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When it comes to voice guided satellite navigation the one company that springs to mind for most people is TomTom, but sadly we haven't had any Android love - until now. Today at IFA in Berlin TomTom are previewing their long awaited Android version. Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed but clearly it needs to be an attractive package to tempt us away from using Google's own solution, although Tom Tom will certainly have more features.

“We aim to make TomTom content and services available to as many devices and platforms as we can,” says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director at TomTom. “Bringing TomTom navigation to Android smartphones is, therefore, a significant milestone for us.”

TomTom for Android will include the following features:

  • World-class navigation - The latest, most accurate TomTom maps available – with no need for a mobile signal or data plan.
  • Lifetime maps – Free updates that ensure access to the latest maps and fastest routes.
  • IQ Routes - Arrival times that drivers can rely on – at all times of day.
  • Advanced lane guidance – Gives drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.
  • Spoken street names – Makes turnings even clearer.
  • 2D / 3D driving view – The clearest display for the safest driving.
  • TomTom HD Traffic – Available as an in-app purchase. It’s the quickest way through traffic. Proven.
  • TomTom Speed Cameras – Available as an in-app purchase. Save money and drive safely with real-time mobile and fixed camera alerts.

We will of course bring your further TomTom news as we get it.

Source: Business Wire

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21plays says:

isnt the ios 6 maps based on or in partnership with tomtom?

technomom says:

That was my first thought. So Apple and Google could end up with the same mapping capabilities, assuming that Google and Tom-Tom cross pollinate.

I keep wondering where all this leaves the "good idea but somewhat flawed implementation" Waze.

dswartze says:

"flawed implementation" - What do you mean? I use Waze everyday & choose it over Google Nav and Co-Pilot.

Jamma3 says:

They said summer 2012 and now its October guess we will see. SMH

engineerga says:

Yeah, I thought for sure it was out already because of articles announcing it was coming soon that I read months ago. They must not have the same definition of "soon" that I do.

latila155 says:

Bring it on so google nav gets more and more improvements

HAAS599 says:

I just want the Homer Simpson voice guidance.

moosc says:

Rather have garmin. Better maps

rap1 says:

I have this pretty much already with Co-pilot. Will need to price it very competitively.

maxnicks says:


tgrant1975 says:

Google maps better get their acts together asap or there's gonna be a lot of people jumping ship, me for one.

Incubus123 says:

I KNOW RIGHT?! Who will pay for google maps now? /s

davidnc says:

I have no problem with Google maps/Google navigation it works great for me anywhere I have been.Including when traveling in the following states: Florida,Alabama,Georgia,Tennesse,North Carolina,South Carolina,Virginia,West Virginia,Ohio,Indiana,Michigan,Wisconsin.
So it will take something with a major massive improvement over the free Google maps/navigation to even consider using another app.
Also I saw a google car on the road the other day guess they was doing updates.

engineerga says:

Google Navigation works great until you hit a roadblock or temporarily closed road. My sister-in-law went around in circles for 20 minutes Sunday night trying to get home because the interstate was completely closed for a bad wreck. Google Navigation on her Droid Incredible 2 kept taking her back to the closed interstate's access ramp and didn't give her any "avoid roadblock" option like my TomTom One GPS does. She finally had to call to get us to look at an online map and verbally tell her how to get home from there.

Google Navigation needs at least one more feature to compete with the likes of TomTom. This "avoid roadblock" feature is the ONLY real reason I keep my TomTom and don't swap to Google completely. TomTom is the backup for when things go wrong.

K_Daddy says:

Google maps is by far my favorite app. I will check out tomtom closely provided I can get free access for at least a month. It will take a lot for me to switch.

Duffin says:

Depending on price (as in...I am NOT paying a monthly fee for a GPS app), I might give it a shot. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Google Nav has sucked lately. I'm not sure if they made some changes in the background, but lately it has stopped redirecting me if I take a different turn than what it tells me. It will say it's redirecting me and then basically tell me to turn around and take the road it wants me to take (usually by having me take four lefts around a block). This happens even if I know for a fact that the way I'm going is faster, but even when I get close to the destination, it still keeps trying to get me to turn around to go back to the point where I left it's original path. I can still bring up the option for an alternate route and the new one I'm actually going on will usually appear there. If I choose the new route, it will basically take me the way I had begun to go. If it had that as a route, why didn't it just automatically go with the new route? This wasn't something it used to have a problem with, so I'm not sure what's wrong with it now.

Clak says:

Google needs to add offline navigation ASAP, that's the feature ?I want most. If the TomTom app works well I'd consider it just for that feature.

JoeyJoeJo says:

My Google maps has offline nav. I have maps for about 70 miles around my home area saved.

blackbyrd says:

I keep a Garmin in my glove box just in case Gmaps stops working. No issues. But I hardly ever use it.

Aleksey_US says:

You guys do know that it's $59.99 on iOS for ONLY US and Canada... I might consider $4.99 or even $9.99 but otherwise it's a FAIL... plus Traffic and Speed Camera options apparently cost extra...

Zammo76 says:

I had two Tom Tom gps devices and they sucked. The software is awful and always directs you the most retarded route possible, I've started using Google maps now. However it's missing one function, the ability to warn you when your approaching a speed camera!

Ipony is welcome to tom tom, the two crap products will go hand in hand well together.

Grahaman27 says:

who cares. tomtom is for iphones that dont have google nav.