We previously reported that two more updates to Android would be released this year. We were wrong. It now looks like Android will get THREE updates. We're fairly certain that Android 2.0 Donut will be one of the updates but not so sure where Eclair and Flan stand in the mix. Either way, we're very excited to see what these software updates will bring to Android.



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Three, Not Two, More Updates to Android in 2009


Probably nothing huge since we started hearing about cupcake like half a year before it actually came out. I'm sure they will be b/s updates. I mean wouldn't you think we might have been hearing a lot more about what the updates will have in mind?. only thing that i saw was the hand recognition with the contacts thing and i really don't think that's a huge deal.

From the InfoWeek article:

"Rubin didn't provide any details about when these operating system updates will become available, nor what new features will be included."

Judging by how the whole Cupcake thing went down, I seriously doubt we will see 3 updates in the next 4 1/2 months. I doubt we will see two, maaaayyybbbe one.

And if there are gonna be 3 updates that close together, why not make it one big update?

when cupcake came out i manually updated when the us version came online........now that i did that am i still gunna get these and other over the air updates since i did 1.5 manually.......or do i have to it all manually now......answer please

Coincidentally (or not) I've just received an automatic system update tonight on my UK Vodafone HTC Magic. I've no idea what the changes are, will it be logged anywhere?

Seemed like a fairly straightforward process until I realised that my memory card had become slightly corrupted in the process. That cost me a good hour of jiggering around backing up and reformatting - hope it doesn't happen every time!

Evan is very correct and it really makes a sense that it is been since more than six months the ere much talk about the Android updates and every one is following these updated since the long and also depicts the people's interest in getting these updates

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