µTorrent Beta

Although it's probably a long overdue addition for some, the folks from Bittorrent have now updated their Android torrent client µTorrent to offer a WiFi only download option. Previously, when using the app you ran the risk of  blowing through your entire data plan or racking up overage charges by leaving some torrents running, but no more. You'll now be able to set it to download over WiFi only and never really worry about it.

In addition to that change, there is also some unspecified stability improvements in this release.

Hit the Google Play Store link above to grab the latest version.

There are 3 comments

treyrey86 says:

meh....unlimited on Sprint :)

slayerpsp says:

Me to but were the hell is LTE already nothing in so cal yet i guess next year

Nextelian says:

OMG, are the engineers at Samsung colorblind or something? Can I have more blue-push please?