Sprint HTC Evo 4G

This blurry little picture of the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, allegedly in a Sprint store in Central Florida, means one of two things: Either we're still hurting from last night, or the Evo 4G's actually made its way into a Sprint store. OK, both are probably true. Question is, what's it doing there? We're only about a week away from Sprint's Evo 4G event in NYC. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be available immediately after. But now that Apple has announced the date for WWDC (where we all expect a new, next-gen iPhone), we're betting Sprint wants to get the Evo 4G out the door just as quickly as possible. Stand by. [ppcgeeks via Engadget]


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Tiny, blurry HTC Evo 4G appears in Sprint Store


I hope so. It would be nice if it comes out this month. Heck I already know what I want to download. Sprint better hurry or the iphone might just take it's shine. I have had the iphone nice but android is gonna take over

Apple will do everything it can, to do just that.

Look what happened to Verizon - they just released one of the hottest new phones available with the Droid Incredible, and Apple did their best to milk the "Stolen 4G iPhone" story so that it hogged all the attention from most tech media (Android Central not included!). They SHOULD have been having feature stories about the Incredible, and instead, everyone was focused on the photos and info about the next iPhone. The Incredible is doing quite well despite the lack of press, but Apple wanted to make sure it didn't have the marketing success the Moto Droid did...

Mark my word, Apple will screw with the release timing of the EVO with every thread of Jobs-evilness they can muster.

Apple can go ahead and try if they want to. Won't do that much, anyways.

I STILL think this entire Iphone was actually an accident (minus the part where they called the cops) since there's too much evidence that would suggest otherwise. Either way, Incredible sales are still great. Sold out until the middle of May? Yeah, that's not too bad, considering all the Iphone crap that was snooping around the past few weeks. And the Evo 4G dwarfs the Incredible in hype. Short of Iphone releasing sooner and being priced at outrageously low prices, Evo 4G still has plenty going for it.

If not, oh well. It'll be nice to be the few w/an Evo 4G instead of the masses with a Crapple fagphone.

**** you, Jobs.

Verizon wouldn't put it into their system so unless someone can make the phone look like a Incredible to the Verizon systems then no. Just because it has 4g doesn't mean it wouldn't work, it still have the regular radios on it for Voice/Text + 3g Data.

So it would work on Verizon but they won't let you use it.

Why are these pictures always blurry? 99% of cellphones today can take a better picture than that:(

I'm wondering if the FREE in the picture means free mobile hotspot feature. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! Well, only time will tell.

Hopefully this means we'll get a release very soon. If it's ready to display in stores, it's ready to get sold.

Also Sprint START the marketing blitz now before people forget with all the iPhone hype starting to swirl.

This sure is an interesting story and a dilemma for Sprint.

I'm a current Sprint customer using a miserably BlackBerry Tour, and it has been my plan to upgrade to some "Android-based" device when my contract allows. Arguably the EVO 4G will most likely be THAT phone.

While I'm an Apple fan (iMac, MacBook, iPods), I really couldn't agree more that the "lost iPhone" was nothing more than a media-hogging conspiracy; why else would all of those "specs" have been leaked if not for the purpose of drawing attention to it. Clearly Apple didn't go to too many lengths to dress this ploy up.

That said, I would love it if the EVO was made available sooner, but I'm not sure that would or could happen. Sprint currently has a contest for the EVO that ends May 9th; it was marketed to its Sprint|Premier customers (those who spend mucho dinero each month on wireless services)...

10 lucky entrants will win a free EVO 4G and a companion free year of service. The goal is for these 10 lucky winners to experience the EVO a full month before the rest of civilization. They would be also responsible to blog and hype the phone everywhere they go in exchange for the phone and service. These contest has other parts, but this is the first one...

Not sure how the contest could happen if Sprint had to or decided to move the product's launch date up to steer clear of the Apple media machine.


P.S.: And now I'll have to go out to the local Sprint store to see if the EVO is on display there too. :D

@ro1224 I have considered the possibility of the contest holding back the launch too, but 1) it's just 10 people, and 2) at least they get a free phone and service and cash and a trip, so they are still winning something. Plus, as was noted in the leaked deck a few weeks ago, sprint's initial target is the "segment 1" population, which most likely means gadget enthusiasts like all of us. The contest winners' blogs will be for the benefit of the rest of the population; the segment 2s and above.

Ok all I emailed Sprint on April 30th this was my email.

I really don't know who is running the show at Sprint, But
you all really need to get the EVO released and quit dragging your feet. Are you even aware of how many people are just slipping away. The new droid sold out and now the new Iphone is going to be out before the EVO. Could be bad news for Sprint, maybe you need a new CEO. I've been holding out but not sure how much longer.

This was the response on May 1st

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

I apologize for your inconvenience. It will be released in First week of May. you will find product and pricing details on Sprint.com and in promotional information at our retail stores. We encourage you to watch news reports or monitor our web site to see if a change in availability occurs.

Omitted for this post!

It would be better if you could post a screen shot of the email in the forums. Just saying.

Yeah. I call BS. BS on the photo too. Is central Florida even getting 4G anytime soon? so i doubt they would be testing the product there. Would be believable if he said somewhere in Atlanta area or Vegas or some other area with 4G deployed.

To the person who posted about the EVO not doing voice + data. If you are in a Sprint 4G area, 4G carries both voice an data. 3G does not.

I played with an HTC HD2 to feel the size and experience other similarities that the EVO will have. Loved how it felt in my hand, wasn't too big. The big screen is awesome! There wasn't any lag switching between functions. I defintely walked away wanting the EVO badly! Bring it on Sprint!

Are the store reps at corporate sprint stores as uninformed of new products as Verizon? I ask because I just went into a store and I was told June 6th is the release date for the evo. I know they are the last people to be trusted but I'm new to sprint and didn't know if things are different. I just got an incredible but would return it and switch if its before that date. She also said that 4g would be in Orlando by the release date. Hmmm.

me and a friend of mine hit a majority of sprint stores in orlando and surrounding area (sanford, altamonte, wintepark, south orlando, millenia). we were unable to find this anywhere. they very well may have pulled this but still no luck.

Wait a second...I live in central Florida...
I should go out and check out the mall to see if this puppy is there...

I do not beleive any blurry pics I see.It seems that almost anything that is blurred tends to be a hoax I think people purposely sit around and photoshop stuff and blur it out to spread rumors

Looking into minor details... At least the USB charger is plugged into what appears to be the correct location (just left of the center on the bottom of the unit).

Also, I would imagine most understand that this iPhone will be slow to incorporate, since the lack of insurance and cost of phone at first is out of most non-apple-neophyte's reach. I would like to see the EVO hit at $199 or $179 and imagine the iPhone will run at least 299.

Apple customers aren't born, just rolled over from previous ones.

So is Sprint going to require the updates for the Evo to be completed via wire connected to a PC? That would be something.. a 4G device that will need to connect via USB to a PC in order to install Froyo...

Don't think so, I read that the primary reason for a 'wired' update is that the code necessary to accomplish an over the air update isn't present in the current Hero and Moment. That code IS however present in 2.x, so logically I would presume that once on 2.1 any updates will be available over the air.

Of course many of us who are technologically advanced may be flashing unofficial firmware to add/enable features in advanced of official releases, so who cares? - Doesn't the iPhone everyone compares it to acquire its updates from iTunes when connected to a PC?