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Looks like the continued wait for the latest HTC ThunderBolt software update -- the one that everybody initially thought would just be to fix those blasted reboots -- may be well worth the wait. We'd heard that the more improvements were in the works as, meanwhile, work has continued on new radios. And if this feature list is any indication, we're about to see some official Gingerbread love, folks. Here's the rundown:

  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.
  • Google Talk video chat (making it only the third phone to get it)
  • Skype video (at long last)
  • Sense 2.1
  • Enhanced aGPS
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Download Manager
  • Verizon Phone Finder
  • MyVerizon

June 30 is the rumored date for the software push, but you know how those things go. It lines up with the news we broke a couple weeks ago, stating an update was coming in the second half of June. But seeing as how there are 30 days in June, that could be what we call a "CYA date." And Verizon recently said no date had been scheduled, after rumors of June 15 fell flat. We'll just have to see.

Anyhoo. Gingerbread. Skype video. Sense 2.1. Oh, and hopefully an end to all those reboots. Now if only someone could do a little something more about battery life.

Source: Android and Me; More: HTC ThunderBolt Forums

Update: A lot of your are noting the misspellings and use of "gTalk" and are of the opinion that this is fake. Might well be. You'd have to ask Android and Me's "Verizon Insider" -- it's their source, not ours. But we will say we've seen some fat fingers at Verizon before. Anybody remember this one?


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ThunderBolt update may bring Gingerbread, Skype video along with reboot fix


Hmm... could be worth it. I think I'd wait for the changes to be rolled into BAMF 2.X, though. I'm loving all the Sense 3.0 aspects.

For the reboot issue, I've been doing a SIM card pull whenever I swap out the battery. Seems to be working for me, my Thunderbolt was rebooting multiple times a day prior to that. Now it's pretty stable with maybe 1 reboot per week. Not sure if this would work for others, but it's worth a try.
Here's to hoping this newest rumour is true though, can't wait for Gingerbread!

Incase you havn't tried this. Try saving all your stuff from your SD card to your desktop. Reformat your micro sd card and then move everything you saved on your desktop back on it and put it back on your phone, but not untill you factory resett your phone. I tried it and have not had any rebooting issues sine then. Can't gaurantee it will work for everyone, but definitely some people.

Phil, apparently the term "gTalk" isn't owned by Google, which is why it's referred to always as Google Talk. So either Verizon Marketing screwed up, or this is fake...

Extension is also spelled wrong - they spelled it "Extention".

If you believe that they couldn't get a Chevy to work right, and to fix it they are going give us a Porsche you're out of your mind.

Hope I'm wrong, but way too many mistakes and inconsistencies. What a mean joke. Especially after all us Tbolt owners have been through.

Agree I think someone is just messing around trying to get publicity and of course sites like these post it as soon as they hear it without actually looking into it.

its a fake look at the background the mycomputer icon. I work for vzw n vzw doesn't name the icon like that, they use names depending on location

i work for vzw and at my work location all pc are name by number. and the icon is not named mycomputer its whatever number the "IT" named it

It's about freaking time - but I'm not going to be the first guinea pig on this update. I'll let these forums do their job.

Gingerbread did increase battery life on my EVO. Getting Launcher Pro and disabling Sense increase battery life even more, leading me to believe that Sense is part of the EVO's battery life problem. Try Launcher pro and see if your battery life doesn't suddenly improve.

While such an update may be true, I also question the validity of this screenshot.

Besides the misspellings, also note that the program's name looks to have been blacked out. Why?

As far as sense 3.0 not functioning on a TB, it sure is working on mine, HTC just doesn't want to put out on non brand new phones. Am looking forward to getting skype video back though

No you don't have the full sense 3.0 the one you are running the devs took some parts of it out. Look at the sensation with its dual core having some lag from sense 3.0. If they did it then people would complain even more how their phone is lagging.

No you don't have the full sense 3.0 the one you are running the devs took some parts of it out. Look at the sensation with its dual core having some lag from sense 3.0. If they did it then people would complain even more how their phone is lagging.

HTC has made a business decision not to put the new Sense 3.0 on any device older than the Sensation. Custom Roms don't use the whole thing, they just take pieces (like the new lock screen) out of an existing Rom and patch it in. Not the same thing at all.

A couple posts back you guys announced the "leaked" update for the Tbolt. Here's a simple idea: if the leaked update isn't gingerbread, then the real update won't be either? I call fake.

The leaked update was bug fixes. I mean seeing how the leaked was supposed to be released the 15 and this is just coming out now makes sense that they were going to push it out in 2 updates.

HTC was fast at work on the Gingerbread update after MR1 came out and when they were informed that there were so many issues with that release they stopped what they were doing and created the update people are calling MR2 for Verizon. They expected to push it on or around the 15th however it failed to pass Technical Acceptance. Weather HTC is going to make another one or just go ahead with Gingerbread + fixed radio to address the rebooting/shutting down issue is not known. The update we see listed here may very well be a draft of what they originally expected to push around the end of the month or it may be a complete and total fake. Only time will tell but I would not hold my breath.

Actually it is sense 3.0, rotating home screens sense 3 camera, all of it. that's why under software info it says android version 2.3.4 and sense version 3.0. Not the regular bamf, its a HTC Kingdom port. look into it. Runs just fine on an oc thunderbolt.

Probably because "Verizon" is not an all knowing deity.

Did the COMPANY Verizon offer you the choice of a different phone - or did an individual that WORKS for the company known as Verizon make you the offer.

The little sprocket at the store (or on the phone) that made you the offer is only a minuscule part of the huge Verizon machine. It was probably just reading the outdated script it got from last weeks email.

I bought my Thunderbolt in part because of HTC's reputation as a builder of quality mobile devices. I guess I also assumed that HTC would be a provider of prompt, quality OTAs. That has not been the case so far.

Whatever the specific cause of the reboots, the response from Verizon and HTC has been inexcusably cavalier. The recent, apparently official, post that said something like, "We know you want to get rid of your reboots, and we will help you, but for now we don't have any date in mind," pushed all the wrong buttons with me. They caused the damned things; you'd think they'd expression some passion about getting rid of them.

As for the latest rumor page that offers hope for Gingerbread et al. Where are these alleged fact sheets supposedly coming from? Are they supposed to be sheets Verizon sends to dealers? They don't read like behind the scenes info, and they aren't coming from the Verizon Website. Hard to fathom they could be legit.

I had great expectations when I bought my TBolt. The first four months have been very disappointing. The latest rumor sheet will not raise my spirits at all.