Toshiba Thrive

Have a Toshiba Thrive? If so, go ahead and check or system updates. Toshiba is currently rolling out what appears to be a simple bug fix update that adds some improvements to Google and Toshiba applications. It could be laying the groundwork for an Android 4.0 update but for now the device remains on Android 3.2.1. Thanks, Stacy!

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Toshiba Thrive receiving a small software update, remains on Android 3.2.1


The good:
1. The File Manager is faster now. You should be able to plug in a USB stick without wanting to kill yourself.
2. The Android Market is finally decent! It looks like the one on our phones. You can finally use it in portrait mode, and also now you can rate apps!

The bad:
1. It still has Honeycomb's annoying bug of not allowing applications to write to the true SD card.
2. While many of you Google fanboys will consider this a plus, I hate that it stuck Google+ and Google Messenger apps. More bloatware I do not want.