We may have had to deal with the usual April 1 articles yesterday, but one that stood out from all the jokes was T-Mobile's plans to scrap corporate discount from Simple Choice plans. The mobile network has today confirmed a partial reversal, allowing only existing customers to retain their discount. Sorry, new subscribers.

Those who take out new rate plans will be met with a T-Mobile gift card worth $25 when purchasing a new device, while those who are already with the network will be able to continue with their general bill savings. It's a positive move, especially since discounts from T-Mobile have been up to 15 percent, depending on where you work.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere previously wrote the following in a blog post:

"The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips. We aren't playing that game anymore. This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone… including employees of small and large companies alike."

Does this partial reversal help you out at all?

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T-Mobile backtracks on removal of corporate discount for existing customers


Today I just found out that last month and this month my bill has gone up $20 more than usual. So I called T-mobile to ask what seems to be the reason and to my surprise they said it is the employee discount… and that they sent a letter and a text asking us to “VIREFY” the place of our employment but since we didn’t therefore the discount got removed… I asked the rep if they would reimburse me the $20 once they verify that I am still with the same job and she said No they can’t. I argued about the unreasonable charge and that it’s like stealing….
The rep kept insisting that I have to go online at: www.T-mobile.com/verify and input the school email to see if we would still be eligible. I did try but of course it did not work “The provided email is not part of the eligible let”. I did not want to argue any more so I asked my wife to call this time. They asked her to upload an image of her pay stub and wait 7-10 days to get back with her.
This is my take on this issue: if we do allow such thefts to take advantage of our kindness then we do have a problem. When we signed the contract for two years, there was no mention of any temporary discount or that the monthly payments are subject to discount change…
This reminds me of when Time warner decided to start charging for renting their modems… LOL. Just to show you how greedy those companies can get… Please share.

Yeah I was betting that this would happen. There was a petition started that I got an email about lol. I tweeted that I was glad I didn't finance a device yesterday and the T-Mobile account didn't know what to say back after telling me that I would, in fact lose it. Haha.

1) Quality of signal in your home, at work, and region you frequent.
2 through infinity) a myriad of personal preference and usage situations.

Depends where you are and how the network is around you.

I live in Washington DC, and moving to T-Mobile was a GREAT leap forward in terms of data speed and availability. The only drawback is that the T-Mobile bands are not quite so good at penetrating buildings.

I can't see going back to Sprint as the network stands now.


Check out apps in the play store like sencorly, install it on your current phone then check off the carriers and networks you want to see in your area. It should show decent reports if a lot of people use it in your area. It will show a color coded area map.

Here in the midwest Sprint has better coverage, especially if you travel, T-Mo will drop your signal if you are traveling by highway outside a major populous. I left T-mo because their coverage sucks if you travel, I leave the highway for gas. food, lodging and the signal drops 200 feet off the HWY. My friend's sprint phone did not. This is for MO and IL

This is great news. I get 15% off. I was going to raise hell with them as soon as I noticed a difference in my bill.

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I'm glad they took it back. I was thinking 15% isn't much, but it adds up pretty quick.

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Good because I was about to jump ship.

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Yeah, and Tmo is going to take your discount and spread it around yo others who have no discount. :p

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Nope. Making the switch to AT&T to get better service. I was sticking with T-mobile just because of the cost but I was able to get a good deal with my corp discount on AT&T.

Yea for some that is a better choice. I was about to do the same but with their 2g towers being updated to lte I'm going to stick around. Plus at work I'm getting faster lte than I did on att. And with my new nexus my speeds almost doubled from what I had on my note 2.

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I did the same. With T-Mobile I loved the LTE speed but its been one headache after another since we switched in January. Found out with my corporate discount my att bill would be 115 for 2 lines with talk + text and 10 GB of data. Plus I get a 40% discount on equipment.

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Yeah I was skeptical but I asked the rep and gave em my fan #. 40% on voice centric phones and integrated smart phones.

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With the deal I get through my companies BYOD initiative I'd be crazy to go to T-Mobile. I get an 80% discount on the 10GB mobile share plan with AT&T.(2 devices).

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I'm guessing it is a work provided subsidy, they pay part of his bill and he uses the phone for work related stuff.

I'm happy t-mobile decided to let existing customers keep their discount, because this would have started a riot at my store...

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What stupid idea is Tmo going to come up with next, shut everyone's phone off to save money, pathetic they don't think about the reaction and than reverse it, seems to me a ceo that doesn't know what he can do anymore since he has done so many other things to change wireless.

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This reminds me of Microsoft backtracking on not allowing used games on the Xbox One. The damage is already done. Yeah, so I wasn't going to leave anyway, and now I certainly won't be. Still, this has tarnished T-Mobile's pro-consumer image.

Lol, pretending it's not simple enough to offer a discount. It's pretty darn simple for me with my 24% discount on sprint. Twist it how he wants this was not a move that benefits customers.

I know I'm a bit of an anomaly here but i don't have t-mobile because of the pricing, I have it because it works in my area (really well actually) and principal. They are doing something good, same thing with Sprint (though their service is bad by me though improving). AT&T or Verizon could be cheaper but they won't get any business from me, though i understand not everyone has the same priorities or options that I have so those two may be your best or only bet.

Also, speaking with someone on a Verizon phone is a horrible experience. I'm not sure how they have the reputation that they have, quite a few people I know that are on Verizon are quite hard to understand. I used to think it was my phone but when i speak with someone on a landline or another tmobile user it's crystal clear

This is good, but had they announced this yesterday I would have rushed out to set up a new account yesterday. Cost themselves a chance at a little bump by screwing up the rill out.

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Well they just saved themselves from a customer bloodbath. You have to wonder who actually thought this was a great idea. It's one thing to say that going forward they would be dropping the corporate discount. But who in their right mind didn't realize that cutting it all off wasn't going to cause all the animosity. Someone up there is very much out of touch with reality.

I'm glad they came to their senses. Though now the seeds have been planted. If the other companies give some benefits that T-Mobile doesn't many more people are going to bolt.

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Well, I guess I won't be moving to them, after all. As much as AT&T sucks for customer service, they will still give me a discount through my employer, and clearly T-Mo's customer service is just as lacking. The un-carrier just became a carrier again.

Our contracts are just about up with Verizon so I thought I'd check out T-Mobile. Much to my surprise, for my situation Verizon is actually cheaper. 10gb family share with 2 smartphones and 20% Corp discount. Pretty surprising

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Nice my 15% discount stays. I was planning to stay even without the discount. What choice do I have? AT&T? No. Two useless CDMA carriers? God no, never.

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My contract is up in June and I was going to seriously consider TMo as I'd like to keep unlimited data (VZW now with it) and get 15% since I work for a state university (technically a state employee). Hopefully I can keep the 15% (government employees can keep the discount) when I decide to switch, because if not, then the saving I'd generate by going to TMo before (I get 20% off from VZW now) would disappear and it wouldn't make sense.