As with many features of the Galaxy S4, there's more than one way to get a camera shortcut on the lock screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is brimming with features, but right out of the box you could be forgiven for thinking there's no way of unlocking the phone straight into the camera app. Like many of the S4's advanced features, this is optional, and disabled by default. Enabling it is easy enough, but as it turns out there are three different kinds of camera shortcuts you can put on the Galaxy S4's lock screen.

The first is simple enough -- from the Settings app, go to My device > Lock screen and enable "Shortcuts." From there you can customize which shortcut icons are shown down below on the lock screen, and loading one of these apps up is a simple as dragging it upwards. Naturally, one of the defaults is the camera app.

The second and third ways both involve lock screen widgets, and you'll need to enable them through Settings > My device > Lock screen > Multiple widgets. Once that's done, you can go to Lock screen widgets > Favorite apps or Camera, which controls the widget that appears on the far right. The "camera" option is straightforward enough -- select it, and you get a big blocky camera shortcut, like on the Nexus 4. "Favorite apps" is a bit more versatile, and this allows you to customize a grid of apps -- one of these, of course, can be the camera app.

So there's more than one way to get your camera shortcut fix on the GS4, and there's a good chance at least one of these three will suit the way you use your phone. For a quick walkthrough, check out the video above.

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Three ways to add camera shortcuts to the Galaxy S4 lock screen


I think the 'touch and rotate' shortcut should be here, too... :P
EDIT: WHAT??!! They removed that option?!! ¬¬' (I just got my S4 last night, still finding out what's different from my Note 2 :( )

I'm not sure about the S4 specifically, but I have pattern lock on my Galaxy Nexus (running CM) and all I have to do from the lockscreen is swipe from right to left to access the camera. Can't be too different on the S4 once you have it enabled and depending on how many lockscreen widgets you have.

Make sure the screen lock is set to "Swipe", then the options are available. If you want any security at all, PIN, Pattern etc, then multiple widgets do not work.

I was hoping the lock screen would work more like the Nexus 4, unfortunately Sammy "ruined" this for me.

Thanks for video... couldn't figure out swipe until I saw example of the upper right to left move...duh.

Well, lock screen with pattern is more important than camera on lock screen, too bad sammy made TW like this.

Question regarding the first method. I went to settings app- my device - lock screen but my phone doesn't have the option to enable shortcuts in the list of swipe options. The only options I have are multiple widgets, lockscreen widgets,unlock effect, help text, wake up in lockscreen and set wakeup command. No enable shortcuts option. Anyone know how to get this option. I'm quite keen on using the first method in the video. Any help would be great

Again, if you have security set to anything greater than "swipe here to access everything" (aka swipe), you lose access to any of these camera options. Samsung knows better than you, so just accept your new overlords...

Just became a member to reply to this... I have the gs4 active and assume the settings are the same. I use a PIN for the lock screen and wanted to add the shortcuts to the lock screen. You must put the lock screen to swipe (no security) then go back and enable shortcuts. Customize the shortcuts as you want, then enable your PIN/other preferred security lock. You must go back and enable it to swipe to changes then switch back when done. Hope that helps.

I tried this but no luck. The reason that I have a pin to begin with is because of my work email forces my phone into it. So I deleted my work account, changed to swipe unlock. Added camera as my widget to allow as shortcut and did see it when i turned off and reopened my phone. Then I went to change from swipe to pin (without readding my work email just to test it) and the camera was gone when I turned on the phone. Am I doing it wrong or is this just not possible? I have the S4. Thanks for any help!

None of them works if lock screen is protected by PIN or password. In the iPhone it is possible to access the camera even in case of password. Is there a way in Android too?