Tinder comes to Android Wear, lets you swipe right from your wrist

Popular dating app Tinder is now available for Android Wear. Tinder has miniturized itself, bringing many of the app's features to your wrist. Users can get alerts for new matches, respond to their messages, and of course, swipe right or left.

Your notifications for new matches and messages will appear in your notification stream, and you can check out new matches directly on your watch with just a swipe or tap. Tinder can alert you to interesting people nearby, but Tinder supports voice commands on Android Wear, activating when you say "Start Tinder" to your watch.

Will you use Tinder on Android Wear? Let us know below in the comments.

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Tinder comes to Android Wear, lets you swipe right on your wrist


Yep. I like apps that let me easily meet new people in towns when I'm traveling for work, but I'm not using anything that requires a Facebook account.

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Is the black bar missing from that photo of the Moto 360 or do my eyes deceive me? Airbrushed I guess. Or did they manage to minimise the bezel just prior to launch? Just wishin'