Gold Galaxy S5

If you were looking to buy the gold edition of the Galaxy S5 in the UK, your choice of carrier was limited to Vodafone. As of today, however, you can pick up the gold color variant of the Galaxy S5 at Three UK's website in addition to its retail stores. The carrier's announcement came as a bit of a surprise, as Vodafone revealed during the launch of the Galaxy S5 that it would be exclusively carrying the gold edition of the handset in the UK.

The upfront cost for the handset is £69, which is followed by monthly payments which last for 24 months. For £41 a month, you get unlimited calls, texts and data, while the £38 plan offers you unlimited texts with either unlimited minutes and 2 GB data or unlimited data and 600 minutes. Three has also announced that all users will receive 4G data at no extra cost.

There is also a pay-as-you-go option through which you can purchase the handset outright for £549. In this plan, you will be paying 3p/min for voice calls, 2p/text and 1p/MB.

Source: Three

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caccialdo says:

<troll get-over-it="never">
Correction: Three UK is now offering Korean bandaids

jcastag says:


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chenchfort says:

3? What a dumb name

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hoosiercub says:

Because Verizon and AT&T are such blockbusters with their names..

NoNexus says:

I don't know the story behind Verizon, but AT&T has deep roots as Atlantic telephone and Telegraph if I remember right

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Cuz nothing says "baller" like some shiny, gold plastic...

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Topgonzo says:

Love the gold!!!!!

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Dizfunctions says:

Personally not my favorite of the three colors. I think the black one looks the best.

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neiljay6 says:

Just sold my white and bought the gold and it looks fantastic! At least to me it does. Most people that see it like it

shaytoon21 says:

when will samsung learn NO ONE LIKES UGLY, TACKY, GAUDY COLORS. and NO ONE LIKES DIMPLES (if we didnt like batmans nipples, what makes them think we like inverted ones????)

NoNexus says:

Yes because either are comparable products.

The feel of the s5 is nice. The dimples add some grip, but yeah after a few weeks with one as a tester, it gets ugly quickly.

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acelucero75 says:

Yawn........ yeah put a case on it

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