Shut up and take my money!

If you're in the UK and want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can now hand over your hard-earned cash and do just that -- with a few conditions. The phone is now available from brick-and-mortar Phones4U shops, as well as the retailer's online store. It seems Phones4U has been given a one week head-start on other vendors, however it's not selling the phone without a contract online -- you'll need to head in-store if you want a SIM-free Nexus.

Most retailers are now expecting to stock the ICS-powered Nexus next Tuesday or Wednesday -- Nov. 22/23. So if you're not up for committing to another 24-month contract, and aren't near a Phones4U store, you may have to endure another week with whatever smartphone is currently in your pocket.

If you are after a new contract, you'll be able to sign up for a variety of 18 to 24-month plans with Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange or O2 over on the Phones4U website (check the source link). Notably absent from the list is Three, which appears to be in the same boat as everyone else, shipping on the 22nd or 23rd. See the source link for more info.

Source: Phones4U


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Today is Galaxy Nexus day in the UK


ya, kinda dumb. I realize we are now a global market blah blah. But its google... this really should be launched in US first. I guess UK just got their red tape out of the way better than big Red did here. phaillll.

Wouldn't also be surprised if the stores had limited supplies s like last year.

I'm just upset at this. I woke up today knowing that my friends across the pond were already tinkering with their GN, while I sit here wondering what was going through the heads of Google when they decided to let Verizon run the show here in the States. Very upsetting.

You can get it sim-free from Phones 4 U for £549 or on pay as you go for £529 + £10 topup (but all are unlocked so might as well get the cheaper one)

I will be going to get one from three for £499 + £10 topup tomorrow at my local store (again still sim unlocked).

(edit: reports of people purchasing sim-free/off contract in this thread:

If I tighten the tinfoil in my cap a bit I could convince myself that VZ is the one that paid the money, for the single intention of holding the phone back until the Razr and Rezound were released.