This is it, everybody. We had to whittle down more than three dozen entries to 15 finalists. And it wasn't easy. Watch all of the videos after the break, and then vote for your favorite. We'll announce the winners of Phil and Dieter's Nexus Ones live Thursday night on the Android Central Podcast.








Tiger Woods (Erm, Reggie)








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threepio says:

most of those are pretty clever. Im not gonna say who i voted for but, good luck to all of you.

tough competition...but rob's got me.hilarious!

vote Aaron! I was creative I'm fat and when I ran in the video I totally burned calories doing it :-)

Channan says:

Dang. I cant decide between Chris, Aaron, and Nathan. :(

stoneworrior says:

I'll say Jose! I liked Ed's video the best but come on, Jose nuked a HD2. That took balls, even if it didn't work he could have parted it out on eBay for some good cash! Besides I loved how the phone just disappeared from view....awesome :-)

joeya7x#AC says:

Thank you for the support.!
And thank you Phil and Dieter for your generosity.!

jlgraham says:

I'm going for Jacob, I think he definitely had the most creativity....

DDVX says:

Yeah maybe so, but he also used the song Tik Tok. They pretty much cancel out.

jlgraham says:

My intention was to be satirical.

Vote Aaron and all your hopes and dreams will come true!

Channan says:

I'm guessing you're Aaron.

Yes I am I troll this site all the time at work it helps keep me sane

Good luck everyone!

-Nathan the Android

ralcos says:

thanks phil (& dieter) and android central for making me 1 of the finalists! this was my 1st EVER entry into an online contest, but it was worth it! had a blast making the vid!

good luck 2 the other finalists!

REMEMBER fellow android fans! YOU can make a difference!!! ;-)

reggie aka tiger!

karnoff says:


ralcos says:

Thanks! I'm hoping to!

rspur says:

thanks for the votes ladies n gents...loved making the vid, though very painful it was =]


karnoff says:

did those wings happen to be Quaker Steak and Lube atomic?? theory from the pitt shirt i'm guessing? if so...thats ballsy, those are stupid hot

rspur says:

yep! quaker steak triple atomic...i was strugglin hahah

Yes I agree thank you Phil & Dieter for giving away your phones to make this possible. Good luck to all

- Aaron

ethan says:

I want to know how Nathan made that

I recorded my voice and then I used a program called Maya to create and animate the CG android. I composited it over a live action video from my webcam and put in some stuff at the end and it was done.

ecaggiani says:

Yes thanks for having the contest in the first place! I had a blast making my video (I'm Ed btw) and I'm honored to have been chosen as a finalist! Good luck everyone!

samatbek says:

Hello guys. Just wishing good luck to everyone.


P.S. please vote for me...

Moneyandroid says:

Nathan didnt even show his face oh well

I did ask and got it approved before I did it.

Moneyandroid says:

thats fucking dumb so what was the point behind the contest rules

joeya7x#AC says:

Good luck to all my competitors.
There are some really creative people in this world.

callison.168 says:

Hey thanks a lot for your votes guys and gals. Really appreciate it :-).


Thanks 2 all my friends that are connecting to Androidcentral and voting 4 me ;-)
Also want to thank all other votes.
Want to wish good luck to all other contestants and thank Androidcentral 4 the contest. ;-)

megagamer44 says:

Please save my finger!!


joeya7x#AC says:

To everyone who has voted for me thank you so much,
I really appreciate it.!

weehooherod says:

I voted for chris, his video was hilarious.

miniZ says:

Thanks to the support here and my friends! If I have support here....


and I have probably like 6 votes :-S
Need voting here!!!

Need to promote Android phones in my country

ralcos says:

if i win phil's or dieter's nexus one! i promise to get some custom nexus one ROMs out there for all to enjoy!


reggie aka tiger

miniZ says:

3 hours til the podcast! Nerves and excitement at the same time! Best of luck to everyone!

rspur says:

if i win a nexus one i swear i wont douse it in hot sauce and eat it to win an incredible

ralcos says:

good luck fellow finalists! at this point, it's out of our hands! looks like everyone worked hard on their videos and that's all we can control!

thanks again phil and dieter for making this possible!

i've never been so anxious about listening to a podcast!

reggie aka tiger

miniZ says:

I was in the same boat lol. I didn't have an appetite, and nothing yet. I feel as if staying up betters my chances lol..


robgreenleaf says:

Ed rocked.