new UI with a much cleaner look over previous versions, making it easier on the eyes and even easier to read when in use. The v3.0 update is available now, you'll find the download past the break.


Reader comments

Trapster 3.0 released - Introduces New UI, widget and speed limit display


I really wanted to like Trapster, but the information was so outdated and so populated it made it pretty useless in the end.

I have to agree with bkj216. Trapster info was outdated in the areas I drive. I drive from the Atlanta suburbs into Atlanta everyday for work and Trapster info was much less accurate than the info on Waze. Maybe there are more Waze users in my area than Trapster users. I'm going to give Trapster another look because of the update, but I can see myself sticking with Waze.

Trapster and Waze need to combine for one killer app. I'd like to run trapster but its one of those apps only good for one thing and ties up your GPS. I want maps, navigation, real-time traffic/accidents, AND speed traps. Waze does allow you to report speed traps but doesn't have as much info in relation to this...from what it looks like.

If I didn't have my Garmin GPS, just having the feature of seeing the speed limit versus my speed would make this app worth it! I often leave my Garmin on just to make sure I'm driving a reasonable speed compared to the speed limit!