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There was some talk that Texas Instruments would be getting out of the mobile game a few days ago, but a TI rep has clarified the company's position just a bit. Mobile is still in the picture, but they're looking to make their products suitable for automotive, industrial, enterprise communication, vision, and robotics fields as well. TI also reported that the first OMAP 5 consumer products should be hitting shelves in early 2013. 

It's good to hear that TI isn't completely abandoning mobile, even if it means they won't be focusing on it in as specifically as before. I've seen some really impressive OMAP tech demos at TI's booth at the last two Mobile World Congress events, and it would be a shame to lose out on that innovation and see it head towards other sectors. On the other hand, with Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia all in the mix, the smartphone and tablet processor market has become quite competitive. 

OMAP 4 is still at the heart of Amazon tablets and a handful of other devices. Any big OMAP fans out there that are looking forward to version 5? Have you developed a preference for any particular type of processor? 

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Texas Instruments not leaving mobile after all


So last time, you left out mentioning NVIDIA (and maybe Apple, too), which you included this time around. But then you forgot to include the up-and-coming Intel today. I guess they're not as big a player as the others, but they certainly want to be.

+1 Three of my four Android phones have had OMAP chips under the hood, including the original Droid and the GNex.

Eh, I feel like at times the OMAP in my GNex could be better in some way, but I really am hoping Qualcomm starts to dominate with their S4 and whatever they have planned for the future, best of power/productivity/battery life in one chipset.

I beg to differ. Domination in any way is not going to be good, to the market and to devices.
Another thing is that Qualcomm is closed-source and that means quite a lot.