Samsung Galaxy S6

The 2,550 mAh battery inside the Galaxy S6 isn't great, but that's okay — there are backups of all sizes that'll keep you going.

You never know when battery life may become an issue, especially while rocking your new Samsung Galaxy S6 everywhere you go. And, it's not like you can utilize a regular charger just anywhere. That's where having a battery pack for your Galaxy S6 comes in handy: Bailing you out of a bad situation.

We've selected our top four favorite battery packs for the Galaxy S6 that range from 3,000 mAh all the way up to 25,600 mAh. So, no matter what size you decide to go with — you'll have enough battery life to get you through the most demanding of days.

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1. TYLT Energi 3,000 mAh battery with built-in cable

TYLT Energi 3K

Not every portable battery has to be huge and unwieldy, but you still want it to charge up your phone quickly and efficiently. The TYLT Energi 3K battery walks the line nicely with a compact case that's made of durable hard plastic and contains 3,000 mAh of capacity. A built-in MicroUSB cable means you don't have to bring one of your own to charge up your phone, and an additional standard USB port means you can charge two devices at once if you need to in a pinch.

The capacity is just right for giving your Galaxy S6 a full charge, and when you get back home it won't take long at all to get the Energi 3K itself juiced back up and ready for your next outing. At a little under $30 (in a variety of color options) it isn't the cheapest, but it's built to last and has a couple good features that make it worth it. (If you like the design of the Energi 3K but need something a little bigger, be sure to check out the Energi 5K as well.)

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2. Aukey 10,000 mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Portable Battery

Aukey 10k mAh Quick Charge Battery

We might sound like a broken record suggesting this portable battery, but when it comes to quickly charging the Galaxy S6 you want a battery that can stand up to the challenge.

After our initial hands on review of the Aukey 10,000mAh Quick Charge Battery, we determined that its sleek design, Quick Charge 2.0 capability and 10k battery capacity was simply a must-have for anyone in the fast charging club. We've seen it in action with the Galaxy S6, too — and it works great.

This Quick Charge battery comes with a white micro-USB cable and is available right now for only $29.99.

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3. Poweradd Pilot S 12,000mAh Dual USB Battery

Poweradd Pilot S 12,000mAh Battery

The next step up in power is the Pilot S External Battery from Poweradd, which packs a capacity of 12,000mAh along with a slim design and smart LCD display.

Featuring 2 USB ports (2.1A/1A), you have the option of charging your Galaxy S6 along with a second device at the same time, which can certainly come in handy. The unique LCD display lets you know the charging/discharging status of your devices or the Li-ion battery inside the Pilot S. Sure, it's a little more flashy than the typical LED lights we're used to seeing on portable battery packs, but it adds a nice touch to the overall design.

You can scoop up this battery pack along with its own micro-USB cable in either black or a classic white for only $23.99.

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4. Anker Astro E7 25,600mAh 4A Battery

Anker Astro E7 25,600mAh Battery

Saving the beast for last, Anker's Astro E7 has an impressive 25,600mAh battery inside and offers an incredible charging speed of 3A per USB port or 4A using all 3 ports.

Packed with Anker's PowerIQ technology, it will automatically detect the fastest possible charging speed when plugged into the Galaxy S6 — that goes for any device, too. It even comes with an LED flashlight built-in which could prove useful for camping trips among many other low light situations.

If you're after a battery pack for your Galaxy S6 that'll outlast the rest, this is a keeper. It comes with a micro-USB cable, travel pouch, and is available in black or white right now for $79.99.

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